what are the radionics for boosting our love life ? what are the graphs for boosting our love life ? and how to use them ?

waiting for the lovely answers..

love,light and blessings ur wayy..

supergirl :)))

asked 23 Apr '13, 13:29

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hi supergirl, i assume that what you mean by boosting your love life is to boost your energy and attractiveness.

Radionics is all about putting subtle energy into motion, so keeping this in mind, any graph that enables you to maintain yourself in a vibrantly healthy and happy state will be very beneficial.

There are many graphs that you could use, i suggest using the vortex graph that creates a dynamic state of being, it can be specialized, that is, used for a specific purpose;

alt text

you can also use a graph to increase your personal magnetism, this graph "capteur d'énergie solaire" revitalizes and balances the whole body, it captures it's energy in the sun's rays and brings to you a great beneficial potential. The sun is the energy of life.

alt text

both of these graphs can be obtained at the servranx shop in belgium, the vortex is fairly easy to draw if you wish to make one yourself, the other graph is a bit more complex ... have fun :)


answered 25 Apr '13, 03:04

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ru bis

Perhaps you should post the precise directions for drawing the vortex. You had them on another link & like "puff" they disappeared.

(27 Apr '13, 06:49) ele

@ru bis-thanks a ton dear, pls pls pls tell me the simple n easy applications of these graphs.

(04 May '13, 07:59) supergirl

the vortex graph can be used to step into the vortex ... when you place your photo on the center your soul energy activates the graph which puts you in harmony with the vortex ... if you wish to enter into the vortex for a specific purpose, for example success in exams, place side by side the photo with a short written phrase of what you desire

(04 May '13, 08:19) ru bis

... the "capteur d'énergie solaire" graph is used to maintain perfect health ... place a recent witness of yourself on the black spot in the center of the square, two seances a week, each seance 24 hours is the usual way to use it for someone in good health

(04 May '13, 08:39) ru bis

@ru bis- thank u so much ru bis..loved ya..,both the graphs..,nw m vry curious to apply them ,thanks a ton :)))

(12 May '13, 05:20) supergirl
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