It is very likely there are universal laws which we may never know about.
I do not believe any single person has it completely figured out.

It could be that there are universal laws we have not even begun to scratch the surface of or have no concept of, even though it may still play into our every day life.

Are there any recent discoveries or speculations that have come out about in the past year or so? If so, which ones?

For example, perhaps there are more dynamic universal laws that are in action based on different situtaion and variables of the situation.
Or different universal laws being stronger at different points in a persons life, earth's orbit, etc.

I believe there is something similar to this that is the next step we should be looking out for.

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There are always new discoveries being made, continuously. Of course, those discoveries are only the re-awakening of old knowledge, and the deepening of the understanding of our Universe and how it works. As we deepen that understanding, we bring new, more powerful manifestation tools to our reality.

Examples of some recent discoveries:

  1. University of Houston mathematician Sunica Canic and her colleagues build computer models to study stents; their simulations could lead to better designs and also help doctors select the right stents for specific procedures.

  2. Kerry Ressler's research on the molecular biology of fear could lead to better methods for treating individuals suffering from anxiety disorders.

  3. Breakthrough in Electron Spin Control Brings Quantum Computers Closer to Reality. Research allows control of a single electron without disturbing other nearby electrons. Quantum computers will transform computing as we know it; today's desktop computers will seem like pocket calculators in comparison.


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And if I or anyone else told you that there are as yet hidden Universal laws or that no, we know them all now; would you believe me and why?

During the past couple of years I've begun to whittle down all the various Universal laws talked about, to four that are extremely helpful for understanding my current reality. Of these, one is most practical for making changes and adjusting the course of my life.

Beyond that and beyond this time-space reality; maybe in a reality that is vastly different to anything our human brain is even capable of comprehending, there are other Universal laws. But even knowing that these laws exist is totally meaningless (literally) and not helpful to our living and experiencing our current life in this current reality.

IMHO, through our asking, we’ve received all of the truths needed in order to comprehend and direct our current reality in any way we want. Maybe still searching for stuff outside when you know that your reality is created by you from within warrants re-examination and evaluation of the Universal laws already given.


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@Eddie: "But even knowing that these laws exist is totally meaningless (literally) and not helpful to our living" My only issue with this statement is that 1,000 years ago or before the universal laws that we now know of, they may have said the same thing about what they knew and what effected their reality. If some one did not pioneer, we wouldn't be able to use the "Universal laws already given"

(31 Aug '10, 14:57) Back2Basics

@Back2Basics – By their very nature, universal laws have always existed, at least in this universe. So it makes no difference whether someone from 1,000 or 10,000 years ago grasped them, they remain immutable. We’ve always existed and the one (consciousness) has always been all and the all one. The LOA has always determined how we experience reality and change has always been inevitable. These days we use word symbols to express meaning, but ultimate truth doesn’t require words and existed before language and humans. In terms of understanding this, each of us is where we are :-)

(01 Sep '10, 06:51) Eddie

I think that we must do the best with what we know. If you had a million pound diamond buryed in your garden and you didnt know where it was you would still find it even if you were only given a spoon to dig about with. Im sure we would do better with a small digger but lets use what we can and know about.No point worrying about what we dont know.



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Monty Riviera

I believe that life is an evolving process and that we attract based on where we are. I do not think that there are any new truths being created. I believe that everything exist right here and now but we cannot tap into it until we acheve a level of consciousness. Hence one man's truth may not be understood by many others because they are not in the same state of awareness. Whenever we have to ask the question, (is there more to the universe?) then it means that we are not there yet. I think though the fact that you are asking the question is good because it means that you are open to the possibilities and when you get there you will be there.


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@Drham: I'm confused with this idea that asking if there is more to the universe means we are not there yet....

(31 Aug '10, 21:00) Back2Basics

I will rephrase it this way. You are asking about a state of beingness that you are not ready to experience as yet. However you do have a strong sense of something greater and that is what I felt your question was about.

(31 Aug '10, 23:11) Drham
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