Hi i was reading about the lady with dementia . My mother has dementia and i must say its been the toughest time of my life. Its so hard to see someone who was once strong and independent become almost a child. Can anyone tell me why my mum is having what looks like fits ? The doctor says its panic attacks, but she may have a fit even while sitting and chatting to me.

asked 30 Aug '10, 18:44

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Sheila Gunness

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Hi Sheila you must get an MRI and a CT Scan done. My mom's dementia and her fits were unrelated, her fits were due to an electrolyte imbalance and once that was cured she hasn't had any fits and I'm happy to report that her dementia is better too. She forgets but she isn't agitated anymore.

These patients need a really good neurosurgeon who can prescribe medicines which work on different symptoms and one who is good at diagnostic analysis. My mom's first doctor said it was incurable but her new doctor realized that she had curable dementia and anti psychotic drugs were needed.


answered 31 Aug '10, 20:07

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I Think Therefore I Am

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