I am four classes away from my B.A. in Divinity. Last year, the school presented me with a bill for two classes that I had to drop due to illness (which was documented, and was supposed to mitigate any charge). The bill was for $4,000. I am on SSI- my income is about $700 a month and there was no way I could come up with that money,

So I had to stop attending school, which has damn near broken my heart.

I cannot go back to school anywhere else, because my transcripts are tied up until that bill is paid off. I understand where the school is coming from- but- I just found out that they gave the bill to a outside bill collector. Despite the bill being out of their hands, they still will not release my transcripts until it is paid off.

I am coming to an understanding that perhaps God is telling me this is not the path for me, but the bills have started for my school loans, and being handicapped and partially in a wheelchair, I cannot get a job without a degree that would pay enough money for all that I need to pay.

All of this has been going round and round in my head (I know, "what i resist, persists"), and it has been recently that I have come to the conclusion that God wants me elsewhere doing something other than the Ministry.

But my money situation seems so desperate, and I know it is bothering Wade, too. We are trying to let go and let God, but it isn't easy when people are threatening to shut off everything.

What is the Universe saying? What course of action should I take? I really could use some advice, encouragement and support from my friends here at IQ.

So close, and yet so far....Just four more classes...shoot.


asked 28 Feb '13, 18:04

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Would a degree in "Divinity" (never even heard of such a thing) really help you at all in getting a job? If this study gave you true knowledge of God, would it not have given you the answer to this problem? The only advice I can give, and it is sincere, is to forget all you learned at this school and study Neville Goddard's material. There is a whole lot of learned ignorance in this world. Most people teaching spirituality are in it for the money and nothing else (including probably the school).

(01 Mar '13, 13:08) flowsurfer

If you want, I can send you some of his material in pdf and mp3 format. I saw you write things that indicate you are skilled in reaching altered states which might make it easier for you to practice and therefore test him.

(01 Mar '13, 13:09) flowsurfer

Also Jai, the universe doesn't want anything from you. God has absolute power, it does not need to use you as a tool. You are an end in itself. You do not even need to learn lessons in life. God is enslaved by his love for you and that is the only reason for you to exist, no other. Don't ask what God wants you to do, ask what you want to do, because THAT is what God wants you to do.

(01 Mar '13, 13:21) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer , so happy to read the above but especially that it is coming from YOU , congrats on your discovery ♥♥♥

(01 Mar '13, 21:08) Starlight

I agree, @Starlight!

(01 Mar '13, 22:43) Jaianniah

Excellent comments Flowsurfer. I agree that Neville has more to offer than any divinity college or course.They claim to know about Christ,Neville had a revelation " OF " Christ.There such a difference to the two.

(03 Mar '13, 08:41) Monty Riviera

@Jai You only had to have a passing grade. You could have posted your homework on IQ. The community would have been happy to help you out when you weren't feeling well. The Ponco quote was for you.

(04 Mar '13, 05:26) ele

@Jai - you did not ask for advice in regards to going back to school. In RL, I don't give unsolicited advice. If you decide you want to go back to school, I may be able to help you fix this. Just ask.

(05 Mar '13, 01:47) ele

@ele aka Winston Wolf?

(05 Mar '13, 01:59) ursixx

They tend to find me.......

(05 Mar '13, 02:08) ele

@Ele-OMG!!! Would you really consider helping me??? Oh, Ele, it would be so wonderful to finish my degree.. a dream come true. Thank you. Bless you! Jai

@Jai Yes I will help you. It depends on which grant is in default & now in the hands of an outside collection agency. If Pell, yes. There is a way. Is it the Pell? If it is the FSEOG - not easy, because the fed govt does not own that debt due to part of the aid coming directly from the school.

This question was asked 5 LONG months ago.

(08 Aug '13, 00:14) ele

@Ele, will you help me? I cannot say it simpler than that. Untying this knot is really simpler than you think. I just do not have the cash to do it. Thank you so much for giving me so much hope. Love, Jai

(11 Aug '13, 04:13) Jaianniah

@ele ad @ursixx- You totally misinterpreted what I was saying...You thought I was expecting you to just give me money, right??? Well, I was just thanking you for your interest in my trouble, and now I feel like quitting this stupid site...I am so tired of being hurt by sharp tongues and jokes...And @ele, I am not going to tell you about my problem here on a public site...please email me @jaianniah@yahoo.com if you do care, as you said....

(17 Aug '13, 14:36) Jaianniah

Did either of you consider the ramifications of what you said? I think the urge to joke at my expense was too irresistible to pass up. Right now, I give this whole place a thumbs down for the way people can just say whatever they want, without consideration that there is a REAL PERSON at the other end of your jokes....

(17 Aug '13, 14:42) Jaianniah

@Jai . I am sorry that you took my comments as a joke about you and or situation. I sincerely apologize. This was never my intention. My comment to @ele about Winston Wolf was intended as a compliment. to her .Nothing more. I hold you in the highest respect Jai. Your wisdom and honesty I have always admired. Your questions and answers have helped countless visitors to this site. As for ele I have the feeling that her intentions are good and from her heart!

(18 Aug '13, 05:26) ursixx

@ursix- Sounds like there were misunderstandings all over the place. Thank you for your gracious apology, and I hear you and thank you. People like you always tow me back when I swear I am done with Inward Quest. LOL! I apologize to @ele if I took her comments the wrong way. I am sorry. Love you both... ♥ Jai

(18 Aug '13, 20:40) Jaianniah
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There are probably some ministerial positions you could work, even now, without the degree. Perhaps working under the supervision of a minister...counseling and etc. It might not be highly paid, but would help you get your bills paid off and get your started in the field with some experience.

Also, have you tried reasoning with the college you have been dealing with? Oftentimes, a little communication can help. You could present your case in this way: Tell them in return for releasing your transcripts right now, you will not sue them for charging you for unused classes. Stress to them that you can prove you dropped the classes for a valid reason and could get an attorney. Sometimes this gets things moving in the right direction.

Also, attorneys will often write a letter for you, for not much money...perhaps just $50-100. This could persuede the school to work things out with you without actually having to do battle with them. Then you could finish up your studies and finish your payments over some time. The threat of a lawyer taking up your case is often a big motivator to the "opposition"

I don't think the universe is trying to tell you anything other than that you are working with a school that is used to bullying people around. Why see something other than that?

If this is your dream, to be a minister, then fight for it a bit. Many things worth having/being/doing require extra efforts and sometimes jumping a roadblock is needed. Meanwhile, in your mind, keep seeing this as resolved and see yourself finishing your classes and paying them off; that will help send opportunities your way. I would not throw away a major dream and years of work and study over an obstacle! I say that if this was not your correct path, it would have been revealed to you much sooner and before you had expended so much time, money and effort.

I hope this works out for you....keep us posted! Best wishes, Jai!


answered 01 Mar '13, 11:24

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LeeAnn 1

There has never been any reasoning with my school. I think they wanted me gone. I have talked to so many people there it is ridiculous. Reasoning doesn't cover their profits and the bottom line.

(01 Mar '13, 15:07) Jaianniah

Abraham says fight for your limitations and you get to keep em " perhaps Jai , look at your "belief" around this and do a little thought work , then approach University . How's this for an idea , University , contains the word UNIverse , U and I , go in with an attitude that what I asked for has already been given , with absolute faith it's done and I am just picking up document that says so .

(01 Mar '13, 21:21) Starlight

I used this format just yesterday with a BIG telephone company , I express myself with honey , never the other and it ALWAYS works Threatening anyone with anything just sets up more neg vibrations , in my belief system

(01 Mar '13, 21:24) Starlight

@LeeAnn 1 - I agree. Visualising success, recieving the degree is the best mindset here, in my opinion. And I have seen "impossible" situations magically disolve under the power of one simple letter on a lawyer's letterhead.

@Jai, a paralegal may charge very little to draft such a letter for you, and then have the lawyer s/he works with sign it. I used to work in a law office. Law scares bullies; it sheds cold light on the facts a bully likes to keep hidden. ;) Good luck!

(03 Mar '13, 00:18) Grace

Goodness @Grace ious - unprofessional, unethical & illegal. Love it! I seriously doubt any school would risk their accreditation with the US Dept of Ed for failing to abide by federal laws. Schools are also required to have documentation to prove compliance.

(03 Mar '13, 19:27) ele

@LeeAnn 1 I'm sure @Jai realizes she's entitled to FREE legal aid based on SSI eligibility alone. Her transcripts are the property of the school & w/h of records is the normal course of action.

(03 Mar '13, 19:28) ele

Couldn't agree more @Starlight.

(03 Mar '13, 19:38) ele
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I think youve experienced something that many evangelical christians go thru.

Ive known hundreds of friends and family members desperate for a " MINISTRY"

I have a sister and brother in law who have been chasing this phantom all their lives. They preach a supposed gospel which says that if you dont accept jesus as your personal saviour you will, albiet reluctantly, be thrown into hell. Of course god doesnt really want this but hey ho....you all had the chance...right?

Their god hasnt financed or supported their aims. They havnt been able to pray, believe or cajole god to help them. After 30 years their lives are in tatters.

Im saying this from personal experience Jai, i know many many people who are related to me and that ive grown up with that are coming against this brick wall.

That degree in divinity is worthless Jai, im sorry but it just is. Its man made, misguided and a waste of your resources and time.

Jai, listen to this, this will encourage you. YOUR WORTH MORE THAN THAT degree. You ARE a physical embodyment of the Christ that a bunch of "fast asleep" theologians are trying to misteach you about.

YOU are a finished article, you are PERFECT, you were PERFECT before you moved into this life your living now.Your state of perfection is timeless and non negotiable.

YOU ARE a ministry. You dont need a degree any more than the true Christ who IS YOU needs one.

Does God need a degree Jai....NO....your ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE with Him So you dont need one either.

I knew your name before you entered this world Jai. I know EVERY name .

And so will you.

Your a blessing and a blessed.



answered 03 Mar '13, 09:03

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Monty Riviera

Thanks, Monty. This was very encouraging and gave me food for thought!

(03 Mar '13, 11:22) Jaianniah

@Monty Riviera - beautiful, so this drawback is a blessing in disguise, as so often with drawbacks, delays, obstacles.

(04 Mar '13, 02:21) ru bis

"Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way." ~ Ponca Chief White Eagle

(04 Mar '13, 04:21) ele

Even though the answer below is very interesting too and holds truth within the roots, I'll stick with this one as the best one... make your path, do something you really enjoy, and make people happy on the way... you'll see everything will turn out good.

(19 Aug '13, 00:24) Justice_and_Truth
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From Imagining Creates:

I have disclosed the one and only source of the phenomena of life. Everything that has ever happened, is happening, or will happen to you, comes from God, who is your own wonderful human imagination. I urge you to use it wisely.

Now a lady wrote me, saying she heard a voice cursing her, and - not understanding - she questioned self and heard the words: "Because I want you."

In the Book of Galatians, Paul tells those who have arrived at the end of their journey, to reject all laws and institutions which would interfere with the direct communication with their individual God. (Galatians 5:1-14)

In the spirit world, all organized societies are personified. Rivers, mountains, cities - everything is human, for God is Man. Even the Los Angeles Woman's Club building is personified in the spirit world. Representing a need of the ladies who own it, when seen in the spirit world, and trying to detach yourself from it, it will curse you, for it wants to feed on you.

So when you leave religious institutions, organizations, customs, and laws that would interfere with your individual direct communion with your God, they will curse you, for they will have lost you. Just leave them alone. I have seen them all and they are nothing more than shadows. Once I saw a monstrous witch in a cave teaching little children the black arts. When she saw me she screamed: "O Man of God, what have you to do with me?"

The Bible tells the same story. Those who teach the black arts and how to hurt people, those who would control your mind and make you dependent upon them, are only personifications of organizations who keep you from contacting the only God who is within you. Every orthodox religious group would enslave you for the rest of eternity if they could; but when you leave that belief, its personification will curse your leaving, but their curse means nothing. They cannot touch you when you completely reject any intermediary between yourself and God.

Now to come back to tonight's theme: Imagining creates reality! Have you imagined something and it hasn't come to pass? Then what are you imagining right now?

Are you imagining you are John Brown? You were not born knowing you were John Brown. You were born and others began to call you John. As time passed you began to assume you were John Brown and began to respond when you heard the name John.

When you imagined being secure did you forget the feeling? Are you imagining you are secure now? You may have no evidence that you are secure, but as you allow others to tell you how much you are loved and wanted, how successful and famous you are, you will begin to assume it, and imagination will have created its reality. Try it, for that reality you already are!

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered 02 Mar '13, 15:51

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yes "imagining creates" by neville goddard is based on esoteric interpretations of the bible and shows real depth of thought, a brilliant description of the laws of the universe.

(04 Mar '13, 03:01) ru bis

Nevilles been an inspiration to me. He is the ONLY great bible teacher who really UNDERSTANDS scriture.

(06 Mar '13, 04:39) Monty Riviera

Well Jai, first lose all the can-nots in your question. Don't let this little bump in the road slow you down!
Second , Your dilemma rolled around in my head for a day now .. If I was you I would get this issue out in the public .
We have a comedy series her in Sweden called "Solsidan" (Sunnyside) In one of the episode one of the character Had an old school mate that moved back to the neighborhood and made his life miserable, he was confiding to one of his office co-workers about it and his co-worker recommended that he "get himself a Russia" . With reference to how the US never really could do that much to Cuba because of Russia. Well he told another neighbor (the series annoying neighbor) that the new neighbor loved to donate to charities and such.. so in the end after constant badgering the new neighbor moved away.

Get in touch with the press, local TV or paper,radio.See if there is any student union there to help or assist."get your self a Russia". Big organizations don't like bad press. Make it known on Facebook how you are being treated.
In Sweden this week there was a young person diagnosed with terminal cancer, and was getting no where with the state insurance he asked for help from a young cancer charity and they rang the state insurance . And got a response wondering if the patient had a doctors written death date expectancy. ...Well the person who from the charity was so flabergasted that they posted this on Facebook and the amount of support and disbelief was so intense that national minster of the state insurance went on TV the next day and apologize for the misunderstanding.
And I know you know your bible so don't forget David and Goliath.
GO for it Jai!


answered 02 Mar '13, 09:22

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edited 02 Mar '13, 10:30

Thank you, thank you\, thank you! All good ideas! <3 Jai

(02 Mar '13, 09:29) Jaianniah

@Jai Thank you for sharing <3

(02 Mar '13, 18:39) ursixx

@ursixx - Yes, everybody needs a big brother to stand behind them, once in a while. :)

(03 Mar '13, 00:22) Grace

@ursixx Great suggestions but they won't carry any weight when it comes to federal financial aid. Transcripts are the least of Jai's concern. She doesn't qualify for ANY financial aid. @Jai I suggest your first priority is to get your grants out of default status.

(03 Mar '13, 19:31) ele

@ele ok plan B we sneak into the deans office and leave a horse http://youtu.be/EtSPFXj_eZM?t=19s

(04 Mar '13, 04:49) ursixx

@ursixx - haha... that's works for me. Holy $h!t! - fitting it being a Christian college! Quiet! I'm working. I'm trying to only look at zero to 3 questions per day & only responding to what ever arrives in my inbox. As much fun as that sounds; I'll post a solution tomorrow.

(04 Mar '13, 05:09) ele
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Hi Jai

Seems to me it could be a case of "poverty consciousness", here are some of the symptoms

"i don't have any money"

"i'm broke"

"the only luck i have is bad"

"nothing good ever happens to me"

if any of this rings a bell then i feel sure that the following article will be very useful;


in the meantime here's a bit of music therapy



answered 11 Mar '13, 04:30

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ru bis

edited 11 Mar '13, 04:32


@ele thanks for the advice, and thanks @ursixx for the music

(11 Mar '13, 04:34) ru bis
I feel from what you have written that your heart tells you that you are through with Divinity school. You must confirm that in your mind and stand on it and don't look back.  Then you and Wade will be able to move on with your life.  If what you say is true about the $4000, then you should not pay it.  I am just responding to the advice request (I don't have the credentials to comment on what the Universe wants).

answered 01 Mar '13, 12:23

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edited 01 Mar '13, 12:25


http://dudeism.com/ordination/ Here you go @farmer get some cred ;)

(02 Mar '13, 08:46) ursixx

I am in the same boat. I finish and graduated school for architecture 1 and 1/2 years ago, but my teachers tried to hold be back with the final semester bc the private school has an outstanding bill for exactly that much. I wrote and letter and have to resubmit in order that change the grades but the stress of the money and the limbo tortures me so I can not focus on the final re submit. Everyday I think of this and I am paralyzed and hopeless.

I think, if you are like me you are at conflict with yourself. I have heard of others friends reaching the end of the degree and the school will throw some resistance to you walking out easy. Supposed to rise to the challenge otherwise you will not be ready for the real world. A friend studying for biology and another one in masters for teaching. I hear Brad Pitt was one semester away from becoming a lawyer, until he dropped everything and became an actor. Maybe he discovered the law of attraction and found a greater deal of success than ever imagined.

In my case I have taken the time to explore ever other possible avenue before completely giving in to the rest of my life. It's a hard thing to commit to.

with you I question if you have a conflict of the bible and law of attraction bc they are kind of different. maybe you discover your own path on your own study but finish the degree anyway I think bc you have so much invested in it, and youre screwed if you dont. I will try to take my advice as well.


answered 11 Mar '13, 02:54

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Good answer. After reading this, I think I best post my advice after all. @Jai - depending on the type of aid you defaulted on - I think I have a solution - you could be eligible for aid in as little as 30 days. It's a one time deal - you can't screw up again. What ever you do - if you want to continue on your path - DO NOT BURN ANY BRIDGES WITH THAT SCHOOL. If you want to go back school for something else - you need financial aid.

(11 Mar '13, 03:20) ele

@Ele-OMG!!! Would you really consider helping me??? Oh, Ele, it would be so wonderful to finish my degree.. a dream come true. Thank you. Bless you! Jai

@Jai Yes I will help you. It depends on which grant is in default & now in the hands of an outside collection agency. If Pell, yes. There is a way. Is it the Pell? If it is the FSEOG - not easy, because the fed govt does not own that debt due to part of the aid coming directly from the school. This question was asked 5 LONG months ago. (3 days ago)

@Ele, will you help me? I cannot say it simpler than that. Untying this knot is really simpler than you think. I just do not have the cash to do it. Thank you so much for giving me so much hope. Love, Jai (16 hours ago)Jaianniah

@Jai Increase your font - read my last comment. I said I would help you - I've said it numerous times. I have to know EXACTLY which grant/loan is in default.. " Untying this knot is really simpler than you think " - Sure, if you pay off the debt ... You'll qualify for Federal Financial Aid again. I KNOW you are financially challenged & can't pay it off. I will tell you what you can (need to) do if it is fed. This is a onetime opportunity - they will NOT give you another chance. If this is fed debt, it is still owned by the Dept of Ed; however it is now in the hands of an outside collection agency & I will advise you. If I'm going to help you; you have to answer my questions.

There have been so many inconsistencies when you have discussed your financial issues - specifically SS. I do NOT know whether or not you are mixed up & misspoke because you are upset or if you aren't versed in SS, disability & medical assistance rules. I'm not sure you're getting the correct info from Human Services & SSA. Do you have a social worker assigned to your case or just a IM worker? Unfortunately, most times DHS does NOT tell you about all the programs you are eligible for.

I'm going to have to get into your 'business' if I'm going to assist you. You have to answer my questions & you have to be honest. I cannot help you otherwise. I know it's scary when you are 'in' the system & you have only enough money to survive. Many people operate in 'fear' mode when they are 'in' the system. It doesn't have to be that way. You cannot let the 'system' & or money rule your lives. You have OPTIONS. I assume this is the reason you did not get married as planned Christmas Eve. I may be able to help you with that too.

You need to stop operating in poverty consciousness & making choices out of fear..


There is ALWAYS a way.


"I have been stopped dead on my path to finishing my degree. What is the Universe trying to tell me?"

Only you know the answer Jai. Only you.. I can help you dissolve this debt permanently or I can help you establish eligibility for financial aid again. If you decide on the later, it's up to you decide what type of classes you really want to take. Finish your degree or choose another field. My only advice - follow your passion - your highest joy. You have many talents & interests - art - music - communication - to name a few. This is not going to happen overnight. It will take 3 or 4 months & hopefully you can start classes again by January..


answered 12 Aug '13, 03:06

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“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

In this world many are on the wide gate seeking only stuff from the outside.(money power,etc.) So are you really surprise at this?

If you should not pay anny of this and have it writen down in the agreement fight for it and stand your ground.Now you will see the justice of this world compare to the justice of God.That might be your next step and living lesson. Since it seams to push you in that direction. If men cannot respect their own agreement and their own law how can they respect God law?


If the blind lead the blind both will fall in a pit.Do not be surprise of my saying.


answered 28 Feb '13, 18:31

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger


@white tiger - "you cannot serve both God and money" is a belief, and beliefs can be changed

(01 Mar '13, 11:35) ru bis

@ru bis Actually, this is a logical statement, not a belief.

(01 Mar '13, 13:13) flowsurfer

@ru bis if you love money more then anny other things you will focus only on money at the detriment of other things. If you focus on God the eternal ever present creator of all then you can enjoy all equally and you will not make detriment of anny other things. Look at this world people that love money store it in banks yet some people are poor,But they love more money then people,and their ego makes them believe that they are better then other people because they have more money.If money-

(01 Mar '13, 19:55) white tiger

Tomorrow would have no more value,Would they not loose that arrogance and that false view of what is valueble?Since money is men made and it as value only because we accord it some value to play this monopoly game.And when you die you bring nothing physical with you,it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

(01 Mar '13, 20:04) white tiger

@flowsurfer - yes agreed this can be perceived as a logical statement, however at the base "god" is a belief - it's logical for example for a catholic to go to church and celebrate mass, catholicism is however based on belief

(02 Mar '13, 03:19) ru bis

@white tiger - belief in god is by definition a belief ... money is neutral like electricity, it's potential energy; here we are far from concepts of love and hate

(02 Mar '13, 03:23) ru bis

@ru bis For you God can be a belief,but God exist.If we believe in you Ru bis does it mean you do not exist?Than it is not because you did not see God or do not remember God that he does not exist.Then Jesus cried out, "When a man believes in me, he does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me. http://bible.cc/john/12-44.htm jesus also remember God the one who sent him. Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed

(02 Mar '13, 04:11) white tiger

@white tiger - thanks for clearly explaining how you feel, as for myself, yes god can be a belief :)

(02 Mar '13, 04:59) ru bis
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