A number of times in my life I have seen a very thin smoke or at least it looked like smoke. It is almost like a mist. Sometimes this smoke or mist would take on a shape of a person or animal. What is this does anyone know and has it ever happened to you?

asked 20 Oct '11, 08:54

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its entity.

I live in an almost 300 years old farm. My house was built by monks. I have always felt weird stuff in my house, like the occasional cold spot and noises, but I always just thought it was in my head. A few years back when I shared a room downstairs with my sister (the room I am currently writing this story in) I saw something. It was a boiling hot night and I was desperate for a drink. I sat up and grabbed my drink, when I took my first sip, I saw something at the bottom of my room and I was petrified. It wasn't any particular shape just like a really clear white mist with a strange movement in the middle going outwards. It is so hard to explain. I slowly put my drink back and slipped under the covers and didn't look back up. My family didn't believe me, so I invited a friend around to sleep, not telling her about what I had seen. That night she woke me up crying, saying she couldn't sleep on her own, so we moved into the living room. The next morning she told me that she had seen something very similar to what I had seen, but this time, it moved out into the hallway and it was gliding very slowly. I don't know what it is and I hope that you believe me because I wouldn't lie about this sort of thing, if you have any ideas it would be very highly appreciated.





answered 20 Oct '11, 16:07

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Thanks for the answer White Tiger. It is exactly as you describe it's a realy clear white mist and I have no idea what it is except that in my case it once took the shape of my dad who pased away a few years earlier. There was no fear in me so I didnt take it as anything badd. I saw this in a park across the road from me from the window in my apartment. If ever I find anything out I will let you know.

(21 Oct '11, 05:34) Paulina 1
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