When starting a focus block on a particular subject (money for example) is it better to start with the what-is and feel better about it (for example I'm broke) or go straight to the "roots" and do a focus block on the beliefs regarding money (I'll never have a lot of money, money doesn't grow on trees...)? I'm making it way too complicated than I should right!? Appreciate it.

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@timmyy , you may find this helpfull . I've been reading this guy's stuff for a few days now and I like his fresh approach to things , he's also a fantastic Nev Goddard resource :-)


(11 Apr '13, 21:38) Starlight
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Your overall goal should be to get into the vortex...not anaylizing limiting beliefs.

Because what happens when you are not in the vortex? Some examples of out-of-the-vortex experiences.

  • You feel vulnerable
  • You feel like there is so much to consider before doing anything
  • You feel like others (media, people, ideas) have power over you
  • You feel like you could doubt anything and everything
  • You feel hatred, fear, nihilistic, pessimistic, sad, faithless etc.
  • You feel like you could punch someone
  • You want to solve problems. You focus on problems and limiting beliefs.
  • ...

But what happens when you are in the vortex? Why should you care about being in the vortex at all?

  • Because you feel amazing in the vortex
  • Because you feel invincible in the vortex
  • Because you feel passionate in the vortex
  • Because you feel that all is well and that nothing can stop you in the vortex
  • Because you don't care about limiting beliefs and you laugh at them in the vortex
  • Because all your desires manifest automatically when you are predominantly in the vortex
  • ...

So limiting beliefs don't matter at all. You could have billions of active limiting beliefs but if you get into the vortex... they simply don't matter. Because in the vortex you feel great and you don't care about limiting beliefs.

So your goal is to get into the vortex.

However at some point a limiting belief will kick you out the vortex. It could be something mundane like "I hate eating potatoes" or something more deep seated and heavy like "money is the root of all evil".

It doesn't really matter what it is that kicked you out of the vortex. What matters is that you are not in the vortex now because of a limiting belief...and that you should get in again.

Now you have 3 options:

1.Ignore that limiting belief and find a topic(s) that makes it easier for you to get into the vortex quickly again (my favorite).
2.Identify the limiting belief roughly, do a focus block and get into the vortex quickly again.
3.Identify the limiting belief. Find out what it is that is at the core of it, neutralize all other limiting beliefs and experiences that are connected to it etc. (Stingray's Manifesting Experiment 4)

  • If it is something that you are able to ignore, do 1.
  • If it is something that could be ignored, but is not that easy, do 1 or 2.
  • If it is something that you simply cannot ignore because it doesn't allow you at all to get into the vortex, do 3.
  • If it is something that could be ignored but it pops up often again and again in your life, do 3.

So you see it's all about staying as long as possible in the vortex. It's about getting in the vortex again when a belief kicks you out.

How should you get in? My suggestion is:

As quickly as possible. Why? See above.


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Define "limiting belief". Also, when you say "neutralize", are you implying that the limiting belief doesn't have to be removed or changed, you just have to change how you feel about it?

(11 Apr '13, 19:14) flowsurfer
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