I personally have issues with bottling up negative emotions. When I had access to punching bags this was a very comfortable release for me, but at the moment this isn't an option.

I obviously don't want this energy aimed at people, I desire and try to be the best influence on those around me as I am capable at any given moment.

I've often aimed this negativity inwards, which had severe undesirable repercussions. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Preemptive thanks for your time and sharing. =)

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You obviously know how this negative energy feels like when you feel it inside you, right? What about trying Faster EFT? Take this negative energy and go through this video with it. It just takes 10 minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAhNSHNyGd4 It's one of the best ways I know to handle negative energy...way more effective than punching in my experience :).

(02 May '13, 16:45) releaser99
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This is going to sound simplistic, because it is, but the best way to redirect negative energy is to understand the source of that negative energy. Once the source is understood, the negative energy dissipates.

What is that source? Anything that threatens us, threatens our sense of self. We feel angry because someone took something from us, or treated us in a way that we consider poor treatment. Because someone violated our personal rules. We feel sad because we experienced a loss. In many cases these negative feelings originate in something that happened to us in the past; something that we hold on to. Something that we have not released yet. You can feel it in your shoulders, or in your chest, or in your head, if you listen; your body stores up these feelings, sometimes for years.

Understand why you feel threatened, and you are no longer threatened. Understand why you feel sad, and you will move through the sadness into a new-found happiness.

Now I am not saying that you never grieve, or that you don't get angry. That's the opposite of freedom. What I am saying is that we get attached to things. We get attached to the idea of being respected, or always having someone's friendship, or feeling secure, or feeling loved by others. But all things in this life are temporary, except for the memories we carry with us. Some of those memories are empowering, and some are not. What they mean to us is what matters, and if we change their meaning, we change the way they hold power over us.

I recall a story I heard once about self-esteem. It was a simple story, and I don't remember the details, but the gist was this: when a person is mistreated, if that person has low self-esteem, they will ask "What is wrong with me?" If they have high self-esteem, they will ask "what is wrong with them?"


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I know the problem is with me. I [mentally] lash out at everything and everyone in just about every negative way possible. Lots of self loathing I need to get over it would seem. Keeps me on my toes if nothing else.

And gives me plenty of self improvement to work on.. Guess life would be boring if everything worked out easily all the time.

(02 May '13, 21:53) Snow

@Vesuvius, When you understand why you feel sad, the sadness won't bother you anymore, as in you'll find happiness in being sad too.

And strange how the gist of the story goes...here's something to ponder about. "It is the part of an uneducated person to blame others where he himself fares ill; to blame himself is the part of one whose education has begun; to blame neither another nor his own self is the part of one whose education is already complete."

(03 May '13, 02:44) CalonLan

@Snow, is that it? Your fear that life would be boring if everything would be OK. So you keep foolishly persuading yourself you are "not good enough" and thus need to improve yourself? Because if you admit you are perfectly fine as you are, life will become boring? Haha.

Very well... Naite kurasu mo issho, waratte kurasu mo issho.

(03 May '13, 02:48) CalonLan

No not at all. I just try to keep some degree of positive spin on everything I encounter, even things I largely don't appreciate or enjoy. That just happened to be the simplest thing coming to mind when looking for a haphazard way of making some kind of light to an experience I'd gladly be rid of.

I have no fear that life would be boring if I won the lottery tomorrow, or if all negative experiences disappeared from my future for good. Not saying I want a perfect life, but it wouldn't bore me.

(03 May '13, 03:21) Snow

@Snow, and imo your first comment is direct answer to @Dollar Bill's question why we choose to struggle towards the joy.

(03 May '13, 04:33) CalonLan
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You can ground your energy. Simply send the energy down your legs out your feet deep into the ground. You could imagine roots like a tree deep into the ground. Or like you're like a ship and drop anchor. Your negative energy travels down that chain deep into the ground.

You could hit the ground with your hands sending the energy into the ground with your intention.

You could fling the negative energy off into the ground with a wild throw of your arms towards the ground imaging the negative flying off of you.

You could do a Reiki technique of wiping the energy off towards the ground.


answered 03 May '13, 02:23

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Wade Casaldi


@Wade Casaldi Grounding is really important when you are doing spiritual work - great answer.

(03 May '13, 03:51) Catherine

Perhaps this was an Astara exercise, because I have been doing that same thing for years and it has helped me discharge lots of negativity. I could not remember where I learned it from. It really works though, and although it seems too simple, it is very effective!

(03 May '13, 11:27) LeeAnn 1

Hi Snow ... energies are vibrations, high vibrations correspond to positive/light and the crown chakra and low vibrations correspond to negative/dark and the root chakra, so obviously the best place to direct negative energy is downwards and into the ground. Apart from all the good ways that have already been mentioned here is another method.

Radionics deals with vibrations and here is a graphic way of dealing with negative energy vibrations;

ffalt textff alt text

In practice it brings in fresh energies and chases away tiring negative energies ... just place a witness of yourself on the center of the black circle, the "tan-tien", and the graph will enter immediately into action. This process can also be used to relieve stress in a couple in which case the two graphs are placed side by side as shown.



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ru bis

I don't believe that you have to direct it anywhere, nor do I feel we should judge it as negative or positive, good or bad. It is just energy, albeit with a lower, denser vibration. If you come from and hold a place of love and compassion the denser energies will automatically be brought into resonance with the higher frequencies. They will seem to dissipate and simply fall away. Accept and love yourself as you are, and do the same for others.


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I used to have a lot of anger like you described, and I too put punching bags to good use, not wanting to unleash it on other people. I also directed it inward sometimes (not good, but hard not to sometimes), which I agree is a terrible thing to do to yourself.

Aside from the punching bag, journaling is also good. Write it all out.

Physical exertion of any kind helps. Running, etc. If the physical exertion is from helping others, like cleaning a shared living space, volunteering, etc., it will be of double benefit, with the satisfaction and good feelings generated neutralizing the anger.

Of course, it's also a good idea to find out where the anger is coming from and deal with it. It might be from life situations, feelings about yourself, or both. In my case, it was both, and after a long spiritual process (which isn't by any means complete), I can now say that I finally let go of my anger and live each day with a feeling of peace and gratitude. It's such a relief to not have that constant energy drain anymore.

There might also be physical, health reasons for it. In my answer to your other question, I mentioned the GAPS diet, which might help here too. Something that helped me was doing an intestinal cleanse. I used Dr. Schulze's protocol, and he says that often, seemingly incurable diseases are helped simply from that, never requiring further treatments. (He's a naturopath.)

Here's a wonderful story I recently heard. It's about Revenge, but it applies to anger as well. Anger and revenge feel good, like being at a magnificent feast, but after awhile, you realize the food is not satisfying at all. In fact, you're even hungrier than before, and then you look down and realize YOU ARE EATING YOURSELF!


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use your will to change the
focus of your mind, let yourself
do it even if of short
duration at first


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Good question. And its vitally important that this negative energy is dealt with.

Ive been banging on a bit lately on here and with everyone i know ( but there used to that!) about Vadim Zelands book "Transurfing, the space of variations"

Ive been studying it more or less full time for the last 4 or 5 months. I would recommend you look into his ideas. They do deal with this issue in great detail, Vadim gives common sense easy to understand practical help in dealing with negative energy.

He also explains where the positive and negative energy sends us.

Cant recommend his work enough, its become the book i refer to every morning and evening.


answered 03 May '13, 03:19

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Monty Riviera

Checked out some articles on this topic.. Very fascinating, very cool stuff! Greatly appreciated for sharing. =)

This site has a lot of info for others interested: http://www.worldyannews.com/news/quickViewArticleView.html?idxno=1441

(03 May '13, 03:40) Snow

Many answers here suggest sending the energy 'down', be it in one's own chakras or taking this further and aiming it towards Eden (I'm renaming Earth, at least when I refer to it. =] ).

I've been contemplating this concept, and a few things lead me to feel differently. For starters, it seems like an excellent metaphoric representation of how we treat our aforementioned haven. We throw all of our negativity everywhere expecting nature to just tough it out or clean it up for us.

If I were to look at Eden and look at Sol and question "Which would be a better place to direct my negativity.. the Garden in which I live as it generously provides me with a home and everything I need to survive? or the hugantic ginormous blazing ball of fire which is powerful enough to cleanse and purify anything we are to put into it and will in turn reply to us with clean purified energy?"

The answer seems pretty obvious to me. I also found it coincidental (if I believed in coincidence anymore) our eyes flip the image before we process what we're looking at, so while we observe ourselves standing on top of a mountain, we're in fact hanging upside down off of it. Up is down? Hmm..


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