Looking at nature and the upcoming harvest makes one wonder,does it come a time when evolved souls become ripe enough for their own harvest? Do they have to die first and instead of reincarnating here, get to do it on a higher plane? Or do they simply disapear from this plane of existence?

Thanks and Blessings, Namaste

asked 07 Sep '10, 08:30

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Wouldnt have thought they would dissapear,also not too sure about re incarnation.Im sure we can mature and ripen on this plane as well as the next plane. I think an open mind and a willingness to learn will bring fruit to bear here.With more on the next stagr of the journey. The close minded soul may never be ripe for picking on this plane but may well be moved forward in development at stage 2 ( or whatever stage were at now ) I dont see the harvest as the stage where we move on do another level,more a stage where were producing fruit on the level/plane /life that were on at the present time. We MUST all develop grow and produce fruit at some stage.The Creative force/person behind creation would not rest until this forward motion was achieved and maintained. Is it not a journey,and like any journey some will make faster progress than others. As long as were a bit further forward each day then job done. Graham


answered 07 Sep '10, 17:54

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Monty Riviera

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