This evening I was taking a shower and while the tv was on unusually loud in another room. Suddenly I was struck by a man preaching about how your wishes are coming, your palace will arrive etc and in his words more specifically "sometimes you don't get what you wish for when you ask because what your asking for is too big for you and you have to be prepared so your ready to receive?

The man speaking seemed to really put emphasis on 'palace' for some reason. He kept repeating your 'palace will arrive' it almost sounded aggressive as if it needed to absorbed urgently.

I don't shower in the evenings but had an unusually unplanned busy morning. I think my mum listens to this type of stuff, I don't watch tv so I don't know what programmme it is but I'm guessing its christian related. I've basically lived away from home for the past 3 years. When I am home I hear stuff like this either on the radio or on tv but its always in the background never grabbing my attention, although I am nurturing my own relationship with spirituality. However as I was showering it felt like the man was talking to me.

I am basically curious to know if this is synchrocity or does the belief that it is a message make it synchrocity?

I'm more focused at the moment on observing and eliminating limiting beliefs than manifesting any specfic desire or wish. I have more attention on working on beliefs, confidence and maturing. Manifesting any bug specific desire or wish just isn't where my conscious attention I emphasise, has been lately.


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The thought that you think, you think, which attracts to it; so you think it some more, which attracts to it; so you think it some more. In other words, when you have an expectation, you've got a dominant thought going on, and Law of Attraction is going to deliver that to you again, and again and again. And you say "The reason that I believe this, is because it is true." And we say, the reason that you believe it, is because you've practiced the thought. All that a belief is, is a thought that you keep practicing. --- Abraham Excerpted from the workshop in Indianapolis., IN on Tuesday, May 28th, 2002
We are constant creators. You never stop creating/manifesting . Even though you are working on you beliefs. The creating continues. We live with continual inspirations ,you might not be focused on material gain,or a companion,or a million other things. But those thoughts do cross your mind. And the ones that do cross your mind over and over are the ones the become real. Like the messages you hear at your Moms place. Maybe if she was a game show watcher the phrase " Come on down" would be this synchronistic thought.


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what I think is mean by synchronicity is when you say something in you or speak it out and on the tv or radio or someone else say the same thing at the same moment. What is the connection to belief it depend on the person belief. but better would be to find out the truth. we could say that in the exact moment some people think or spoke the exact same thing.

is it surprising?

since many people listen to tv at that same time and know what the program is about.

it might be even more surprising if you never listen to that program and do not even know when it plays.

then I would say that your connection is not made only from the outside. but you are unconsciously making a connection with other people in this world some call it the collective intelligence of humanity, the mind field of the world etc....

we could say that it is like radio signal when some one think some thing very strongly? or when you have many people thinking the same thing at the same moment the receiver as more chance to get the message then when it is a complete mess of many small signal not at the same time not thinking the same thing. and some people are good sender and other good receiver and some both.

there as been research on telepathy or empathic people in this world you could look at some if it interest you.

here is a video for you


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"I am basically curious to know if this is synchrocity or does the belief that it is a message make it synchrocity?"

In this particular case, I am inclined to think that the belief that it is a message does have something to do with making it seem to be a synchronicity. I'm not sure I see anything synchronous between taking a shower and the "message" you're hearing. The fact that you happen to be there at the same time is not enough to establish synchronicity. Synchronicity happens when two or more events occur at the same time and are in some way related. The significant element to consider is how those events relate to one another. This is what you need to consider. On any given day, you will be doing something and other events will be happening at the same time. However, in order for them to be considered synchronous to each other there has to be something meaningful in the coincidence, which clearly ties one event to the other. Only you can determine whether there is meaning, as it relates to the current events in your life.

I cannot say that there is no significance to this particular occurrence, however. As I mentioned in my response to your previous post about a lesson of aloneness, you have to learn to discriminate between what is coming from the soul and spiritual guides and what is based on a belief that is not benefiting you in any way. You did say that you are in a process of exploring your beliefs right now. From that perspective, there may be a synchronicity if it helps you to discover an underlying belief that is not serving you in a positive way. I will admit (reluctantly) that during the first few years after my own "awakening" I was seeing, and hearing "messages" in everything and every event that occurred. The belief that God or some higher being was monitoring and guiding me served more to boost my ego than anything else.

It was as if I was in a pinball machine and every bumper was bouncing me from one message to the next and each cycle through the machine only resulted in scoring another limiting belief about myself and my purpose in life. I was, in effect, being bounced haphazardly through life by making choices base on erroneous beliefs created from a belief in mystical messages born from imagination, over thinking and a misinterpretation of synchronicity. I can't say how many years it took for my current understanding (belief) to evolve, and whether it is wholly correct or not. It is however, an improvement.

There are two overall themes. The first is that the synchronicity generally doesn't contain a message. It is more likely a way of supporting or confirming a message or lesson learned through other means, such as dreams or other revelatory experience. Secondly, I am convinced that our spirit guides are far more sophisticated and creative when it comes to communicating to us. Any suspected "message" will not be ambiguous. If you have to ask if something, some event, or some synchronicity carries some sort of message, then it probably does not. Furthermore, they will not communicate or act in any way that would interfere with our Free Will. From everything I have learned, that is the prime directive throughout all that is. This means that any message from above will not contain anything that would appear to suggest choosing one course of action over another, as that would interfere with free will. As I mentioned, any message of importance would come in a more profound way as it did in the dream events you previously experienced.

Our guides are not babysitters watching our every move, ready to step in to correct us, tell us what to do next, or prevent us from making foolish choices. They have no clocks or calendars, no concepts of time and date. They step into our lives at moments that were planned for before our arrival here. We make the plan and because we have free will, we can make changes as we go. Fluidity, flexibility, and spontaneity are inherent to our existence. We may start with a plan and a desire to stay "on track" only to deviate from it. When that happens however, its not like we are "Off track"; we just get on a different track. In the end, all that maters is how we respond and progress on whatever track we happen to be on at the moment, planned or not.


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Your right, I should have realized especially in relation to the dreams where I had no doubt whatsover that something incredible had happened.I haven't been seeing messages or signs, things like that etc lately but I guess my mind was desperately looking for encouragement in that moment, something nice to grab onto.

(11 Jun '14, 17:11) transmitter91

transmitter91, yes, seeing what we are looking for, this becomes our responsibility to be objective, yet dreamers will have visions and be excited

(12 Jun '14, 19:00) fred
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