Hey guys, just wanted to ask how I can become a funny person in the social context.

I've just realised that every spiritual master I have either read about or watched all have the common quality that they are "naturally humourous." I hope not; I am not that naturally funny unless I try really hard, I want to become that person.

Likewise, not to put on a pedestal, our Stingray I've noticed has a real sense of dry humour about him; living legend, and living example.

Can someone please explain to me, why the enlightened can be so funny to others, and also see things as quite humourous themselves? I don't want to live in seriousness any longer or be viewed in such a heavy fashion....(Bashar also seems to be able to effotlessly crack jokes).

asked 19 Mar '13, 06:59

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Not being serious about things, is in other words not giving a damn about things. You know, take it all as a joke, and you'll be able to talk about it in funny manner. That's how I came to love George Carlin


(19 Mar '13, 08:17) CalonLan

@CalonLan love it :D

(19 Mar '13, 10:13) ru bis

@CalonLan - Love George Carlin.... Refrigerator Man is my fave. :) Awww, snap. Your clip is blocked in this country. Bummer.

(19 Mar '13, 23:18) Grace

nikulas, they may see more options with connectedness that are cultural paradoxes to most

(20 Mar '13, 15:19) fred

@Nikulas - Agreed. Ironically for me, when I first started listening to Bashar (via reccs from this site), I figured, there was a 99% chance he was a fraud. But he was so damn funny I kept listening. In fact I think my significant other and I must have listened to several hours worth of Bashar simply for its entertainment value alone...but along the way, he said so many things that resonated with me, that eventually I began watching him for more than simply the sake of entertainment...

(21 Mar '13, 12:59) lozenge123

@Nikulas - ...and now, many months later, I've come across so many "spooky" incidents in his recordings (accurate predictions of things that came to pass, giving people telepathic "jolts" that are either authentic, or the best acting/improv I've ever witnessed), that I now believe there's about a 90% chance that he is who he says he is. And I probably never would have changed my mind and crossed that Rubicon if it hadn't been for his acute comedic talents. :)

(21 Mar '13, 13:03) lozenge123
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I blame the deadpan humor on too many years of listening to Steven Wright. I'm sure all the great spiritual gurus (of which I am not one) have done so at some point in their great spiritual guru careers :)


Humor is just about surprise really. It's that element of surprise within a joke or witty comment that catches someone "off guard" and invokes that laughing reflex.

So that I think the reason why the (genuine) gurus - physical or non-physical - are often comedic is that they tend to have an intuitive understanding of how people think and so have developed an ability for intellectual misdirection...or humor. It's like they know how ahead of time how someone is going to perceive a particular remark and so have fun in laying (humorous) traps on the road ahead.

I have had the privilege to have known personally a few people in my life that many have considered to be "spiritual gurus" and, behind the somber public masks they sometimes wear, they are often hilariously funny people :)

They tone it done in public because many of their followers are not in a place where they can perceive genuine fun in their lives and so that kind of humorous behavior just kicks off limiting beliefs and defense mechanisms.

I think the non-physicals (Abraham, Bashar etc) ultimately don't care whether you like their message or not and so keep the natural humor going under all circumstances.


answered 20 Mar '13, 08:23

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edited 20 Mar '13, 08:25

Excellent point!

(20 Mar '13, 09:22) Jaianniah

@Stingray What do you mean "spiritual gurus (of which I am not one)"????? Do you mean all the things that I learned from you and applied in my life are worthless?????? And the great, happy, exhilarating, fullfilled life that I live now because of your stuff is in fact worth nothing?...Now I want my money back first! And afterwards I'll commit suicide!

(20 Mar '13, 13:41) releaser99

@releaser99 - Yes, it's all worthless, my child. But before your death, don't forget to rewrite your will to give all those abundant piles of manifested cash to "Stingray Guru-Follower-Killer Enterprises Inc" ...I have a fleet of Rolls Royces and an extra-long beard to support.

Notice how all gurus (and un-gurus) wear dark sunglasses? ;)

(21 Mar '13, 14:53) Stingray

@Stingray Will do!:) I have no doubt that this guru needs a lot of money. Because I'm sure he has to feed at least seven bird families daily that live in his superb beard.:)

(21 Mar '13, 17:11) releaser99

@Stingray - Just wanted to share... In my home, among my family and friends, you have long been affectionately dubbed my Guru Who Must Not Be Named a Guru. ;) It's true. Everyone knows who I'm referring to! You are quite a famous character in my little world. They all love you, too, through me and in gratitude; apparently, I am one hell of a lot more pleasant person to be around than I was a year ago LOL! Can't imagine why...

(22 Mar '13, 23:57) Grace

@Grace - "Guru Who Must Not Be Named a Guru" - With homage to the great Groucho Marx ("I don't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member"), you've now got me thinking of starting a cult for people that don't like cults

(23 Mar '13, 15:34) Stingray

@Stingray- Thankyou for the answer. Yeah, like Grace, I refer to you quite a lot with my friends (that are crazy enough to hear these ideas). Sorry.

(24 Mar '13, 03:44) Nikulas

@stingray - good to have a picture of you at last. I thought that you just hung out in bars wearing dark glasses. Didn't I see a video of you on your page? :)

(24 Mar '13, 05:25) Dollar Bill

that's great news now we're all together on the 7th floor :)

(24 Mar '13, 05:56) ru bis

@Dollar Bill - Yeah, dark glasses in dark places help but it's the long white beard that really pulls the chicks ;) "Didn't I see a video of you on your page?" - To be honest, he's actually not a million miles away from how I look in real life, even down to those dodgy leather jackets. Still working on the Corvette though

(24 Mar '13, 17:41) Stingray

@Stingray- I get an image you look similar to Bryan Ferry.

(26 Mar '13, 09:54) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Close, but no cigar :) Try Michael Douglas (in younger days), or so I've been told a few times

(26 Mar '13, 11:36) Stingray

@Stingray- Well +1 for me, so it seems my channelling experience is accurate to some merit! Actually, whilst we're on the subject of how we look, a healer told me I have very good leadership qualities, and that was her observation on the build on my nose. Have you heard of anything similar of characterisitcs being depicted on the face? Likewise, if we're reality creators, if our vibrations shift our facial geometry should slightly shift as well? Just ideas...

(26 Mar '13, 19:50) Nikulas

@Nikulas - I believe what you are referring to is known as Physiognomy. Some (randomly found) info here: http://face-and-emotion.com/dataface/physiognomy/apps.jsp . It's not something I've ever really looked into - I'm always more interested in causes rather than effects...which ultimately always leads back to one's thoughts. If you want to test out your physiognomical skills, you could try this test again :) Can you spot the criminals?

(28 Mar '13, 08:44) Stingray

@Stingray- Thanks for sharing. So that's what "physiognomy' is!

(28 Mar '13, 09:00) Nikulas

For me, @stingray should not call himself a guru, no-one should if he is a true guru. This is a title presented by others who have learned from a guru (bringer of light).

I certainly call @stingray a guru! I have learned a lot from him! He has a very effective way of getting deep points across that get even better when you read his work again and again.

If he would let me, I would publish a book of his sayings and techniques.

(31 May '13, 18:26) Dollar Bill
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Hi Nikulas, following the definition of wit and humor in the free dictionary by farlex; wit is "the natural ability to perceive and understand intelligence" and humor is a "fun state of mind" ... so it seems to me that spiritual people have amazing humour and wit because they remain in a happy go lucky state of mind and have the ability to perceive and understand intelligence ... exit dictionary :)


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ru bis

edited 19 Mar '13, 10:11

Be advised, some profoundly disturbed people have wonderful senses of humor also.

(28 Mar '13, 01:01) ele

are you speaking for yourself @ele ?

(28 Mar '13, 02:13) ru bis

Yes, it was meant to be a joke. I actually was going to say something else; but will go with this.

"Humor is how I deal with Life & how I maintain my Sanity" ~ IQ's One & Only ele

(28 Mar '13, 03:20) ele

@ele yes and i feel sure that people who have experienced "real war", like my dad, often joke about it, it's a way of releasing the devastating reality of it, the underlying tension ... the only real war i've experienced is in my imagination.

(28 Mar '13, 03:26) ru bis

@ru if you thought for 1 moment I was talking about you, let me set the record straight, I wasn't. I planned on going in an entirely different direction; but realized my humor would escape you. I forget how sensitive you R. Yes our Dad's were alike in that respect & we are alike in regards to make believe war. I have had my head examined many times, by psychologists & neurologists & they all claim I'm sane. To me the only true test of sanity is if you are still sane enough to question yours.

(28 Mar '13, 22:42) ele

"they all claim i'm sane" haha ... i like it

(29 Mar '13, 01:41) ru bis

haha - I thought you would like the way I worded it...

(29 Mar '13, 01:53) ele
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@Nikulas - Nice to see you! Funny, I just found this clip last night. Bashar Laughs

I think that when you see more of the truth - that its safe to let things go, that all really is well, you get to seeing clearer, you feel lighter inside, and many things do seem a lot funnier. :)

You can also see that kindness costs you nothing, and that nearly everyone can enjoy kind, gentle, warm humor - our @Stingray's brand of humor is a perfect example. If you notice, his humor always has elements of truth, but never has any painful 'sting' in it :D.

And, sharing your good humor will toss you instantly into the Vortex, to boot! Its a win-win. (Says the great medium, floating in Diet Coke and BBQ Corn Nuts...)

Love, Grace :)


answered 19 Mar '13, 22:31

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks, @Barry Allen! I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong with that link, sorry! How did you fix it?

(20 Mar '13, 00:03) Grace

@Grace, the site you linked to was not YouTube but medjed.org, a "parasite site" that copies YouTube videos. I just went to the original YouTube page for the video and got the direct link and the IQ software automatically embedded it

(20 Mar '13, 00:06) Barry Allen ♦♦

Cool! I'll watch out for that, in future. :)

(20 Mar '13, 00:14) Grace

I love the way Bashar laughs...so loudly and lively :D

(20 Mar '13, 14:00) releaser99

@releaser99 - Contagious, isn't it? :D

(22 Mar '13, 23:59) Grace

@Grace :D. Absolutely!:)

(23 Mar '13, 00:09) releaser99
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fflink textff

When you enjoy being humorous, it can come from a place without fear. A place of abandonment of ones self and giving into the momment .. Often the same qualities that these "Gurus" preach ..


answered 24 Mar '13, 19:15

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yes a place of abandonment, a place without fear, i've been there :)

(25 Mar '13, 03:36) ru bis

Love this...

(28 Mar '13, 01:03) ele

Well you can cry or laugh about something and you make the choices. So you are better to laugh it off. Example: Your wife is complaining about the floor or the carpet that it is dirty and that she cleans it 3 time per day,and that she as no other time to do anny thing.

alt text

You could laugh about it and tell her that cleaning the floor 3 time per day was in the stone ages.In today world 5 time out of 7 you are not there you are working. so who will dirty the floor?Is it him:

alt text


answered 19 Mar '13, 11:48

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white tiger

Sometimes the simplest questions provoke deep thoughts. Especially upon us over-thinking people that ponder things like why is it that the most ticklish person in the world cannot tickle themselves?

So, pressing onward.....

What is humor? Why do we laugh? Because it is funny. Yeah. Short, incomplete answer. Why is it funny that a line of thought takes a sudden tangent? A verbal tangent.

Or physical? That someone slips on a banana peel and falls? That someone has an idea that is flawed and fails in the implementation of the idea when everyone else could see the flaw? We, who could see the flaw, laugh.

We are settling in for the evening and Anne wants to watch something fun, so I will post this and come back and edit later.

But let me leave you with a thought. Joy, therefore humor/laughter comes from Source. Could it be that Source laughs through us because Source knew all along what was about to happen, and we, consciously, did not?

And perhaps the "enlightened ones" are in better contact with source and they see the huge joke? And I mean that kindly. Are we closer to Source when we laugh? Do we bond then?

Does laughter cure? There are some who think so. India Laughter Club


answered 31 May '13, 20:35

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Dollar Bill


Personally, I think the Universe has a marvelous sense of humor. I first discovered laughing yoga in 2006 & it's been my experience laughter does heal. Laughter is a drug, a miracle drug. I've taken classes with a minister who combines laughing yoga with a wee bit of holy laughter imho.


I find the study of gelotology fascinating & this link shows the effect of laughter on the brain


(31 May '13, 21:45) ele

A couple quotes by Dr. Madan Kataria

"If laughter cannot solve your problems, it will dissolve them by changing your Body Chemistry and Mindset So you can face them in a Better way"

"Laughter Yoga Can Change Your Mood within Minutes by releasing Endorphins from your Brain cells. And if your Mood is Good, You are At your Best" You do everything well"

"In Laughter Yoga,We don't Laugh because we are happy We are happy because we laugh"


(31 May '13, 21:51) ele

Thanks, @ele!

(01 Jun '13, 06:02) Dollar Bill

Now you & Anne need to check out a laughing yoga class in your area. It looks silly - but - I think you will both love it!

(01 Jun '13, 06:07) ele

Thought you might enjoy this take on laughter Bill..

"Laughing all the way to the Bank"



(06 Jun '13, 17:04) ele
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