"The words are not important.It's the feeling that we are after" is about what Abraham said in Ask and it is Given.

With that in mind: Lust is it high on the EGS? Physical lust. Or lower because it is ego driven? What is higher/lower on the EGS?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks Barry! Wrote question from mobile phone.thumb gets lazy. ;)

(23 Sep '10, 10:53) ursixx

@ursixx: I have been meaning to ask this same questions, thanks!

(23 Sep '10, 17:06) Back2Basics

Wait in't lust a sin? One of the 7 deadliest ones?

(30 Nov '13, 15:36) ele
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I would have to say there is an element lacking clarity, in lust.

Not sure what that translates to on vibrational energy scale.

Everything has a vibrational output, so lust would have to have it's own vibration seperate from the person perceiving it as good or bad.

Based on the fact that lust is mere pleasure less on the love aspect I would think it is more of a ego driven thing, like mentioned.

Also, I seem to have experienced more negative experiences when my conscious quality is more on the lust scale.

We all have the lust energy, I am guessing it needs to be balanced with intent and focus.


answered 23 Sep '10, 20:12

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Lust is just strong sexual desire - it's not an emotion any more than being very hungry or very thirsty - so it doesn't relate to the Emotional Guidance Scale.

How you feel about your lust is what determines what physical manifestations of it you experience.

You can feel lust and feel guilty about it, or you can feel lust and feel free and fun about it.

Many people in this world have developed powerful hang-ups about sex, so they would probably view strong sexual desire (lust) in a negative way but there's really no right or wrong, other than what you believe there is.


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@Stingray: Extreme question to question your answer =) - so if someone feels good about murder, then murder is high on the scale?

(23 Sep '10, 17:06) Back2Basics

You'll never meet anyone who genuinely feels good within themselves and is inspired to murder. It defies the nature of non-physical.

(23 Sep '10, 20:24) Stingray

Are there not deranged serial killers who only feel good after taking life?

(26 Sep '10, 06:38) Back2Basics

No such thing as a 'happy' serial killer. The media likes to make it sound that way because it sounds more dramatic (I used to work as a reporter myself) but the actual truth about these people is far from that.

(26 Sep '10, 07:43) Stingray

@ Stingray: Sexual lust and murderous intentions. All too easy. Is there not lust for power, knowledge, and control over others? Is there not lust over consumption and collection? Is there not lust in being perceived as being more advanced and knowledgeable than others?

(17 Mar '14, 01:17) TGunn
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if you're tuned into receiving coarse vibrations, then that is what you attract.
so as you indulge in your receptions let others enjoy their different frequency;
of the matter -spirit polarity, lust tends toward matter


answered 25 Sep '10, 00:47

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It is definitely intention based. If it comes from a place of desperation or exerting power over someone....a lower ego driven vibration. If it comes from a lighter place of the joy of connecting and experiencing another human being and basking in the beauty of 2 becoming 1 and lifting each other to divine heights...i would say a much higher vibration. Especially if it is an act without regret.


answered 30 Nov '13, 05:11

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Victoria Bernal

There are different elements that come into play that affect Law of attraction. There are beliefs, emotions, intentions, and desire. These are the ones I hear about most of the time. Lust is another word for desire, so where does desire fit in the LOA formula? I think Abraham prefers the term "wanting".


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Lust is a powerful driving emotion that motivates us to do things and is synonymous to passion, desire, joy and empowerment the opposite is apathy, distaste, disgust or even hate. We can have a lust for life, music, spirituality, food, power, knowledge, sex ... in fact we can have a healthy lust for anything and in this sense it can be placed very high on the emotional guidance scale.

Beethoven most certainly had a lust for music

Van Gogh most certainly had a lust for painting

Bruce Springsteen most certainly has a lust for singing

alt text


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That would be how I would define lust also..

(30 Nov '13, 15:46) ele

yes @ele great achievers always have a burning desire, a lust for life, a lust for something in particular :)

(02 Dec '13, 03:02) jaz

"Where is lust on the Emotional Guidance Scale?"

Lust isn't a emotion.. did you notice?

Lust is mostly like I need sex cause it will make me feel better.. but often times your likely fooling yourself.. because it would be unsatisfying.. when it's attempted at a negative vibration..

If we were to say lust was a emotion (which it can kind of qualify! kind of) it would be somewhere between anger or revenge (wherever!) the main thing is.. lust is a negative word.. it's a negative vibration.. it's not wrong.. but that is how people commonly perceive it..

If you are lustful.. you may even consider yourself a bad person.. going about sex the wrong way etc.

If you desire true clarity on this question.. please ask Abraham this question.

Lust again is where we kind of tell ourself a lie.. where we say "this" will make us happy but it fails usually every time.. I put this video of Abrahams up which talks about this idea through alcohol have a watch if your curious..



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Don't you just hate it when dictionaries & wikipedia are wrong.

(30 Nov '13, 15:29) ele

Lust is neediness. It's a feeling of longing.

Abraham said "Appreciation" is the highest vibe, so when comparing how great Appreciation feels , with contentment because a few steps below it, lust would be even lower.


answered 03 Dec '13, 21:49

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