I'm not asking "CAN I" grow, I am asking "HOW CAN I" grow. I am not willing to live in a universe where I can't.

I'm 27. I do not feel like myself in a short body. The profession I would like to follow has strict height requirements, at least 6 inches above my current height. That is not the only requirement but without at least that, nothing else really matters. I have seriously considered surgery but even if I could get the money and a doctor to go for a full 6 inches, it would leave me with an deformed body (weirdly long legs and short torso/arms).

I am not willing to follow any other profession, in part because I don't want to live in a universe where this path is denied me. I find that thought terrifying. I have a lot of trouble with depression because I essentially feel powerless because of this. I want to get this handled.

A few years ago I was fat and hated it but at least there was something I could do about it, so I did it. With this, I feel very lost. I have nothing to focus on in order to avoid just feeling sorry for myself. I want to know what to do. The "manifesting techniques" I have looked into here just didn't make sense to me. I didn't understand how to apply them to this. For example, the manifesting experiment #3 involves building a list of actions you take. I don't have actions to add to the list.

There is nothing else that matters to me right now.

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@flowsurfer - Maybe you should email @Raptor who claims to have grown 7 inches in 5 months: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6070#16656

(07 Jan '13, 19:30) Stingray

I have. I'm waiting for a reply.

(07 Jan '13, 19:36) flowsurfer

I'm actually kind of shocked. He replied. Thanks for pushing me to try that Stingray.

(08 Jan '13, 12:45) flowsurfer

Raptor was 17 when he had his growth spurt; this has deflated some of my hope but I'm not going to use it as an excuse to crash.

(10 Jan '13, 08:01) flowsurfer


(12 Jan '13, 00:21) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi That page is behind a password? Nevermind, I figured out how to get the password (register for the newsletter).

(12 Jan '13, 00:38) flowsurfer

Yes @flowsurfer once you register there are many good mp3s there, plus it is a good news letter.

(14 Jan '13, 16:14) Wade Casaldi

Hi @flow @ikaruss21 posted an answer you may be interested in reading


Check out the comments too & you may want to click on his profile - his new website is listed there - check it out, I'm sure you'll find something which will pique your interest.

(26 Sep '13, 05:31) ele

Thanks @ele. I haven't checked the website for a while and I don't check my email but I was feeling down and thought it might help to visit this site. I was touched that you remembered and cared about me.

(30 Sep '13, 00:37) flowsurfer

Hey @Flowsurfer Good to see you. I doubt if anyone could forget you.Y Of course I care as do many other members.. Please don't doubt this. I have loads of appreciation for your insights & many helpful answers. Sorry to hear you are a bit down. Right now RL is calling my name. Catch up with you later.

(01 Oct '13, 02:23) ele
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Zixia Nicole: Chinese Female Who Grew Taller With The Mind

Zixia (or Nicole) grew 4 inches in one year and three months between the ages of 22 and 23 using only her mind. As a child she was a practitioner of qi gong and had always wanted to grow taller since the age of 12 when she realized that her parents’ short height meant that she would probably be short too. She doesn’t make any money from her blog or sell any products and has answered a lot of questions about her height on her page, so it’s apparent she doesn’t have any intentions of tricking or manipulating people for monetary gain.

For those who want more information, check out Zixia’s blog. If you just want to know her method, the following bold text is from her blog, and highlights the step-by-step method on how she grew 4 inches in one year and three months between the ages of 22 and 23:

The method is very simple:

1.) Lie on your back. Put your hands together in front of your chest. Imagine a bright ball hanging inside your chest absorbing energy from the universe. (You may think there is a growing taller god next to you helping your growth in the whole practice.)

2.) Inhale and imagine breathing in growing taller energy from the universe into your chest. Then the energy is absorbed into the bright ball.

3.) Exhale and imagine spreading the energy into your body inside. You can imagine spreading the energy just to legs or from chest to all directions. During most of the time I imagine the first kind.

Important: With EACH exhalation, speak to yourself loudly inside “taller” and imagine your legs, (If you imagine the second way, then think about also your arms, and neck) extending longer. Soon you will find the power of speak is indescribable.

4.) In the end, use 5 to 10 minutes to imagine your body is extended and the present condition is perfectly preserved inside your chest as a bright ball. (Thank the growing taller god and ask the god to come back to help you again next time when you practice.


The whole process should be calm and slow.

Set a time and an alarm, half an hour after go to bed at night and also half an hour before get up in the morning.

Set a year plan to practice the method and decide how tall you want to grow at first. You should have a good habit to make a record on your notebook to make sure you indeed practice every day.

Think of your body simply as a physical manifestation of your mind. Believe yourself and you will become the one you want.

Please use as many methods as possible. I found mine through many choices, but it is the most efficient for me. If you want to come along with me, please feel like you are going to enter a cult: a growing taller cult. From now on, you are going to commit half an hour before you get up in the morning and half an hour after you go to sleep to practice the rite.

Zixia’s blog - Grow taller with me

I have no idea if this is legitimate or even works. I just googled "growing taller using the law of attraction" (since you are asking this question on a metaphysical forum) and this was the first thing I clicked on.

Here is the website link to the rest of the article. Law of Attraction to Grow Taller

Here is another website I clicked on. Today I start my practice to grow taller

I don't know if you've already checked out these links by searching online before but I thought I would share anyway. I wish you all the luck in achieving your goal to grow taller:)


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Thank you Cory.

(15 Jan '13, 14:37) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer You are welcome:)

(15 Jan '13, 14:40) Cory

There is just this voice in my head... I read Jahara's thread and this voice keeps saying "If he was drafted or is worried about it, he must be 18, possibly 17. So even if he grows by a lot that means nothing because at 18, most men are still growing. And look, he only grew 2 inches after a year of trying, even being at an appropriate age!" Or Zixia, she has her own doubts regarding being able to grow further, maybe she was just malnourished and the growth catched up, she wasn't that old.

(15 Jan '13, 14:56) flowsurfer

I don't want to be negative but so often there is a much more reasonable explanation to the growth than "it was manifested by the power of my mind" that it makes me feel that I'm insane to think this is possible.

(15 Jan '13, 14:59) flowsurfer

if it can help you with your cup problem what is the cup fighting against to stand up?how can that thing that you are fighting against help you to grow up? find that answer and you have it.

(15 Jan '13, 15:10) white tiger

Often the only way for me to find relief is to listen to Neville Goddard. It doesn't always work but it often helps. He spoke often of how his family built their business by imagination. The other day I had the idea of looking up the business to see if it still existed. It made a billion dollars in sales last year with a profit of 300 million dollars. That gave me a feeling of relief.

(15 Jan '13, 15:10) flowsurfer

you are fighting against gravity and atmospheric pressure are you not? it exerce a force on you and your physical growth. what can you do? put weight on your leg and lift you up from the ground with your arm for as long as you can it will streach you. or you could tie your self between 2 horse but that system might dismember you and kill you. there is some growth hormone for small people also.

(15 Jan '13, 15:20) white tiger

@flowsurfer It's up to you and you alone to decide what you believe will work and what won't. I'm just sharing information with you that I thought might be encouraging and helpful. You have every right to take what resonates (if anything at all) and leave the rest behind.

(15 Jan '13, 15:30) Cory

http://wallpaperscraft.com/image/monkey_hanging_branch_56860_2048x1365.jpg do the monkey put weight on your legs and do it for as long as you can.you could also put weight on your arm and hang from the legs.do what you will you have free will.

(15 Jan '13, 15:35) white tiger

@Cory I know and I'm thankful.

(15 Jan '13, 15:42) flowsurfer

http://www.cartoonstock.com/lowres/ggm090619l.jpg get your self a rack torture device. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2221332/A-grow-bics-promises-add-inches-height--tall-story.html but use your head if you pull to much you will break like a rubber band. and if you are upside down for to long it can also kill you.

(15 Jan '13, 16:08) white tiger

I'm aware that work on the spine can result in 1 or 2 inches of growth. This is neither enough nor the right type of growth. I need to grow six inches with most of the growth being in my legs. Struggling for two years to get two extra inches is not something that has value to me. This is why I used the word "significantly" when describing the kind of growth I'm after. I have a very specific target range, if I reach it that is success, if I fall short or shoot over it that is failure.

(15 Jan '13, 16:26) flowsurfer

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. but if you are not willing to take the step who can you blame?

(15 Jan '13, 16:44) white tiger

Hi Flowy, really liked your comment about how Nevilles family business is doing. Often wondered what happened to it. It seems his power lives on in the business. Hes a great encouragement to me too. Hope alls well.

(30 Sep '13, 03:52) Monty Riviera
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I would first study this post about How to Manifest Anything.

The following answer (another by Stingray) talks about how to "speed" manifestations:

One thing I have used consistently for a while now from that post is the daily "journal of appreciation." If you have any doubt as to whether or not this approach works, you need only read about Cynthia Stafford, who won $112 million by doing something similar.

On a more practical/mundane level, I personally know one guy who increased his height by practicing martial arts in one year. Something about posture and the elongation of the spine. Also, these links might be useful:



One final note, even if you can't personally find something that seems to work, just go ahead with the manifesting processes, which can make anything happen. Some months may go by and then suddenly you read in the news about some new revolutionary hormone or gene therapy that makes adults grow taller...you get the picture.


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@lozenge123 - I would agree with what that Mr @Stingray says and, if he were writing an answer here, I suspect he would additionally remind Mr @flowsurfer that unless he makes his "There is nothing else that matters to me right now" issue into a No Big Deal issue then he might find himself having some problems getting what he wants. But I also suspect Mr @flowsurfer is not willing to hear that message right now so there's no point Mr @Stingray saying it ;)

(07 Jan '13, 20:29) Stingray

@flowsurfer In addition to this answer you could read this thread: http://www.powerfulintentions.org/forum/topics/how-to-grow-taller-with-the?id=1335877%3ATopic%3A2633612&page=2#comments It is lengthy but you may find value in it.

(07 Jan '13, 20:30) LapisLazuli

There is no way for me to make this a "No Big Deal" thing, in emotional terms. It's just not going to happen. Neutralizing negative emotions regarding the lack of something is reasonably easy; you just convince yourself the lack won't last long. With weight loss, that was easy because I knew what it took to burn fat and I could see progress nearly every day. I felt good and could feel the energy of joy most of the time. How do I make -this- feel like "the next logical step" in my life?

(07 Jan '13, 21:17) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer - If you find you are unwilling to make something you want into "No Big Deal" then you're going to have to take your attention off that subject for a while (since the lack of it is obviously not making you feel good) and find other subjects in your life to focus on that make you feel consistently happy. If you stop continually creating the lack of something you want in your life, you eventually manifest it because "the neutral point is your friend": http://goo.gl/CQCDI

(10 Jan '13, 05:04) Stingray

I understand that you are trying to be helpful but that is simply never going to happen. There is nothing I can focus on that will make me feel consistently happy until this is handled. If the conditions of my life were different maybe I could do that but I am not just being stubborn, what you are proposing quite simply doesn't make sense to me in practical terms (I have absolutely no idea how to do it and everytime I tried to, it sent me into a tailspin of anxiety and depression).

(10 Jan '13, 07:54) flowsurfer

From reading your other posts, I'm not sure we see the term "No Big Deal" the same way. To me it means "I don't care either way" while some of what you wrote seems to indicate something closer to the relief of having it. What I am trying to focus on is the feeling of relief from believing I am growing taller (since the idea that I already am tall would just be constantly contradicted by my senses). This is similar to how I lost weight, except it was much easier to induce that relief.

(10 Jan '13, 08:09) flowsurfer

@Stingray - Thanks, got it! :)

(11 Jan '13, 22:58) lozenge123

@lozenge123 What did you get?

(14 Jan '13, 15:57) flowsurfer

@lozenge123 I was thinking about your advice/answer and maybe I wasn't clear in my question. I have been trying to apply these basic ideas for years. Did I just not feel happy enough for long enough? Maybe. If that is the problem, that is the problem. It is still a problem which I haven't figured out how to fix. I don't understand how to apply these ideas within the context of my life and my goals. The whole "let it go" stuff leaves me frustrated because I don't know what else to focus on.

(15 Jan '13, 01:32) flowsurfer

I like the feeling of making progress towards a goal. So that is what I'm trying to find, a process that allows me to feel like I am actually doing something that is moving me towards my goal so I can get a sense of relief, freedom, power. Instead of that all I am managing to get is a depressed state most of the day with moments of distraction, short bursts of confidence and moments of sharp emotional pain. I'm not finding a way "into the vortex" and quite honestly, I have come to distrust it.

(15 Jan '13, 01:42) flowsurfer

This whole thing is just making me feel like all of this stuff is nothing but bullshit and life is just avoiding having to face the fact that we are just powerless animals at the mercy of the natural world. It is wrecking my heart despite my attempt to be positive, believe and just feel good.

(15 Jan '13, 01:56) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer - I think you've actually stated your questions quite clearly. I too tried applying LOA concepts and exercises for about 6-7 years with mixed results...some of them frustrating. Then I found this site, and when I began consistently applying the experiments here, things started to change for me. So I have given you the best suggestions that I know of...the only things that have worked for me. That's really the best I can do, at this present moment.

(15 Jan '13, 15:08) lozenge123

@flowsurfer - One more thing I can offer, is that in my personal experience, and the experiences that I have observed in my friends and peers, is that in attempting to succeed in any system--whether a martial art, spiritual discipline, LOA system, etc., one needs to make a "leap of faith" in what he is doing, if he is to have any success. Otherwise, the doubt and uncertainty will prevent the person from being consistent, the "path" will appear to fail them, and they will just end up...

(15 Jan '13, 15:18) lozenge123

...giving up on the whole thing. I have seen this happen to friends and colleagues time and time again. It's like the final scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with the "Lion's Leap", when Harrison Ford takes that first step over the abyss. If you don't take that step, the system will never work and you'll never reach the other side.

(15 Jan '13, 15:21) lozenge123

I wish I could recommend to you other alternative paths, but I've already given you the best I know.

(15 Jan '13, 15:22) lozenge123

Thank you lozenge123.

(15 Jan '13, 15:22) flowsurfer
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I have been trying to find a way to model what I did to lose weight; the difficulty is that there is no simple way to create relief on this through action/inaction; there is no exercise or diet or pill to grow taller as an adult. Visualization and controlling the direction of my inner talking has been helping create relief. I think the only way for me to really deal with this is going to be by inducing some sort of dream/"out of body" state where I can "physically" (vividly) feel a transformation, to feel the kind of intense relief of certainty that dieting/exercising made me feel with weight loss.

I can't quite believe that I can just focus generally and the height will manifest because I already had that strong desire back then and deliberately felt as good as I could for as much time as I could and not only did I not grow a single inch, my hair also became visibly thinner and I grew poorer. Yet at the same time, I lost a lot weight quickly and without real pain (I didn't feel like I was starving). I didn't think in terms of "I'm losing weight", I actually had a much more general "I'm attractive" focus which included a full head of hair and several inches more in height.

So obviously there is some selection mechanism in terms of what manifests and what doesn't; it's not just joy=brings everything closer/depression=pushes everything away. The pain I experience comes from the contrast between my identity in my mind and my identity in the world; when I feel euphoric I crash into this big wall of facts because I try to push the inner me into the outer world and the outer me can't back him up. I sort of get the feeling the advice to just "focus on something that makes you happy" is just a way of saying "you can't change this so just try to make the best out of life" without the rudeness of telling someone who is feeling bad that their desires are out of reach.

I just want to get this done.


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It is breaking my heart to never see any growth. It makes me want to give up on life. This is not my life.

(14 Jan '13, 16:05) flowsurfer

When you think about basketball players, you probably think of a taller-than-average man who is strong, fast, and able to make a slam dunk with no problem. However, this isn’t always so. Even though the average height in basketball is about 6’7, there have been players and the past, and even in today’s world, that are much shorter than 6’7. Many of these players have been recognized not only for being short, but doing moves and plays that tall players can’t do. Most of these players are able run faster, quicker, and jump even higher than those who are tall. Below is a list of the 10 shortest basketball players to ever play the game. To put it easily, short men can jump!

  1. Terrell Brandon – 5’11”

After attending the University of Oregon, Terrell Brandon was picked 11th total in the 1991 NBA Draft. The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him onto their team and he played for six years as a point guard. He was picked to play in the NBA All-Star Game in both 1996 and 1997 and was called “The Best Point Guard in the NBA” in Sports Illustrated in 1997. The same year Brandon was given the NBA Sportsmanship Award. After playing on the Cavaliers, he decided to leave and play for the Milwaukee Bucks and was then traded to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Sadly, Brandon became highly susceptible to injuries and in 2002 he was placed on the injured list and never returned to playing on the court.

  1. Damon “Mighty Mouse” Stoudamire – 5’10”

Damon Stoudamire was first brought into the NBA scene by the Toronto Raptors. After being picked 7th overall in the 1995 NBA Draft, he was able to set his feet on the court and start his career. In 1995 and 1996, he was awarded the NBA Rookie of the Year Award, scoring an average 19 points per game, and has since allowed his career to flourish. In February 1998, he was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers and his stats didn’t stay as high as they were with the Grizzlies, and he was sadly usually benched during the 2001-2002 season. However, he was able to play a lot in the playoffs. Eventually his career took off again and he scored a franchise record of 54 points against the Hornets. After being traded again he went back to play for the Grizzlies in 2005 but tore his patellar tendon and had to miss the season. He was again traded off and settled a deal with the San Antonio Spurs in 2008. Today, Stoudamire is part of the coaching team for the Memphis Grizzlies.

  1. Avery “Little General” Johnson – 5’10”

Johnson, after graduating in 1988, wasn’t picked to go into the NBA Draft. After playing for the USBL Palm Beach Stingrays, Johnson was signed by the Seattle SuperSonics and played a total of 16 years within the NBA. He also played for teams including the Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, and the Dallas Mavericks. He is most popularly known for his seasons with the San Antonio Spurs. He is best known for his help in winning the 1999 NBA Championship against the New York Knicks after scoring a last shot in Game 5. The Spurs eventually retired Johnson’s number in 2007 and was most recently inducted into the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame on February 20, 2009. Besides being an NBA player, Johnson also coached the Dallas Mavericks to the NBA finals and now is basketball analyst for ESPN.

  1. Michael Adams – 5’10”

Michael Adams started his basketball career at Boston College and after a successful college career was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in the 3rd round of the 1985 NBA Draft. As a rookie he only scored about 2.2 a game but once he became part of the Denver Nuggets team his career became more successful. In 1990-1991, he averaged 26.5 points and 10.5 assists per game. After this season he went back to play for the Bullets and played his first NBA All-Star Game in 1992. He then became known for his “push shot” and played a few more seasons. In 1996, while playing for the Charlotte Hornets, he retired, ending a career with 9,621 points and 4,209 assists total.

  1. Calvin Murphy – 5’9”

Calvin Murphy was a guard for the Houston Rockets during 1970-1983. At 5’9”, he has been able to accomplish plenty, despite his height. In totally he played 1,022 games and scored 17,949 points throughout his entire career. In 1971 he was part of the NBA All-Rookie Team, and in 1979 he was on the NBA All-Star Team. Through 1980-1981, he held the record for the second highest free throw percentage in a season. In 1980 he was also known for having the most NBA consecutive free throws made. In 1993 he was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Today, Murphy is actively involved with the Houston Rockets team.

  1. Nate Robinson – 5’9″

Nate Robinson plays for the New York Knicks. After having a very successful college career by leading the Washington Huskies to two NCAA basketball tournament appearances, he was the 21st pick in the 2005 NBA Draft. The Phoenix Suns picked him up but he was soon after traded to the New York Knicks. During the 2006 All-Star Weekend, Robinson won the Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk Contest. His best dunk was when he jumped over Spud Webb and got the perfect score of 50. Nate topped that performance at the 2009 Dunk Contest by leaping over the 2008 Dunk Contest winner, Dwight Howard (6’11″).

  1. Wataru “Kilo Wat” Misaka – 5’7”

Wataru Misaka is one of the very few well known Asian NBA players. Though he is now retired, he is well known as the first Asian player as well as the first non-Caucasian player to be part of the NBA, which was at the time known as the Basketball Association of America. He was born in Utah and played basketball at the University of Utah where he was able to help take his team to the 1944 NCAA and the 1947 NIT championships. Even at just 5’7”, he was a valuable player and was the first round pick by the New York Knicks. Wataru had a very short career (1947-1948), and he was able to play only three games before being cut from the team. In 1999 he was inducted into the Utah Sports Hall of Fame.

  1. Anthony “Spud” Webb – 5’7″

Anthony Webb stands as the third shortest player to be part of the NBA. After attending Midland College and North Carolina State University, he was the 4th round draft pick by the Detroit Pistons in the 1985 Draft. In 1986, Webb entered the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, and despite being the shortest, had the highest jump of 42 inches and went on to win the contest. He spent most of his time with the Atlanta Hawks, playing six seasons with the team. Statistically, Webb had his best seasons with the Sacramento Kings where he was a starter from 1992-1995. In 1998, Webb retired from basketball after playing just one season with the Orlando Magic. He played 814 games total and scored 8072 points throughout his entire career.

  1. Earl Boykins– 5’5”

Standing only 5’5”, Earl Boykins is the second smallest player to ever be in the NBA. Though second smallest, he stands as the lightest player ever, weighing in at only 133lbs. Even though he was never officially drafted by a team, he often signed short-term contracts with teams to play as the point guard. He spent most of his career with the Denver Nuggets. He is well known for his scoring techniques after he was able to score 32 points in a game on November 11, 2004. He also played for the L.A. Clippers, Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks, Charlotte Bobcats, and many others. Today, Boykins plays for the Washington Wizards.

  1. Tyrone “Muggsy” Bogues – 5’3”

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Tyrone Bogues is the shortest man to ever play in the NBA. Despite being only 5’3”, he used his height to his advantage by becoming known as a player who was a great passer, ball-stealer, and definitely one of the fastest on the court. His career was set in stone on June 22, 1988 when he was signed to play for the Charlotte Hornets during an expansion draft as a point guard. After settling in, he was able to play for the Hornets for 10 years and became one of the team’s most popular players. He was definitely seen as a play-off contender.

You may also like these related lists: Top 10 Greatest White Basketball Players in History of the NBA & WNBA Top 10 Legendary Streaks in Sports Top 10 Athletes in 2012 by Sport 10 Reasons Why Basketball is Better than Baseball

Posted by TopTenz Master on Friday, January 22, 2010 at 7:55 am Filed under Sports Comments

Read more: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-shortest-nba-players.php#ixzz2I0PzCbxI http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-shortest-nba-players.php

if those short dude made it in a sport that you need to be tall,what is stopping you? size is not everything.what ever you want to do put your heart at it and get good at it.what do you think those small dude did? come catch the ball on the ground you tall guy,imagine the tall guy almost on is knee to catch the ball:you see each thing as is advantage.make it work for you.

remember david and goliath.


i also have took on older guy taller and bigger then me at school in arm wrestling and i have won over and over again do you think size as annything to do with it. some time they would be 10 of my size on 1 of my arm and i would win against them. why do you think that is? i put my heart at it and i make my choice.


the odds are against you train harder put your heart in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SUzcDUERLo don't lose your edge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7CaiWxKYBo

alt text

"That which you have will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves. That which you do not have within you will kill you if you do not have it within you."


answered 14 Jan '13, 21:16

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white tiger

edited 14 Jan '13, 22:21

You don't have to be tall to play basketball. It is a competitive sport with a specific goal (get the ball into the basket more times than the other team). Being tall just makes it much, much easier to accomplish that task. Which is why the 10th, 9th and 8th shortest players on the list are at or above the average height of men in the developed world and only one of the four short men played within the last decade.

(14 Jan '13, 21:47) flowsurfer

There is no advantage to being short as far as what I want is concerned. It results in an automatic rejection. As hard as it may be to believe I can grow taller, I think it's easier to believe that than to believe I can change an entire industry. It's also not just about meeting external standards. I want it, period. Even if you convinced me I could have success without growing, I would still want to grow. If I don't grow, I'll always see my height as a reminder of my own failure.

(14 Jan '13, 22:00) flowsurfer

What does arm wrestling have to do with height?

(14 Jan '13, 22:35) flowsurfer

@white tiger I don't care about any of that, my interest in growing taller has absolutely nothing to do with a feeling of weakness and can't be neutralized by gaining strength or skill. If it could, I wouldn't be bothering anyone with this question, I would just lift weights or whatever.

(14 Jan '13, 22:57) flowsurfer

All your posts are doing is make me feel like there really is no hope.

(14 Jan '13, 22:59) flowsurfer

eventually you will grow where it is important to grow,if you bring it forth from with in you. but if you do not bring it forth from with in you it will kill you. i hope it will put things in perspective for you because for now you are still a rookie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i42gFBH8kOo

(15 Jan '13, 10:16) white tiger

I have no idea what you are trying to say.

(15 Jan '13, 11:26) flowsurfer

"Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand. do you need to ask the question in what way you need to grow?

(15 Jan '13, 13:04) white tiger

Huh? What?

(15 Jan '13, 13:08) flowsurfer

"You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving." until you find what is in you that can save you.did you feel on rock or thorn?that you cannot ear and understand my words?

(15 Jan '13, 13:15) white tiger

That can save me from what? What is in me that can save me?

(15 Jan '13, 13:38) flowsurfer

the light shine in the darkness but the darkness did not understand it.

(15 Jan '13, 14:18) white tiger
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Well i can't say i managed to use them for enough time, i was interrupted by an event when i had about a month of trying it out. There are some Isochronic and Binaural Beats that are supposed to help you with that, and if you check in Youtube, some posts of some people say it actually worked on them, i was trying, but you're supposed to listen to them at least twice a day, and also have enough night sleeps and healthy diet with the program. Hope it helps! My headphones were stolen so i haven't been able to get back to that!!


answered 08 Jan '13, 13:16

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I have been playing with binaural beats.

(08 Jan '13, 13:30) flowsurfer

And do you have the correct hours of sleep?! Did you practically eliminate refined sugar consumption? at all? if you did then maybe it doesn't work...

(08 Jan '13, 14:25) Justice_and_Truth

Eliminate refined sugar? That is funny. Do you know what the dutch eat for breakfast? One of my tallest relatives is a kid, not even 18 yet that eats no fruit, no vegetables, lots of sugar and sleeps at most 6 hours a night. Don't get me wrong, I do sleep and eat well, but except in extreme cases, that has nothing to do with height; much less post-puberty growth.

(08 Jan '13, 14:32) flowsurfer

I have a Theta binaural with the suggestion "You are growing taller". Apparently Delta is supposed to induce HGH release, however, as far as I know HGH has no effect on mature growth plates. The problem is not lack of growth hormone, it is that the cells in the growth plates have turned into a kind of cell that does not grow new cartilage/bone so it makes no difference how much HGH you have. The cells have to revert to the previous type first. This is something that, in theory, they can do.

(08 Jan '13, 15:33) flowsurfer
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you can' t get over it. you can' t understand this if you're short. or tall. oh I am utterly and totally sorry for writing only that. Don' t have an emotion about it good or bad. emotions do generate inside of you. try not having a thought about that. nirvana maybe it exists. oh so sorry off topic again must be my hdhdhdhdhdhdhdhd reality. super hd high definition. the longer it takes me to define a second the longer, it takes. what is a life but the flap of a butterfly wings. the air moving though a breath of God's thought about it, or the judgements it has about it. This especially applies to those who get it. what ever that particular emotion you had to getting it, us that was you, your thought about it. imagine that which has not been imagined by any being before you.


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What is wrong with you?

(14 Jan '13, 15:56) flowsurfer

Meaningless answer...

(14 Jan '13, 15:56) flowsurfer

no it is not a meaningless answer, it is simply you judging yourself against others. who or what a're you shorter than? see? The question you asked places you in a position of lesser than self. If I were to ask "How can I grow shorter?" I will still of placed myself in a position that is in discord with the I am, that I am. The question that you should be asking yourself is "Why am I in conflict with myself?".

(14 Jan '13, 17:33) deleterjoe

Who am I shorter than? I'm shorter than who I want to be. What you are talking about is nonsense. I am in conflict with "myself" because the person I am is not a person I want to be.

(14 Jan '13, 17:45) flowsurfer

exactly. you are in conflict with yourself because for some reason you believe that self worth, or self esteem or self love or any other emotion for that matter is a byproduct of something outside of you. when in reality all emotions are generated inside of you. YOU ARE THE PERFECT YOU! and I for one love you that way, you should as well.

(14 Jan '13, 18:27) deleterjoe

You say I "should" love myself "that way". Why? What is this self that I should love and what relation does it have to wanting to be a particular height?

(14 Jan '13, 19:26) flowsurfer

well I'm sorry, I think I may be just projecting unto you what I came here to learn "sympathy of self". I mean I pulled off sympathy of others alright but I never really considered that if I love the I that I am first, than instead of seeking love from others I could share love with others. In doing so now become a generator of love instead of a user of others love.

(14 Jan '13, 20:31) deleterjoe

you should or shouldn't it is up to you, perhaps you want external sources of pleasure that fade, I know I did for quite some time. I'm just suggesting what I found to be a more comfortable position to be in then the one I was in. The thing or part of self you should love is the place inside you emotions come from, that is the only self I know of.

(14 Jan '13, 20:40) deleterjoe
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I just took note that this topic of changing physical appearance/growing taller has come up a lot here, and I found this on doing yoga to grow taller.


and: http://www.yogawiz.com/askquestion/531/yoga-exercises-to-increase-height-kindly-suggest-s.html

I practice the headstand daily, myself. This is said to prevent losing height with age, which is an added bonus as far as I'm concerned.


answered 26 Dec '15, 04:16

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