Hi, It would be great if I could get some suggestions on how to not let certain environmental things bother me. It gets to the point that I seriously feel like what I would imagine a rubber band would feel like being stretched to the point of snapping and no matter what type of meditation, telling myself it does'nt bother me, (ya know, like denial), It just does. Has even caused quite some stress and other related illnesses in what has always been a healthy happy body...

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Also, anyone have any suggestions in regards to how to get over an overwhelming uncomfortable feeling of being so close to neighbors.... It is like Clostrophobia , but on a larger scale...

(24 Apr '13, 00:44) Dragonflybreeze

the answers written to the question by supergirl "how to shield our energy from black magic" should give some insight

(24 Apr '13, 04:14) ru bis

I used to be able to do this much better than I can now. I would rather not way "what", but there are certain things that make the "shield" penetrable. Let's pretend that is is a fact for a moment and that there is not a way to keep some of it out. Like having a glass of purified, sweet water and someone putting dirt into it. It is no longer purified, sweet water..... Then what. And the circumstances are not possible to be changed under the current situation.

(24 Apr '13, 14:33) Dragonflybreeze
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There is something called Airborn that helps your immune system. This works for alergies and colds.

Also echinacea is good if you already have a cold. Keep garlic and orange juice up.

I know pollen is bad, maybe stay out of outside, keep indoors. Use air conditioning and air filters instead of window fans.

I know the environment can get to me too! I felt like I had a head cold every time I went out or had a window open!


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Wade Casaldi

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Thank you for the insight Wade, that helped me remember to change my airfilter in the house... :)

(24 Apr '13, 00:38) Dragonflybreeze

Dragonflybreeze ... your story is absolutely screaming at me.

"at five years old i had an experience that Never should have transpired. The guy was a rotten predator, there was no law of attraction ... simply a messed up man taking advantage of a little girl. This is a crime"... this links together with "an overwhelming uncomfortable feeling of being so close to neighbors.... It is like Claustrophobia, but on a larger scale", and you speak of a "penetrable" shield, and "Like having a glass of purified, sweet water and someone putting dirt into it". Even the name you chose "Dragonflybreeze" fits into the picture of your question ... do i need to continue or do you see the obvious link to all this?


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ru bis

I think I get it...

(02 May '13, 00:38) Dragonflybreeze

dragon fly breeze could be interpreted as "blow the dragon away" ... it all depends how we see a dragon


(02 May '13, 02:33) ru bis

Cute video..lol. More like Riding the Dragon though.... ;)

(08 May '13, 23:27) Dragonflybreeze

"riding the dragon" ... lol

(09 May '13, 02:27) ru bis

But of course... ;)

(09 May '13, 22:37) Dragonflybreeze
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*DragonflyBreeze In this life all we can learn i s Acceptance. That the world does not revolve around us. It revolves around the sun. So to distract ourselves from things that bother us. We must keep our hands and bodies busy. Which in turn will keep the mind to busy to worry. My neighbors are way to close to our home also. So i just pray for them. Then i go on with my work of the day. People who are wealthy can afford to live in expanded spaces. We who are not so wealthy learn survival. Through hard work and Acceptance. Peace Dragon Fly. Stay Strong cause that's all we can do.. "Tere"


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Thank you Tere, Your well wishes are appreciated...

(02 May '13, 00:39) Dragonflybreeze
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