I know a lot of biological reasons for mood swings, but I was wondering if there can also be spiritual reasons to be up and down. In other words, does my soul sometimes run my body crazy, instead of the other way around? Also, how much can outside spiritual influences affect me?

Sometimes it feels like this inside me:

alt text

Thanks in advance for your help.


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@Jaianniah I know you are a fully trained reiki therapist and crystal therapist so assume you are doing all the right things regarding being properly grounded. I just thought I might mention it here as I know that reiki therapists and definitely people who are clearly psychic like you do have to be extra extra vigilant in this respect.

(06 May '13, 10:41) Catherine

I didn't explain this very well Jaianniah - being grounded enables you to integrate emotions. It is much harder to get a handle on these if you aren't fully grounded but as I said, I assume that you already know this.

(06 May '13, 16:57) Catherine

@Catherine- I think you should convert your comments to an answer. I hit my head and said, "Well, duh!" when i read your comments. Go for it...Jai <3

(06 May '13, 19:39) Jaianniah
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Think of these mood swings as gifts. The Universe is highlighting for you, the emotions / beliefs of a lower vibration, that need to be integrated so you can maintain that higher vibration.

A person who raises their vibration regularly will tend to experience mood swings until emotional balance is restored. Raising your vibration puts you in touch with the emotional body / heart. You just cannot bypass the Heart, (vibrationally speaking).


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Desire is the basis. When a desire is fulfilled that is "Happiness" when it doesn't that is "unhappiness". Since we do not get what we want in life all the time, there will be moments of happiness and unhappiness and that is nature.

Act on desire for happiness and if there is something you want to do but "can't" for whatever reason then focus on what you want to do that you CAN actually do.

Like Bashar says "follow your excitement (to the BEST of YOUR ABILITY).

Focus on What you Have rather than Not and that "lack" will be gone.

Neediness attracts neediness.


answered 06 May '13, 15:19

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Awareness brings all kinds of emotions and since everything is always changing, then maybe it's our awarness that does it. So in a society such as I live, we are all juggling so much and enjoying so much, often my awarness goes askew. Or maybe it's supposed to as you are thinking [spritual mood swings] so I can learn as much as possible about this life of mine. If I could be zapped and suddenly know it all, then what?


answered 07 May '13, 05:35

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