I think I know the answer to this, its somewhere within me, perhaps I just have to allow it in. I would appreciate hearing your feedback on this.

I feel bad sometimes that I need to use processes such as Focus blocks and shoring up believes to move away from topics that bother me. I feel bad when I can;t just ignore and move away from the undesired topics easily. Although I don't think focus blocks are too much work.

I was able to do this a few weeks ago before I started to systematically use these processes, so I question am I becoming dependent on these processes?

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I think there's a difference between feeling bad because you are using a process and feeling bad as a result of the process itself.

Your question implies you have found that Focus Blocks do actually help you feel better so it seems the issue is then solely about what is, or is not, an acceptable way for you to allow yourself to feel better.

One thing I have found fascinating over the years about systematic vibrational molding processes like Focus Blocks/Wheels is that you can use the process itself to deal with issues you have regarding the process :)


  • If you feel that Focus Blocks is too hard to use, create some Focus Blocks to feel better about it

  • If you feel that Focus Blocks is taking away the hard work from your life and you don't like that (yes, there are people I've met with this issue), create some Focus Blocks to feel better about it

  • And, in your case, if you feel that Focus Blocks is becoming a crutch, create some Focus Blocks to feel better about it :)

Some years ago, I used to have a similar sort of conflict within myself about what is a natural (or spiritual) approach to life and what is an artificial crutch.

My own thoughts about this cleared up when I realized that everything that manifests in our lives is spiritual and natural - even if we, as humans, label it otherwise - because every manifestation comes about in response to desires we must have once had...so they all have spiritual/natural origins.

By manifestation, I mean people, things, experiences...or even processes and methods.

Looking at it this way, modern medicine is really as natural as ancient timeless therapies if you feel inspired to use it, laser eye surgery to correct your eyesight is really as natural as doing eye exercises if you feel inspired to use it...

...and, to answer your question, a method like Focus Blocks is really just as natural as simply forcing yourself to feel better if you feel inspired to use it.

In essence, whatever you do that makes you feel better is valid because once you do feel better, you are now better placed to truly get in touch with what feels inspired for you to use and what doesn't.

So, if nothing else, use the method to get into the Vortex on a regular, habitual basis and then decide whether you wish to continue using it or not. If, from there, you no longer wish to use it, that's fine - the process has done its job and you can let it go.

On the other hand, if you feel the process is something you wish to continue with, for now at least, you can confidently continue to do so. And that's because, in my view, anything that feels inspired from a place of feeling good can never be considered a dependency.

Hope there are a few useful thoughts there for you to ponder :)


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ahh the light bulb just crackled on and is now shining bright and nice! Truly thank you. I will try to mold my beliefs on this.

(09 Mar '11, 14:36) Nikki777

EFT is a fast and easy way to get rid of things that would bring you out of the vortex. http://www.fastereft.com/ gives us a way to do it quickly. Robert Smith came up with fasterEFT and said that he doesn't even have to tap, he can do mental tapping, after practicing tapping. So it gets even easier. At some point, like Pavlov's dogs, we should be able to just think about doing it and have release, like the dogs drooling at the sound of a bell.


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Fairy Princess

I haven't tried faster EFT Juniper, but I do feel relief with EFT... i will have to read up on faster EFt. Thank you!

(09 Mar '11, 14:37) Nikki777

I would say Nikki that its perfectly natural for human beings to use processes in their lives.

If say a very overweight person wishes to shed 3 or 4 stone then they would have to go thru the process of limiting their calories and then go thru some process in order for them to burn off more energy.

This seems to me an extremely sensible and enjoyable thing to do.

One discovers something in their lives they believe is a problem.

They admit this and look for a solution.

They discover a process to remedy this.

They put this process into action.

Now after this loss of 4 stone the person involved may very well decide that they rather like their new healthy diet. They may also decide that the exercise process is also ,as well as being healthy, a very enjoyable thing in itsself.

They may well then decide to incorporate this into their lives ongoing.

I feel that if the focus blocks are ultimately bringing something desirable into your life then you will probably almost automatically keep using them.

And why not. A good working solution used for even 5 minutes is worth a million years of theorising.

A working process isnt a crutch....its a blessing and an asset .



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Monty Riviera

Graham, the focus blocks are bringing immense relief to me... and I do wish to use them. I was just thinking can there ever be too much of a good thing! But these answers really helped clarify things for me. Thanks again :)

(09 Mar '11, 14:39) Nikki777
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