I have heard anecdotes about people changing the past, I'd like to know whether anybody on here has any information about this. I am particularly talking about meditating over past memories and 'sucking' the energy out of them - on another forum I was reading about someone who did this so completely that she forgot about the events in question (and only when coming across something she had previously written about the event did she realise she had erased it from her memory.


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Yes this is real and works. The reason why this works is our past is ours, our memories are our own. To remember something is to recreate it in our minds over and over as we remember it.

This can even happen automatically, have you ever heard two people argue over memories? "That wasn't how it went it was this way!" "No you are wrong I remember this happened then that." "No it was the other way around!"

Little details can be forgotten but not realized they have been forgotten, that changes what happened as a memory. Likewise traumatic feelings can enhance what really happened and make it worse as a memory than what really happened.

So the good news is if we do this all the time without realizing it on a subconscious level, then we could do this on a conscious level deliberately.

Here is an exercise you could do, write down what happened with no emotional attachment everything that happened. Make a paragraph describing it to yourself. Do this five times but each time you must change how you word it, so that each time you use completely different words and phrases to describe it. After you are done look over each you will find each has a different feeling to it. Each are what you remember but each time we reword it in a different way something happens to the emotion attached. it is like looking at something from many different angles we get different perspectives than just one.

Phase two, write down what happened but this time write it like you are a writer and base what you write on the facts but be creative about the characters maybe entirely different endings happen, you are the creator here writing the story.

Each time revise it and rewrite it until you are satisfied with what you wrote and feel much better about this memory. You will find the more you mess with the script the more it changes in your memory because you are working with what is in your mind and the more that you deliberately think of other outcomes and other factors until you have come up with many possibilities the fiction and fact memories start to blend.

Another thing you can do is play the memory in your mind like you are at a theater watching a movie and at the point of the memory where it is upsetting watch the film break and burn up on the screen. It is gone now, it is at the point where everyone yells "Hey what happened to the movie?", you can even imagine the announcement "We are sorry folks for this inconvenience, the film burned up in the projector. Please receive your refunds as you leave the theater."


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Memories are always subjective...You are very astute to point this out! Since we DECIDE what to remember and how to remember it, we can also DECIDE to change how and what we remember. Good job, Wade!!! Love, Jai

(15 May '12, 09:30) Jaianniah

These sound like really good methods to change the past - a lot of work though, but I guess worth it if the memory is particularly bad!

(16 May '12, 11:24) cassiopeia

Excellent, Wade. This is a very good technique. Watch the film burn up and receive your refund! Delightful!

Personally I see little benefit in reliving the past, especially depressing events, or rewriting the past.

(16 May '12, 18:07) Dollar Bill

Yes the film method I have used before. It works very well, it is even something you can try to remember after you do it and you will find it is gone like blank. Similar to when you try to remember something and just can't there is nothing there. I am glad it helps. I wrote about it here before someplace too.

(16 May '12, 22:57) Wade Casaldi
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The past existed in multitudinous ways. You only experienced one probable past. By changing this past in your mind, now, in your present, you can change not only its nature but its effects, and not only upon yourself but upon others.

Pretend a particular event happened that greatly disturbed you. In your mind imagine it not simple wiped out, but replaced by another event of more benefical nature. Now this must be done with great vividness and emotional validity, and many times. It is not a self-deception. The event that you choose will automatically be a probable event, which did in fact happen, though it is not the event that you chose to perceived in your given probable past.

Telepathically, if the process is done correctly, your idea will also affect any people who were connected with the original event, though they can chose to reject as well as accept your version.

Source: Seth Speaks (A Seth Book)


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The past is but a memory. Your body doesn't know that though and produces the hormones every time you relive the memories in your mind. Often they are negative feelings that are produced along with harmful hormones, every time we re experience the traumatic event in our minds. Also, every time we remember the same event, we strengthen the neural pathways, which makes it easier to remember again and again. So to leave the past in the past, we must be present in the Now. How do we do that? That is the big question.

I recently read The Secret of Instant Healing by Frank Kinslow.

Here is an exercise I made up based on what I learned from the book, I call it Two Hands Touching, THT. Put the palms of your hands together and close your eyes (after you read the instructions, or you can't read them with your eyes closed ;) Ask yourself quietly in your mind, "What do my hands feel like?" Don't name the feelings, just feel them. Don't try to think or not to think, just feel your hands touching. Do this for at least 30 seconds and as long as you want and as often as you think of it. Enjoy.

However, if you really must change the past, try this. Press the palms of your hands together and do THT. Then say the year and do THT, then say the year of last year and do THT. Keep doing this until you have gone all the way back to the year you were conceived. If something comes up for you in a particular year, rewrite the story that disturbs you. For example this is the year 2012, so say, "2012" then do THT, then say, "2011" then do THT. If something comes up, like an accedent where you are t-boned and got injuries, you would go back to just before the accident, put a bubble around your vehicle, and float over the other car. Then keep on driving to rewrite the story your body will remember, then do THT. Do all of this while keeping the feeling from the THT. When you switch to THT, don't keep thinking about whatever you are working on. You switch to THT. You may need to break it up into sessions, ending after clearing an event in a particular year. Then pick up where you left off or start over.

If you try something that doesn't work, try something else. For example with the getting t-boned situation, you might try stopping before they hit you, but you might find you still get whiplash from stopping so fast, so you try filling the car with feathers, but you still get wrist injuries where you were holding the steering wheel, so then you put a bubble around your car to take the impact, but you still lurch forward and get whiplash, so you put the bubble around your car and float over the other car and just keep on going. Here you get to play with other possible outcomes until you find one that you are happy with.

However, only clear past issues that have already popped up. Don't go looking for issues to clear.

Edit 11/9/12: Use my EZ Deletion Sequence to clear the emotions you have about the event.

Do THT. Say, "Delete all the ways I feel about and hold in my body ____." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the physical and psychological causes and affects of ____." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the mental and emotional causes and affects of ____." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the psychic/epmathic and spiritual causes and affects of ____." Do THT.

Say, "Delete all the unknown and remaining causes and affects of ____." Do THT.


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Why even dive into the memories to change them at all? Better to move ahead and re-invent yourself every day in every moment. Becomming "Awakened" is letting go of who you were, who you think you are and clearing the program. Looking into memories and even changing them still keeps you confined within a program of memory whether it be old, new, desired or not. Just re-invent yourself in the here and now and let the past go altogether as it is not who you are, it is who you have been. Many will say their past is what made them who they are today, but is that really True? They are merely making the choice to identify with it and carry it around. An excellent way to leave your old identity (that is bound to specific memories) behind is to travel totally alone to a new place or country where you don't know anyone. You can observe yourself re-inventing who you are in the moments of meeting new people & having new experiences. You begin to forget who you are, or identify yourself to be, in your everyday life and become who you want to be in the moments. You may even allow yourself to drop some of your Ego and express your Authentic Self, often with wonderful surprise! Who cares about the past, let that old paradigm person go and keep moving forward reinventing who you want to be, but you can't do that if you are looking at the past and the past doesn't really even exist when you get into the bigger picture of existence. You don't have to travel to do it, you can set your intent and observe yourself at home but it is much easier when you are not around familiar people as they hold a confined perception of who you are and you your own, so you will have to resist those expectations.


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The only thing you have, or anyone can have it's their now. Everything both past and future are created from the now.

Here are a couple of resources that have been helpful to me, hope that they also help you in your way:

Hope it helps.


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your questions seems to be addressing
the effect a past experience has had on you,
how it has been rationalized or repressed.
all thoughts and experiences do continue
to exist, they are not expunged,
whether you remember them or not.


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