What is our mind made of, and where does it live?

Is this opening a can of worms, so to speak?

Slightly off topic:

  • I still hear the voices outside my head, as if the people voicing them are 30 meters away.
  • The voices tell me to use my mind to get a grip on reality. I am very inward (self) focused, to the detriment of my mental health and broader intelligence. I have a form of social phobia which means I am not gregarious at all.
  • Is my mind part of the underlying quantum field which binds time and space? Is that how these external voices get to know everything that goes on inside my head?

asked 05 Mar '13, 04:27

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http://www.ted.com/talks/elyn_saks_seeing_mental_illness.html Have you sought out professional help, maybe you need to adjust your meds? thanks for sharing too!

(05 Mar '13, 05:40) ursixx

@SR7 - i will answer your question by a question "where do you think your mind lives?"

(05 Mar '13, 05:52) ru bis

@ru bis: either simply in our brain, or in some non physical location, the only one I know of which is the quantum field.

(05 Mar '13, 08:06) SR7

@SR7 - as flowsurfer says "they are the place", in other words we are wherever we "think" we are.

(05 Mar '13, 10:36) ru bis

That's not true ru bis. If I have a thought that my mind is in hell, that doesn't make it so.

(06 Mar '13, 04:45) SR7

@SR7 If you believe and accept the thought that your in hell then your perception will be hell. If you reject the thought and put no belief or acceptation in it then your not in hell. A more common example about thought choice, is when one has quit smoking and gets the urge. The mind tells you "have a smoke" ultimately either accept the urge to have one or not.

(06 Mar '13, 05:16) ursixx

@ursixx: It's a nice idea, but it's not so. If I believe and think I am in my business competitors' board room looking at secret data, my mind cannot perceive any secret data. I just have the feeling that I am in the board room. The feeling has not literally transported my mind into their board room.

(06 Mar '13, 06:11) SR7

@SR7 ahhh but in that state of mind who knows maybe you would get ideas that wouldn't have come to you otherwise ..

(06 Mar '13, 06:42) ursixx

@ursixx: for sure, but that is tangent to my original question. :)

(06 Mar '13, 11:01) SR7
(06 Mar '13, 13:19) flowsurfer

@SR7 Napolean Hill discusses in "Think and grow rich" "Invisible Counselors. Chapter 14 .http://www.sacred-texts.com/nth/tgr/tgr19.htm The whole book is worth a read .And if you read between the lines its about a lot more than money...

(06 Mar '13, 17:15) ursixx

@flowsurfer: I didn't follow what he meant by cubic reality.

(07 Mar '13, 04:51) SR7
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Our minds don't live in a place, they are the place.

Regarding your voices, you have to ask yourself some questions. I'll just give you the two that I think are the most important.

First, you say you experience social phobia. It seems to me the two are somewhat related as the voices are sort of like imaginary friends (even though they may be the annoying pain in the ass kind of friend and not the cool type). Have you noticed a relationship between social interaction and the intensity of these voices? It seems your fear of others has followed you into solitude, you get angry people yelling at you to get a grip on reality anywhere you are. I think that is a pretty strong sign that the issue must be dealt with.

Second, you need to do some experimenting. Have you tried controlling the voice? Not arguing with it, but imagining it saying something else. Assume that the voice is coming from you and it is simply your imagination projected outwardly. Try to hear it say something you want it to say.


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Flowsurfer, I like your response very much and I think you gave SR7 some great food for thought.

(05 Mar '13, 10:55) LeeAnn 1

If our minds are the place, where is the place?

When I am around people, I don't hear the voices at all.

I can manipulate and control to some extent what the voices say, but only when I exert control. If I relax they default to expressing their unrelenting criticism. If I make them say something nice, it is followed by a rebuttal.

(05 Mar '13, 22:53) SR7

@SR7 There is no where outside the mind. As an analogy (and it is just an analogy, don't try to poke holes in it), your mind is the TV. It can display images of Istanbul or New York, or Mars, or Middle Earth. All those locations exist within the TV screen, the TV screen doesn't have to move to a different place every time the scene changes. The difference being that the TV is still someplace, because it is within the mind, while the mind is nowhere. It is the center, if you will.

(06 Mar '13, 12:03) flowsurfer

@SR7 Right, when we relax, the voices inside our heads go back to their default setting. And they resist change. This is the case with everyone, the only difference being most people don't project the voices outward as you do. You have to exert control often enough to change that default setting. The voices are you and your own thoughts. That and make an effort to be more social. I think doing those two difficult but simple things would be of tremendous help to you.

(06 Mar '13, 12:08) flowsurfer
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our mind is yet unexplored,
we understand that the physical components are inside a vehicle
and seem to be a network of nerves, glands and brains
with instinct, intuition and wisdom yet to be measured,
and some would also look at the power source allowing it to be


answered 06 Mar '13, 20:36

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If you can control the voice then it comes from you it might be your own ego.It seams you have unsolved conflict in you.wade would say you have mpd. And mpd would seam like a good diagnosis since you said before that their is more then 1 voice in you.The fact that you cannot be positive and are stuck in negativity,also suggest balence issue and inner conflict, Wade would say to you to go see psycologist. And he might be right,but the first place that someone needs to start is himself,if you do not help your self no one else can,no matter the external support tool.


answered 06 Mar '13, 07:08

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white tiger

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