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Yet another one of Stingray's satisfied customers... :)

asked 13 May '13, 05:38

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wikified 13 May '13, 05:47

@Stingray Nice one :). I was going to do a similar video and then saw your one here :).

(13 May '13, 06:30) releaser99

@releaser99 - Well, don't let that stop you. Here's the link to create your own: The more the merrier :) You'd be surprised how often I've had encounters like the one in that video.

(13 May '13, 06:40) Stingray

@Stingray love it ♥♫ ♥ ♫♥♫ ♥♫ ♥♫

(13 May '13, 06:41) ru bis

@Stingray- Lol. Very funny & very true. Thanks for posting:)

(13 May '13, 08:22) Satori

Hah, that made me laugh.

(13 May '13, 14:46) corduroypower

@Stingray - Love it! And thanks for the link to the creating site. I've already started writing one in my head. :)

(13 May '13, 15:08) lozenge123

hahaha brilliant :D

(13 May '13, 18:18) Liam

@Stingray- Like, real bad. I dont think I can hear that phrase for the rest of my life without cracking up.

(13 May '13, 19:28) Nikulas

@stingray - nicely done. Like the music instrument metaphor!

(14 May '13, 05:49) Dollar Bill
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Okay so here it is :). Another proof that Law of Attraction Teachers are fraudsters. :)


answered 13 May '13, 08:45

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edited 13 May '13, 08:45

Sorry, fell asleep, about half-way through. Jeez FS, here is your car. Come get it!

Will This do?


answered 13 May '13, 07:29

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Dollar Bill

Can you manifest a few gallons of gasoline? This iconic hunk of Detroit iron only gets about 7mpg around town. But they are very sweet miles!

(13 May '13, 07:40) No Brainer

sweet ride ....

(13 May '13, 08:30) ursixx

Thanks, @ursixx - it really was a very short manifestation, but we had some practice.

(13 May '13, 08:46) No Brainer

@Dollar Bill the other postings really made me laugh, this one didn't ... +1 point for making me wonder why it doesn't make me laugh §

(13 May '13, 11:27) ru bis

@Dollar Bill this posting didn't make me laugh because it brought to light what was hidden inside me ... for me this photo represents a flamboyant extrovert, that part of myself that has long been stifled, i have often been labelled the complete opposite, that is, an intuitive introvert

(14 May '13, 00:43) ru bis

@ru bis - I've been labelled a flamboyant intuitive. With the top up on this car, introvert. But with the top up, extrovert. Sometimes it is fun to be one or the other. Choice is always ours. Come on, laugh! Un-stifel!

For me this 1959 Red Cadillac is the most outrageous, iconic flamboyant example of Americana I know. Nineteen feet long. Four foot tall fins (from the ground), 2.5 tons of Detriot steel. 945 pieces of metal in the front grill and bumper. City of Detroit was named by M Cadillac.

(14 May '13, 06:01) Dollar Bill

ok @Dollar Bill let's go for a ride in it yeah!

(14 May '13, 06:05) ru bis

Come on down to Atlanta GA! @ru bis

(16 May '13, 16:32) No Brainer

Who doesn't want a shiny fast red car @Dollar Bill & @No Brainer - yes, very sweet!

@ru bis that has got to be the funniest thing you have ever said - extrovert - introvert - Mr Duality ....

(26 May '13, 04:47) ele
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Speaking of manifestations.... we know that you must 100% believe in whatever you're trying to manifest. haha =))

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answered 13 May '13, 07:34

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love it dude good post

(13 May '13, 10:19) Nikulas

@CalonLan haha beautiful

(13 May '13, 11:18) ru bis

@CalonLan Where did you go? Funny video..

(26 May '13, 04:47) ele
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If your belief systems is such that thoughts do not manifest reality, then as you experience non manifestation of things from your thoughts, you are correct in your belief system. If your belief system is such that manifestation always works based upon your thoughts to create your reality, then as you experience the realization of your thoughts, you are correct in your belief system. If your belief system is such that some will understand the profound impact of this statement that manifestation of your reality occur regardless of whether you believe it or not. By default, the manifestation is shaped to match your belief system. So clearly, the choice of what belief system you want to be an observer in to experience reality is always the driving force. Just decide and know the experience of your perception of reality was your choice.


answered 14 May '13, 19:37

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If you can't be wrong, you can't be right either. If no belief system is ever wrong, then we can take correct out of equations. It's not needed anymore. But then perhaps, the sense of clarity disappears and false nature of belief systems reveals itself.

Rarely people want to give up what defined their life for so long.

(15 May '13, 02:35) CalonLan

Please go on and elaborate, what you state may help me and others understand more. I learn from everything, every situation, every idea. I enjoy observing and thinking on what was stated, very educational for me. Thank you.

(15 May '13, 12:27) student
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