Because of experiences that I have had recently I now believe that the law of attraction is not limited to this physical world. I feel that as we expand our consciousness we start making connection with other entities which exist outside of the physical realm. I would like to hear what others think about this and any experiences you have had.

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The Law of Attraction completely applies in the non-physical world in exactly the same way as in the physical world.

However the difference is that, in the non-physical world, there is no resistance so the non-physical equivalent of manifestation happens instantly. This is different to physical where a buffer of time exists between the projection of thought and the accompanying manifestation but only because of the need to clear resistance caused by habitual thought patterns, not because such a time buffer is a required property of the physical plane.

Yes, you can (and do) consciously connect with non-physical consciousnesses - your physical self is just a projection of your own non-physical consciousness - and what you connect with is an exact vibrational match to your dominant emotional attitude at the time.

That's why it is so important to feel good first in everything you do. Because everything you attract as a result of that, physical or non-physical, will match that feeling.

Those who seek to interact with non-physical consciousnesses from a place of not feeling good can attract all kinds of entities that are a vibrational match to the unpleasant attitude they are holding. But it's not assertion, it's attraction.

This is where some get the idea that demons or evil beings exist. They don't exist - all of non-physical is pure, positive energy. Any unpleasant experiences are just those people doing it to themselves by attracting consciousnesses that are not appropriate to who they are at that time.

To give a physical example to make this clearer...if your house is burning down and a team of firefighters turns up and blasts water through all your rooms and puts the fire out, you would probably call that behavior (and them) good.

But if the same team turned up at your house when there was nothing wrong with it, blasted water everywhere and damaged a lot of your property as a result, you would probably attribute their behavior to some kind of evil even though the behavior was exactly the same.

In the first case, their behavior was in harmony with what you wanted and, in the second case, it was not in harmony. The team of firefighters in both cases are just doing what teams of firefighters's your attraction of them at an inappropriate time that causes you to attribute evil to them.


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Since, when we came here we agreed to believe in time, space and physical laws, it seems to me that a requisite amount of time must pass while everything lines up in the physical.

(19 Aug '10, 18:17) Vesuvius

And who decides what is a requisite amount of time? :)

(19 Aug '10, 19:45) Stingray

The requisite amount of time is however much time is required by the physical laws for things to line up. I would imagine that the time it takes could be more or less depending on which path(s) the Universe chooses to manifest the desire, and the approach chosen by the Universe depends on which paths we resist.

(19 Aug '10, 20:57) Vesuvius

A couple of simple examples: If I want to have a productive Christmas with my family where we all get along, obviously I'm going to have to wait until December 25th for that to manifest. Similarly, if I want a vacation in Hawaii, unless I learn how to accomplish self-teleportation, it will take some finite amount of time to physically place my body in Hawaii (depending on what mode of transport I choose).

(19 Aug '10, 20:57) Vesuvius

As is typical of me (I know), I would have to say that I think you have a limiting belief there. In my mind, I believe we have the potential to change everything in an instant if we truly had that desire or, to put it more accurately, focus in a completely different reality in an instant.

(19 Aug '10, 21:32) Stingray
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This works very well in the spiritual side, as in astral projection. If I am either out of my body or deep within my mind I travel not by will of moving forward but by desire of seeing where I want to be.

We do this in the physical too without realizing it, do you ever just walk forward for no reason or do you walk forward because you want to be someplace you are not presently located?

It is the desire that pulls us forwards whether walking, driving, swimming, boating or flying we are traveling because we desire to be someplace else. This is the same on the spiritual side the desire attracts us toward the desire. This is why the farther away you focus your attention the faster you fly towards what your attention is on, when you hit the astral tunnel your focus is on infinity so you see colors flying past you and feel like you are flying a hundred of miles an hour!

Now we can apply this to objects on the physical, we see a newspaper and reach for it and pick it up because we desire to read the paper, we desire to hold the paper so the desire to the paper attracts us to pick up the paper. Now in dreams if we have that same desire we notice we are already holding the paper, this paper just a second before did not exist in our hands but now here it is as soon as we desired it!

Desire is very powerful and can open up to us amazing things with great insights like a zoom lens or a parabolic microphone that can zone right in on just what we desire. It will attract us right to whatever the desire is.


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Wade Casaldi

It would appear your right. I try to look at things from a biblical perspective and also take into account other sources of knowledge.Most religions/faiths and thought movements agree that physical and spiritual are tied together with a very short piece of string.



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Monty Riviera

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