In a game I was playing, out of 8 possible quantities, (with a possible range from about -20 to about 120) 6 of them were 38.

During a span of around a week, most of the times I saw a clock it was hour:04 minutes, 3 days later the clock in the bottom right part of my computer locked at hour:04 minutes (one week later it moved to :05 minutes, but it is still locked, I haven't attempted to fix it.

In the same week I saw the :04s, I bought a lotto ticket, and brought a little paper template to a relative to choose her numbers, I was going to buy it for her later. She chose the last 3 numbers exactly like my 3 last numbers (the range was from 1 to 51, the numbers to choose were 6).

And finally, a couple of days after the lotto numbers, I suddenly saw the pedometer on my car (something I don't regularly pay attention too) and it read 77,777 kms.

And now, my karma in IQ is 666.6.


Have similar things happened to you?

asked 16 May '13, 20:54

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very funny you guys, now it's 686.6

(17 May '13, 01:31) Notgonnatellyou

As you start to open your awareness to see what you're looking for your eyes begin to naturally be drawn to what you desire to see when it is around, and they begin to avoid seeing what you desire to overlook when it is around. So you'll start being like Jim Carey in 23 where he sees the number everywhere he looks. This is only because he is automatically drawn to looking at whatever he is seeking.

(17 May '13, 01:43) Snow
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For my answer, watch this. Hopefully it will unlock a few doors in your mind mate,


answered 17 May '13, 10:55

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@notgonnatellyou when you made the post about your "karma points" being 666.6, you received extra, additional points. See, you CAN change your karma! (laughing)

And, @snow, we all know that the favorite number of the Illuminati is 23.

References to Number 23

When I first read the Illuminatus Trilogy, which is filled with references to the number 23 and to a lesser extent, number 17 and then number 5 (5 is 2+3,i.e., made up of an even number and an odd number, so the number 5 is both even and odd. Ponder that for a while!)

In the marvelous DVD, "Down the Rabbit Hole", one of the presenters suggests that when we ask the wrong questions, we can not get meaningful answers. He asks, "Can the number 5 get married?"

Like Jim Carey in 23, whatever we focus upon is drawn to our attention, whether we like it or not, and as it is drawn to our attention, it becomes part of our personal reality, our personal world, our personal universe.

So be aware of the power of your attention, by ONLY directing your attention to what you DO want.

Write the above statement 100 times in your Daily Journal.

EDITED show another 23 - 17

@ru bis - just thought you might appreciate the 1959 license plate that came on my 'iconic hunk of Detroit'! Obviously the Illuminati had a hand in this :). 23 - 17


answered 17 May '13, 08:11

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Dollar Bill

edited 04 Jun '13, 10:33

ok @Dollar Bill i've written in my note book "beware of the power of intention, only direct my attention to what i do want" x 100 ... seems to me the joy ride in that iconic hunk of Detroit did the world of good, lol

(17 May '13, 09:07) ru bis
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