I'm 20 years old and i'm looking for part-time work. My family keeps pressuring me to get a job and I feel like I also need one. I understand that LOA requires a positive vibration and to feel good about where your at. The pressure my family is putting on me is making me anxiouse and worried alot of the time and my vibration isn't in alighnment with my desire (the job). Is their a way to manifest employment even under pressure.

Some Ideas would be great.


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Jacob Ford

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(09 Apr '13, 13:36) Satori
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Try this.

Get any old job, could be part time, or with an agency, it could be the worst sort of job and one you dont really want.

BUT.... when youve at least got this rather crappy job the pressure to get a better one will be reduced ,albeit maybe only slightly.

Then when the excess amount of "dependance" and "importance" have been removed or even reduced to a managable level you will find manifesting the " right" job ,career or vocation easier.

Do everything you can do to reduce the excess importance of the right job. This excess will be your greatest obstacle. Once reduced you will move into the space of variations where your career already exists.


answered 09 Apr '13, 15:20

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Monty Riviera

This is something that I needed to see because it is my need as well.

The interesting thing is I have more compassion for helping you than myself.

So the answer I have for you is the same answer I need for myself.

Florence Scovel Shinn came to my mind, so this prayer is based in her influence.

Father God I thank you for bringing Jacob the perfect job with perfect pay in the perfect way to bring the greatest happiness and satisfaction everyday! Thank you for this granted prayer, in Jesus name I pray, amen...


answered 08 Apr '13, 00:22

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Wade Casaldi

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Thanks for the blessing! The same to you!

(09 Apr '13, 13:20) Jacob Ford

Jacob, see this previous question and answer regarding the same subject:



answered 09 Apr '13, 23:12

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