Is our subconscious mind really visiting with them? Or are we talking with them out-of-body? What if the communication seems meaningful the next day? Or are they simply dreams about the dead?

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hello LeeAnn, I hope you don't mind me asking but please could you tell me the difference between 'really visiting with them' and 'talking with them out of body', thank you:))

(20 Jan '10, 21:58) DivineHammer

Hi Divine Hammer, I guess it could be one or the other---either!

(20 Jan '10, 23:57) LeeAnn 1
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Perhaps if there is no death and a person’s soul, or whatever you want to call it, goes forever on, then why not be able to talk to them through a dream, also, if you turn it around the other way, that may be the only way they can access us in a way we find acceptable or unthreatening. If a person who had left the planet walked up to us in broad daylight, maybe it would give us such a shock that we would lose the ability to have that conversation. It’s just a thought… and if we don’t die, if we are all part of Source, then how would it make any difference if the person was still on the planet or not anyway.

Regarding people still on the planet, I find it interesting, and quite weird, that when you think of someone you haven’t seen for yonks, that same person will turn up in your life within a few days [law of attraction?!]. Then, it gets weirder/funnier because you will go on to see that person maybe 2 or 3 times in the following 2 weeks or so! I imagine that how this happens is that a part of us somehow connects with another person and arranges this ‘secret’ meeting in advance. Sort of like a speech bubble, you know like they have in cartoons, it comes out of 1 person, meets up with another person’s speech bubble, and has a little chat... ta dah, meeting arranged. You could call this speech bubble analogy a person’s soul or whatever you want that sounds right to you. It happens to me a lot and I know I’m not the only person it happens to although why this happens, or if it’s important for some reason, I don’t know, maybe it just happens for the sheer fun of it!


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I have received new information from dreams - so I am fortunate to know that they are a very real means of communication.

I have been visited by loved people who have died. For some reason in my experience, they always appear to my left when I see them. It is purely involuntary. My most recent was a dearly loved cousin who died before her time... she came up close and showed me a baby.. I found out 3 weeks later her eldest son's wife was pregnant with their first child.

One thought provoking incident for me was when I dreamed of my best friend who was dying of cancer (in another state). Despite her real life emaciated appearance at this stage, she appeared to me in a dream (to my left) looking stunningly beautiful in a black sleeveless cocktail frock. She was radiantly happy, looked straight at me with a cheeky grin and asked "What did you think of the Fay?" Fay was her name.

I immediately thought she must have just passed over, it was 4 am. I was waiting for the phone call the next day, it didn't come. But the day after that her sister rang to say Fay had died at 4 a.m. that day.. exactly 24 hours later.

"the Fay" - thought provoking.. like saying what did you think of that personality? that experience this time round?


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Wow! Thanks for your input. Too bad the second dream was validated by finding out she had passed. Best wishes...

(04 Feb '10, 03:17) LeeAnn 1

i was speaking with my grandpa last night (he died 5 years ago), he was sick and happy and we chattered about how manny times he passed 55 years and how we died in past lifespans. after that i got scared and got a feeling like i was pulled back through a lot of voices. I'm having this xperiences with dreams only when i'm really tired.


answered 15 Feb '11, 12:39

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My brother died three days ago, I dreamed that I visited him and I was holding his hand, he was sometimes a little boy and sometimes the man, he was to my left. He was in life a fireman, in my dream he was at a training facility and going through drills, we had sneaked me in and I had to avoid bright strobe lights. I wasn't any good at any of the drills, they gave us lovely new uniforms. Everyone was in a lovely new uniform, although they were different for the different types of cadets. Some of the uniformed people had more knowledge and they knew he would take time to learn the protocols. Then I was in a corridor holding his hand and I told him we had to hurry but we weren't in a rush. I bumped into a uniformed lady and forgot to salute, my brother told me I should salute. We tried to go through another door and I banged into the lady again, I thought she would tell me off, but she laughed, my brother saluted and I told her I shouldn't be there. Then we came to a road zebra crossing and I told my brother he was alright "you are fine, you will be alright, you are fine". "I have to go now it is busy at this time of year". (Anzac day, the last few hours before dawn). I told him I had to leave because of the baby (I have four children and one is a baby), I heard my husband's voice telling me it was time to leave now. My brother couldn't come across the zebra crossing, I had to catch the train? When I woke up, I told my husband but left out the bit about the train because I had forgotten. My husband had dreamed that my brother had said thank you to me, and my husband had felt intense pain in his chest, (my brother had a heart attack). He was 37. My husband told me he had called me to get on a train.


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Sorry about the loss of your brother, you have my sympathy and thanks for sharing about your dream. I hope your dreams and memories will bring you comfort at a difficult time. It must have been nice to see him again on any level.

(26 Apr '11, 16:24) LeeAnn 1

My experience with dream interpretation improved substantially when I read something about dreams, to the effect that everything about a dream is you. In other words, everything in the dream, including the scenery and the other people in the dream, are all aspects of your own self.

Can people communicate with us after they have passed? Perhaps. I have heard many anecdotal stories of this. The thing is, I have had dreams of people still living communicating with me in this way. Is there a difference? I don't know.


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You have given me some food for thought. Perhaps it is some part of myself! I had not considered that.

(20 Jan '10, 23:59) LeeAnn 1

I have recieved new information from dreams. It happens extremely rarely. Once I've seen my dead mother and brother, both of them looking young and the perfect picture of themselves, in the background a loud siren was ringing and they asked me to wake up, that my sister was dying. It turned out that my sister, who lived on another continent, had attempted suiccide. This dream made me realize that despite the disagreements we've had, I had to stay in touch, and be there, for my sister.....

On the other hand, I had a dream of my cousin's dead husband, also looking amazing, telling me how much he loves her and how everything he'd done, he did for her, and that she doesn't want to listen to him. I called my cousin to tell her of this dream, thinking she'd be happy (she lives in the States, I in Europe) and to my horror, it turned out he had committed suiccide and left her a personal note in which he blamed his love for her............


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Eu tive um sonho, sonhava que eu estava em uma casa antiga e avia uma sonhora morta em um quarto grande encima de uma cama de casal co lnçois linpos e brancos, e ela tinha uma irmão aparentemente viva e que falava comigo sobre a mesma. E devido a morte dessa sehora as arvores e plantas bem coidadas logo mocharão, e ao entra na casa encontrei um sapo sujo de barro preto e folha secas, ao parar na porta a falecida ela se virou mesmo morta e me olhava com se quisece falar comigo... Porfavor oque significa esse sonho maluko.

                                          AGUARDO RESPOSTAS,DEZ DE JÁ AGRADEÇO.

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I appreciate you may be using an online translator to read this website but please could you post in English only instead of Portuguese, using the translator if necessary? Also, please ask new questions using the "Ask Question" button at the top of the page. Thanks

(27 Feb '11, 08:16) Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you for sharing your story. Were you afraid when this happened?

(27 Feb '11, 16:11) LeeAnn 1
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