Hi, i am eager to change the color of my eyes and the shape of nose naturally, how do i do this? is there evidence of this happening? please don't criticize, I've wanted this all my life. And please don't tell me to accept myself the way i am because its like saying "i'm ugly and i accept it" Why others and not me? why are some people just born beautiful and i have to do the work?

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if you could not see yourself(blind at birth) and everyone told you you were beautiful, how would you feel?

(22 Feb '11, 20:14) you
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I think there is nothing to be ashamed of in having a desire for something that you feel others may criticize. If others in your life think that what you want is inappropriate, it's their problem, not yours. It's your life and whatever you sincerely want is a valid desire in my view.

I guess you are looking for practical methods rather than reasons not to want what you want.

So I would recommend you start with Manifesting Experiment 1 and see where the information/experiences that get drawn into your life as a result, lead you.

That Manifesting Box experiment is usually my own personal starting point when I want to manifest something that I have no idea at all where to start with. Over a period of time, I usually find myself being drawn in a certain direction that eventually leads to ideas as to how to get what I want, or even the thing itself manifests.

A couple of points I'd like to make in relation to your question...

  • You won't find evidence (that you truly believe) of what you want being possible until you believe it yourself so don't pin your hopes on finding the evidence first. See What are the practical limitations of what the Universe can manifest?

  • Who is to judge who is beautiful and who isn't? There are people on this planet for whom this kind of look is considered quite beautiful...

alt text

So I guess what I am saying is that no desire is inappropriate but it might be an idea to consider whether the desire you have is really your desire or is it simply societal programming and conditioning? ...there's a lot of that going on in the Western World.

Only you can answer that for yourself.


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Great! Right on.

(23 Feb '11, 13:54) all2gethernow

I agree with Stingray.

I have known some women who, at first glance, would be considered "ugly" by our obsession with thinness and beauty here in America. Those very same women, on second glance, shine with an inner beauty. Their eyes glow. They radiate gorgeously. I have a friend who would be considered obese by anyone's standards. But she is gorgeous. Her eyes sparkle, and she knows how to use makeup to make the most of them. She is confident and happy. She is someone you want to just be with, all day long. This sort of beauty outlasts everything- aging, time, everything. I would like to have that kind of beauty! I do not know if I have it, or not! But I do not care anymore, because I do not want to be around people who dismiss me just because I am not perfect in every way.

Eye color is determined by genetics. But some people have eyes that change color when they are in different moods. I do not know if this is an illusion, but I can tell you, the eyes are truly the "Window to the Soul". Make the most of what God gave you. If you are that bothered by your nose, get it fixed. But I tell you, if you have that inner beauty, it will not change anything! People gravitate towards radiance and happiness. Be radiant! Be happy! There will be someone out there who will love, love, love your eyes just as they are! Quit looking in the mirror and quit looking at magazines. Instead, make the most of your soul, and your features will reflect your beauty! I promise!

Blessings, Jai


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Oh yeah! Your beauty is shining through your words too.

(23 Feb '11, 13:57) all2gethernow

Jai you are an absolute sweetheart

(23 Feb '11, 21:54) realityVSimagination

<scuffing toes="" and="" hanging="" head="" bashfully=""> Gosh, you guys...Thanks! Blessings, Jai

(23 Feb '11, 23:50) Jaianniah
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Every night as you drift off to sleep, repeat in your head, "I love my beautiful nose" or "I love my __ eyecolor." Repeat the same sentence 40X, and every time you wake up in the night repeat the process.


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Fairy Princess

pretty soon it will not matter to you about the nose and eyes.

i once wanted better shoes until i saw the man with no feet.

dont be sad for long. beauty and ugly are labels only.


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