Can someone please explain in more detail and more specific what do I need to do to win !! Please make clear the concepts from this video to me :

I would be very very grateful and many others too !! :)

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As usual, Bashar is describing yet another tool, or permission slip to letting yourself allow more abundance to flow into your life experience.

We all have the assumption that we have to pick "The Winning Numbers" as if they were already drawn. We hope that the ticket that we just bought is the big winner almost as if the numbers were already drawn beforehand and we have to match those secret numbers to the ticket.

Essentially, we just need to pick numbers and leave the idea of a set of numbers that don't exist yet out of the picture. We need to leave the thought of hoping or wondering that they are the winning numbers and get into the mindset of knowing that these are the winning numbers.

When you pick your numbers, get into a state of knowing that these are the winning numbers right now. If you can clean up old limiting beliefs about the odds of winning, you have bad luck winning, nobody I know ever wins, or whatever disempowering belief you may or may not have about the lottery, you can then shift to a parallel reality where your numbers are always the winning numbers.

As usual, it all comes down to an individuals belief system. If you just can't grasp the belief that the numbers you pick are neutral and you can shift your reality to match your hand picked numbers then this idea will never manifest itself. But, if you can get into the mindset of making this a playful thing for the fun of it and allow yourself to know that the lottery isn't creating the winners but instead the winner is creating their own individual and unique lottery of their very own, then that is allowing energy to flow in its purest form.

As Bashar also says, we don't actually have the desire to win the lottery itself. We actually use it as a tool for allowing abundance to flow into our lives. We actually desire the things and the lifestyle that the money playing the lottery will bring.

So if you can get into the highest most joyful state of being when you play instead of a state of lack or not enough-ness, then that gives you the highest probability of wining in one way or another. When you can react to winning a so called small amount in the exact same way as you would a larger sum, then that will open the floodgates for more abundance to flow to you in any and every direction.

Most of us put a label and definition on the lottery. If you can learn to play it in a neutral way, knowing that it is possible to shift to a parallel reality where you already won with your numbers, staying in the frequency of your highest excitement and joy, the abundance that flows your way could start as a tiny snowball on the top of a hill, and pick up an enormous amount of speed ending up as a huge boulder size of abundance at the bottom.


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@Cory excellent interpretation. I've learned to play only when I'm feelin' good. If I don't win anything, I still feel good knowin' my donation is going to make someone else happy & also to improve the roads in my state - it's a win-win good feelin' state of abundance.

(05 Apr '13, 20:19) ele

@ele Great point. What you said goes back to the idea of attaching a positive meaning to a situation and getting a positive experience in return. Or putting a negative meaning on a situation and getting a negative experience in return. In your particular case, it most definitely is a win win situation which means that you can't possibly lose.

(07 Apr '13, 00:40) Cory

@Cory thanks . . . contribution would have been a better word than donation. I think most people are genuinely happy when they see the winners on tv. My contribution also helps keep my state income taxes from increasing & each time I buy a ticket I get a chance at becoming a multi millionaire; again win win.

(07 Apr '13, 01:02) ele
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I often buy a ticket....and then not check it on the day of the draw. I leave the ticket in my wallet and let myself believe its a winner and then imagine myself with the winnings. Then i buy another one, leave that in my wallet and check the old one.

This keeps me very happy, i have "potentially" a couple of million pounds in my wallet ALL THE TIME.

Its well worth the cost of the tickets just for the way it raises my morale and give me something great to think about.

Of course eventually the ticket will be the winner, and ive had a great time along the path to the win.


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Monty Riviera

lol! I do that too.

(07 Apr '13, 01:04) ele

If you are playing a video game, there is an illusion of a world, with all sorts of events, people and objects you interact with. However, in reality all that exists is a pattern of pixels on your TV screen. A normal person tries to play the game of life assuming the world is real, at most seeking some kind of cheat code. But all there is, all that reality consists of, is a pattern of pixels in a multidimensional screen known as consciousness. Imagination reorganizes that pattern. Use it.


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You always have such great advice for everyone else . . hmm . . . makes me wonder.

(07 Apr '13, 01:05) ele

Wayne Dyer "when you change the way you look at things ....." I quite like your perspective on this @flowsurfer , thanks for prodding my thoughts :-)

(09 Apr '13, 01:28) Starlight
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