how can we become like God ?

is it possible to become like God?

cos it is proved by scientists that God gene is present is every human being and all Gods were once human beings..,

so ,is it possible that someday we can also become God ?

what i meant is..,along with good deeds, there must be some techniques ,through which we can become become God like..,

love,light n blessings ur wayyy..


asked 01 Mar '13, 12:15

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He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death."Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death." jesus told the truth. let there be light.Be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.

(05 Mar '13, 00:27) white tiger

We don't need to become that which we already Are.

In one short word Love...completely unconditionally with no hidden personal agenda attached...no other techniques are needed, just live it right where you`re at Now.

When we can embody that fully, and infuse every interaction and relationship with it, our God like image is revealed. We can then be that space that allows everything and everyone without needing them to be different...allowing gives way to acceptance and life energy begins to flow naturally without impediments.


answered 02 Mar '13, 07:31

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@ michaela- thank u fr the answer.. :))

(02 Mar '13, 13:00) supergirl

Short answer : by changing your definition, your point of view of what God is.

If you wonder how we can become like God, it's because you haven't recognized that we ARE God. So it's not that it's possible to become like God, because you are already an expression of its essence.

To make a simple analogy. Imagine you have a whole apple pie. You cut one piece, and put the rest of the pie away. What do you got ? Apple pie, right ? What you have in front of you contains all the ingredients of what apple pie is, it tastes the same, it looks the same, it has the same properties and the same function.

Now, consider what every Sacred Texts of the common religions. They all contains something along the lines of "God created man in his own image". Like it, we are creators, we create from our meals to our bridges to our Internet, etc...

Bashar is saying the same thing. One of his principles is that "You were created in the image of The Creator, your essential essence is unconditional love and the experience of ecstasy is your birthright."

That explains why The One is All and the All are One.

So when you acknowledge that You are a non-physical consciousness that is experiencing physical reality, a consciousness from the One, from the Creation, from God, then you realize you're an integral part of it.

That's why each of your creation is a co-creation.

That's why you always have free will and the freedom to choose.

That's why anything you can imagine is possible for you to experience.

That's why you are naturally abundant and your choices are always supported by Creation.

That's why you are an eternal being and while you may change your form, you cannot cease to exist.

And that is why everything you experience is another aspect of yourself.

Because you are God. We are God. We are One. And that's all there is in the Existence.

So don't do anything different to become that, except for recognizing, acknowledging, seein in you and through you, that you already are what you say you want to become. I call it re-membering.

Once it's done, just choose what you prefer to experience. Pleasant ride.

P.S: you mention Science in your question, so for a more "down to Earth" (cosmic humor, sorry), scientific view and explanation of this, I suggest you watch the documentary 3 Magic Words. It's awesome.


answered 01 Mar '13, 15:02

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And remember, it's only by changing your viewpoint that you can realize those glasses you were looking for everywhere else, are already on your nose. They were here the whole time. You just didn't feel them.

(01 Mar '13, 15:05) Yva

@ Yva-thank u fr the awesome answer.., but,if we are Gods then, why we have to let go n leave everything on god..?

(02 Mar '13, 13:11) supergirl

@supergirl : Well, this is all about semantics. Normally, your question calls to define "what do you mean by 'God'" in the 1st place. Because those who say to "let go and leave everything to God" means to leave it to the Higher part of Ourselves. On a side note, we don't "have to" do anything. We want, or we don't want. Free will. :-)

(02 Mar '13, 16:23) Yva

@Yva- yup..true..

(16 Mar '13, 14:02) supergirl
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that which gives us life contains
a seed of the father, that
which sustains our life is the
power of the father, do

we learn to know ourselves


answered 02 Mar '13, 20:26

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@fred- thank u fr the answer.. :))

(04 Mar '13, 04:39) supergirl

In a way, through manifesting, through metaphysics, YOU ALREADY ARE GOD!

Sounds blasphemous, doesn't it?

I thought so, too, until I realized that I am responsible for everything in my life. Everything that happens is/has been up to me...

What you need to do is CLAIM YOUR POWER! Act as if you are in command of your world. Act as if everything in your life is under your control (for it is).

In this way, you bring God into you and your life, for He co-creates with you. He is already inside you. Seek Him, and you will find Him inside of yourself.

Try it!

Good Luck!



answered 01 Mar '13, 16:50

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@jai- thank u dear..fr the amazing answer,, :)))

(02 Mar '13, 13:13) supergirl

We are told in Psalms we are Gods. Furthermore Jesus himself said, he told us that we are Gods in the law (old testament).

Now with this thought he also said, "No one may get to the father except through the son." This seems a rather enigmatic utterance of Jesus. Some may say was this ego? I believe his saying is similar to a saying we have today. "A man can not walk until he learns to crawl."

So as much as it is pleasing to God to have us "Grow Up" most of us do not as much believe we are God's children let alone Gods ourselves.

So to be more God like we have to first take Christ's example and be more Christ like first. We need to be as God's sons and daughters. To be so we need to live the part, act the part and be the part.

To understand this is to know that Christ is the King of Kings. Since this is the case we must know that we are Kings and Queens of this earth. We are royalty because God is our father, think of that now for a moment. The phrase "You can tell he is like his farther, it is in his genes" comes to mind.

Think on that, your farther is God! If our father were a king that would make us, princess and princesses, royalty! Now royalty acts different, dresses different, behaves different than average. We behave as sons and daughters of God first. The son or daughter has the same qualities as the parent, it is just in their blood.

So before we can work at being God-like we need to work at being like the son or daughter of God that we really already are. Later we find out we and God are one, we always were, this is not cerebral, but lived. To get up the stairs takes stepping on the steps in order.

Remember before we can walk we need to learn to crawl.


answered 02 Mar '13, 01:05

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Wade Casaldi

edited 02 Mar '13, 01:12


@ wade casaldi- i got ur point, thank u fr the wonderful answer.. :)))

(02 Mar '13, 13:27) supergirl

My cyber Sister, we will never become God, but we can overcome the ego of our minds and the ignorance of our thought's to help obtain a higher state of awareness. But beware the closer you journey into to God the more you will lose are your humanity. Go far enough the "self" could be lost... Classic example of the homeless who have had divine contact, losing their minds in the process.


answered 08 Mar '13, 22:07

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Prophet Uknown

i loved the word.."cyber sis".., thank u..fr the wonderful answer..:))

(09 Mar '13, 05:46) supergirl

A true God would never control because ALL would already be going to his/her will.

A true God would be loving as all in God's presence would be selective to be there before him/her.

A true God would feel ease and relax, as ALL is God's creation and "Seriousness" only comes when you need to "Strategize" to "MAKE" something happen.

In other words, "Acceptance". God wouldn't need to "resist" anything.


answered 16 Mar '13, 13:06

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@arpgme- true..,its all abt "acceptance".., thank u fr the answer..,love,light n blessings ur wayy..

(16 Mar '13, 14:06) supergirl

You can not become like God because God is only one, what ever scientis are saying is not true you can become a son of God or daughter by going to church and follow his words hope that you understand what I'm saying. God Bless


answered 16 Mar '13, 17:02

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@silvia- thank u fr the answer..

(17 Mar '13, 13:07) supergirl

Well you are all ready like God,you are made in is image with the same potential you are one of is child experiencing,enjoying and growing up.

Read the bible it is writen:God made men in is image.God is the father and we all are is children. you all ready Know what is necessary to enter the kingdom Jesus said it.Blessed are the peacemakers they will be called son of God.Blessed are the pure of heart they will see God. Not like hypocrites that do it on the outside but not in the inside.

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence.


This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.


God is the biggest light in the kingdom,God is the main light in the kingdom,and all is children are made in is image.

So let there be light, Be the light that you can be ,experience and enjoy.


answered 01 Mar '13, 20:23

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white tiger

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@white tiger- thank u fr the wonderful answer.. :))

(02 Mar '13, 13:38) supergirl
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