How do we become naturally happy without having to do anything?

At times in my life I have had it, where does it go?

If we are trying to manifest happiness, then it seems like it loses it's natural part.

Is there a way to kick start it so that the natural feeling of happiness just is?

Thank You.

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The emotional component of life is the guidance system by which we invoke the creative (manifesting) process. So you don't manifest happiness as such. Rather, your emotional state is determined by how you choose to respond to things, including your manifestations.

The way you naturally kick-start happiness is by releasing resistance. This can be done through meditation, finding enjoyment in life and other people, playing music, engaging in a rewarding activity, or any of a number of techniques for changing your emotional state (including Focus Blocks).


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Great Question....I also look forward to the different answers.

I've ask a similar question. Kinda like does it all this work to be happy, esp when I know people that seem to be naturally happy.

And then I had a day that didn't go so well and until I dealt with the issues there were weighing me down, through a "Wouldn't it be nice..." excersise and a positive aspects excersise and I felt the difference. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

That's my 2 cents....

I also love Vesuvius's answer!!


answered 19 Aug '10, 00:00

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Chris 2

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