This may be similar to a question I asked a while ago about how to deal with not hearing back from people, but at the moment I have many things which are hanging in the air and I am finding it difficult to wait for responses/confirmations etc. What are some useful affirmations or ways of dealing with anxiety that comes from having to wait for outcomes? How can I have a better relationship with time so I don't see it as such a dreaded thing when I have to wait for a response? I guess my problem is universal and many people feel anxious when waiting for results/news etc, so perhaps that is a part of life? I do try to tell myself that whatever the outcome is it's 'good' or as it should be, but I was thinking that if I had a better understanding of time in relation to present reality, I could maybe deal better with the issue of worry about the future. Should I perhaps visualise positive outcomes? It seems that at the moment I'm just waiting to hear about one or other thing and it feels paralysing.

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Inner Beauty

"This may be similar to a question I asked a while ago about how to deal with not hearing back from people"

"Affirmations" hmmm ...

Will this do ~

... and if you get a chance, go see "Beautiful" !

I think it was Mother Teresa who said "We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do"

(not just for others, but for ourselves)

I think smiling is LOA 101 :D

(05 Mar '17, 10:44) ele

Yes @Ele, it was Mother Teresa. I visited the FB page for Beautiful for the first time and found this ~

(05 Mar '17, 21:03) ele

Thanks @zee

(29 Apr '17, 11:36) Inner Beauty
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Abraham talks a lot about being 'over here' when you want to be 'over there'. Ultimately it just means that you believe that you will feel better with the results that you are seeking. So, when you have the responses and answers, that you're waiting for, you will feel better than you're allowing yourself to feel now.

You have to play within your imagination to draw 'over there' over here, into your NOW. How do you think you will feel when you get these answers that you're waiting for? What feelings will those answers create in you? Contentment? Relief? Have a think about it. What in your life, currently, causes you to feel contentment and relief? Walking in the rain? Playing with your dog?

You have to find a way to find the FEELING of 'over there' now. Then the Universe can bring matching manifestations and the answers you're waiting for.

It seems unlikely to us that walking on the beach or petting your cat can bring the manifestations we want. We all seem to think that we need to be specific and chant affirmations to draw those manifestations to us.

But, the Universe doesn't work that way. If you're repeating affirmations to bring 'over there' over here you're probably not going to be a vibrational match to what you want. Because you won't be FEELING the excitement of over there so you cannot be a match.

This is why Bashar asks us to follow our excitement. Because when you're FEELING excitement you are a vibrational match to more manifestations of things that will excite you.

It doesn't matter what you use to cause the excitement or the relief or the contentment or any of the positive feelings. Just find a way to create those feelings within you NOW. Then you are a vibrational match to things/experiences/stuff that cause you to feel more relief, contentment, excitement.

If you're feeling anxious because you're wanting to be 'over there' then the Universe has to bring you manifestations that match anxious because that is how you're feeling NOW and law of attraction is working super fast to bring you more and more manifestations that match what you are thinking and feeling NOW.

In your case, you're feeling anxious because you're waiting for answers and responses so the Universe hears you and answers YES! The Universe hears this: 'Inner Beauty is feeling anxious and is waiting for answers. That is what Inner Beauty is asking for so I must answer that with a YES! I (the Universe) will give Inner Beauty an abundance of more and more things to make Inner Beauty feel anxious and more things that Inner Beauty needs to wait for!' That's a perfect match in action. The Universe has done its bit and you have done yours. You asked with your thoughts and feelings and the Universe brought you matching manifestations. And, the Universe is always abundant so you will have an abundance of scenarios of waiting and circumstances that cause anxiousness.

If you were focused on things that caused you to feel excitement. The Universe would hear you and respond: 'Inner Beauty is thinking and feeling based around excitement. That's a match to The Vortex! What is in Inner Beauty's vortex that matches excitement. Right, I'll send Inner Beauty an abundance of situations, circumstances and things that cause Inner Beauty to feel more and more excitement.

If you want different manifestations to those that you have been getting then you have to create different feelings within you, regarding those desires, in your now moment.


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Dear @yes, Thanks again! That is very clear!!!! :-) I'll work on feeling excited.... I don't think I've experienced that feeling for ever so long but I will try to focus on it from now!

(04 May '15, 06:28) Inner Beauty

I might try this!

(04 May '15, 10:48) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty, this is a great video, such a good idea to practice waking up excited if you're not used to it. It's a reminder that it's our natural state. Children tend to leap out of bed early every morning as they know their day will be filled with exciting things to do. We should follow their example and make sure we fill our days with exciting things too! :) I would say most adults still experience that feeling on Christmas day and on birthdays. You know that those two days will include....

(04 May '15, 11:05) Yes

.. special times with your loved ones, presents, balloons, probably all your favourite foods, cake etc The expectation of those good things on those days cause you to feel the excitement first thing in the morning and you look forward to the day from the outset and as it unfolds. To make our lives fun and exciting we need to expect that every day will include exciting times, fun and good experiences. The Universe is abundant and there is nothing to stop you having Christmas day every day! :)

(04 May '15, 11:10) Yes
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time is connected with form,
defined by life cycles

though a priority to
our culture is elusive
with boundless infinity


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