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I really like hearing others little Grid filling in stories , coz they help me get into the Good Feeling place too and I'm really hoping Simon will indulge me here ;-)

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This morning a friend shared this clip of Abraham's and it resonated deeply , enjoy my lovely friends and teachers ♥♥♥

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks as always Barry Gem ♥

(21 Feb '13, 21:15) Starlight

its beautiful post.., i loved it.. :)))

(21 Feb '13, 23:36) supergirl

let me get this right, Esther is channeling Abraham who is talking about Esther talking to her dead husband who is extraordinarily powerful in the higher vortex. Do i have this right?

(22 Feb '13, 23:37) paul st

Lol, is that your take on it ? I heard it as Abraham speaking of Esther receiving feedback of Jerry's love . I don't get your reference to Jerry being "extraordinarily powerful in the higher vortex " but if it is easier for you , take is as Esther saying she asked for feedback that Jerry loved her and got it :-)

(22 Feb '13, 23:51) Starlight

I think poor Esther may have a mental break down soon by the sounds of it.

(22 Feb '13, 23:53) paul st

A down synchronicity for me,thursday my adult son rang me extremely distressed, he choose to comfort a horse as it was being enthanased on his property due to the owner running off in fear . We discussed how people treat animals , we both love all creatures , so this has been on my mind . This morning on facebook I get a link about a house owner visiting his property and taking a photograph of 13 dogs in various stages of decay who had been starved to death and him notifying local authority..

(22 Feb '13, 23:58) Starlight

of it and other animals there being treated same , authority decided to do nothing . My point here is not to bring this thread down but just to show how "attention to " brings more of same .

(23 Feb '13, 00:00) Starlight

I REALLY REALLY want this to be a THREAD of JOY and if Barry and Simon feel the above needs to be deleted , then please do so ♥ ♥ ♥

(23 Feb '13, 00:02) Starlight

@paul st , Esther has been channeling Abraham for 25yrs , can't see that happening any time soon ;-)

(23 Feb '13, 00:13) Starlight
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One of the Little moments synchronicity I experience often is right here on IQ. When reading a question, a Daily quote from A-H fits the question so well. sooo cool!


answered 22 Feb '13, 02:44

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He he , just had Eggzackly that happen , don'tcha just love it ;-)

(22 Feb '13, 07:20) Starlight

This is a brilliant question and I am eagerly looking forward to the answers here. I agree reading such incidences from others does make for an interesting read and makes you feel good!

Just after I watched the youtube link you have provided, I was drawn to another clip which is of great significance to me as it eases me and puts me in comfortable place instantly. This clip came to me on the day I was asking for a sign that I am right in wanting what I want and that I do have hope of having it. I went to youtube and was just browsing the Abraham clips loaded on that particular summer day and the best part is I had no intention of clicking on this video but it just happened, you know how sometimes the touchpad of laptop does weird things! and boy am I glad it did on that particular day! And it came to me again right after reading your question.

Another one is I was thinking about a very significant city to me, I was not focusing very hard on it just a fleeting thought of how I would love to be in the city again and the very next moment name of an actress came to my mind and for some reason I was so curious about her that I googled her and you would never believe what came after that (wink wink) the actress was born and brought up in the very city I was lovingly musing over. It was just a sign that what I want is making its way to me.

Lately I have been seeing a lot of 1s 2s ect everywhere I go, on tube stations on number plates of cars etc etc


answered 21 Feb '13, 23:22

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This is a silly one but made me smile :-) ..... I came on to Inward Quest just now and just as I read the first question ..."Why do I keep seeing hearts in everything?" in that same instant I had an email message pop up about a new issue of the "Journal of HEART Health"!! Don't know what to make of it but definitely a little synchronistic moment.


answered 14 Apr '16, 09:09

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Inner Beauty

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let me strt off by saying.."brilliant post".., such questions actually make us feel very very good n raise our faith and confidence on law of attraction very very much..

my life is full of synchronicitiies..,that too everydayy.., n now it has become part of my life.., it has become a vry common thing for me now. but,i tell still when i get synchronicities...i love them like anything.

with me..u know its like..,if i want any answer to any kind of question thn, i just project in ma mind and in seconds.., someone will come and talk about samething that i was thinking. and i l get ma answer as soon as possible.

yesterday..i wanted to meet a guy..for some kind of work but, rather i was so busy for the whole day that it sliped off ma mind. then, around by 10 pm ween i came back home from ma work. my mom told me visit so n so place..with one of ma friends..and see the synchronicity..,on the way to that place i meet that same guy,tht i was supposed to meet, near my house.

like..these above two..,i have list of ma life. i have a habit of writing each one of them cos i consider them as "Godlyyy small small miracles"..., its Gods way of telling us everytime..tht "kiddo..don't worry..i am here with u all the time..just leave everything on me".. i feel its Gods way of making us feel his presence to us.

i feel amazing when i go through my list of synchronicities...when i feel low.., it uplifts me like anything.

i never call synchronicities as "co-incidences"..cos they are basically "God-incidences".., they are ur best vibrational matches that indicate that ur goin right.., ur completely in flow with ur lovelyy life..,just be in that synch..and watch more Godlyy miracles.

i hope u njoyd this..

stay happy..stay blessed..

love,light n blessings ur wayy..

supergirl.. :)))


answered 22 Feb '13, 00:11

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I have synchronistic moments and don't understand why. The word "rose" or "rosie" shows up in my life. It can be the flower or the girls name. It doesn't make sense to me because it doesn't seem to tell me about my life. I cannot see what it is meant to mean and what it has got to do with me and my life. It's the same with all the other synchronistic moments. What do they mean and how can I find out? About 4 years ago I bought a lottery ticket. Nothing strange about that. I didn't win and didn't throw the ticket away either. A week later I picked up my ticket and noticed all the numbers except for one row of numbers have faded. What happened? I didn't touch the ticket and mess with it, so why the faded numbers? Was I some how behind it and sent myself the winning numbers? I have been playing that row of numbers believing it a winner. Someone or something has decided to help me, but i haven't won. Strange, wouldn't you agree? Take care Chris


answered 10 Apr '16, 04:07

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Chris Fowler

Hi @Chris it's well known that all physical laws are born from the twisting at each point, creator of electricity and magnetism, in other words it's the yin yang effect that manifests itself in the physical world. Welcome to the unfathomable world of subtle energies

(12 Apr '16, 03:42) jaz
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