Even though all of us might not want the same things. We should all have similar powers to create. Why is it then that some people seem to have mastered the power much more than others? Or could it be that some people choose to limit themselves? I dont know.

asked 03 Sep '10, 00:22

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If one were to consider;
the source goes through involution in its effort to manifest form,
splintering to groups of more similar constitution, supposedly into that of 'seven', these seven have involuted, possibly assisting human forms on earth,
each new birth an oppurtunity to continue unfolding, while subject to the law of 'karma'.
the variations of the journey are many , while the destiny is common for all over duration.


answered 03 Sep '10, 00:44

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Look at the molecules that make up your body. Some molecules volunteered to be the brain cells and some molecules volunteered to be the, "ahem", exit. (don't ask for clarification)

All the molecules play a vital role so that the bigger picture, in this case YOU, can experience existence.


answered 03 Sep '10, 01:05

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The Traveller

We are all capable of creating equally because we are all from the same Source and with enough awareness, have the ability to tap into that Source. Some people stay aware of that connection to Source and their lives are a reflection of that. Others spend time on introspection and self development and they, too, become aware of that connection to the Divine and thus their lives begin to change accordingly.

We can all learn to master our mind but the real question is are we willing to put forth the required effort to do so?


answered 03 Sep '10, 01:10

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Michaela,I will state first my total agreement with your statement.It does require some effort,but more importantly the problem is that due to tainted programing via family,religion,politicions,and lots of others the vast majority believes they already have the correct answers,so they never make any effort to search for a possable alternative,even though what they believe does not serve them well.Catch 22.Why look for an answer to a question or problem if you think you already know the answer This is as always (just one mans opinion) DON

(03 Sep '10, 01:38) Don V

P S How could I possably have left out the media?

(03 Sep '10, 01:40) Don V

I think we all can but if some try harder,study more and apply what theyve learned then they may get better responses. Its a natural law that an excercised muscle will grow and develop. My son in laws built like Arnie and im not.Reason is that he goes to the gym every day and watchs what he eats.I dont . No mystery there and no hint that were not loved by our Deity unequally.Its just a fact of life thats all.



answered 06 Sep '10, 12:58

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Monty Riviera

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