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Watching MIB3 last night. Young Agent K (Masterfully played by Josh Brolin) and Agent J (Will Smith) are faced with tracking down a "world class serial; killer". They tried logic. Police research, a LOT of conscious mind stuff, to no avail. Time is running out and the Earth is about to be destroyed.

Mentally stuck, Young Agent K suggests they should go get some pie. At first Will Smith is dumbfounded, he wants to keep sleuthing and stopping to eat "pie" is a huge waste of time, but says, "We have tried everything smart. So let's try something stupid!"


As they are relaxing, eating their pie, and begin talk about other things -- in no way related to the problem -- suddenly in a flash of "inspiration" the answer comes to Will Smith. He knows what they need to do. AND HE IS RIGHT!

What happened here from a Source standpoint? They were super focussed on the problem. How they could solve it? So focussed, so full of stress, that they could not hear Source trying to help.

When they relaxed, focussed on the beauty and taste of the pie, and their friendship, they got their conscious minds quieted, Source was able to give them the answer.

Young Agent K, "Pie don't work unless you let it."

MY advice, to myself, to my wife Anne (@No Brainer) and to all of you reading this, stop and have some pie! Smell the roses! Listen to or watch something beautiful.

Let the pie work!


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Dollar Bill

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History has proven that it is not an easy task to quiet observatory nature of the mind. Hence, the alcohol and drugs to help enjoy the moment.

(17 May '13, 11:05) CalonLan

And also pie. I like key lime, or pecan.

(17 May '13, 11:25) Dollar Bill

I'm so glad I stopped by. A million thanks for posting this question @Dollar Bill. If you & Anne are ever in my part of the world, stop in for a slice of pie. I make awesome pie - it's one of my passions & certainly my answer today. Cold & rainy - baked 3 & gave them away... Thanks Again Bill! Great story & great advice!

(17 May '13, 21:54) ele

@ele - Pie works, if you let it! Would love to stop by. What part of the world do you inhabit?

Have you checked out Inward Quest on Facebook? Pretty easy way to connect on a personal basis if you like.

(18 May '13, 08:29) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill Yes, I heard of the IQ counterculture on FB. I never say no.. I'm a few days drive N/NW of Atlanta.. Lots of classic car rides around here ..

(26 May '13, 04:36) ele

@Dollar Bill oops ... meant to say I never say never. I'm off the beaten path; prob no place you & Anne would travel through unless you're a Buddhist. 4 to 5 hrs in any direction from all MAJOR cities.. However, if by 'chance' you & Anne find yourself in my area, I do make magical pie & you're both welcome..

(26 May '13, 18:52) ele
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The late Douglas Adams, who wrote The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy comedy radio show and associated series of books, also started a comedy book series centered around a character called Dirk Gently and his Holistic Detective Agency. It also ran as a short-lived (but well-made) TV Series if you can track it down.

alt text

In it, the eccentric private eye Dirk Gently solves crimes by using the "the fundamental interconnectedness of all things" in the Universe. So, for example, if Dirk notices a cat in the distance while investigating a crime scene, the cat becomes important simply because he was investigating the crime at the time he noticed it...the observant IQ reader may have figured out the underlying metaphysical principle being hinted at there :)

You get scenarios of the kind that you describe in "Men In Black 3" quite regularly where seemingly-unrelated and trivial plot events suddenly morph into completely-related plot events...because everything in the Universe is connected :)

I thought I would mention it because your post made me think of it in a completely unrelated, and therefore totally connected, way :)


answered 17 May '13, 11:00

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@Stingray You're still talking about the universe and so forth. I wonder when will you just give me that damn red car? That's really unnerving... :(

(17 May '13, 20:37) releaser99

@releaser99 go see @Dollar Bill he'll give you "a new red car now"

(18 May '13, 03:38) ru bis

@ru bis Sorry, but his car is not fancy enough for me. I am looking for that kind of car: :)

(18 May '13, 04:22) releaser99

@releaser99- And what do you do if you don't like red cars?

(19 May '13, 10:37) Nikulas

@Nikulas :). If someone doesn't like red cars I would recommend doing the following 5 steps. 1. Keep calm. 2. Kill yourself. 3. Reincarnate as someone who loves red cars. 4. Buy red car. 5. Give me that damn red car. Because I want it... like real bad.

(19 May '13, 17:43) releaser99

Dirk Gently is quite interesting. Just watched the episode where he was looking for special hidden software where you input the desired result and it tells you the very logical steps about how to get to that result.

It is all interconnected.

Zen navigation is when you don't know where you are going, you simply follow someone who does appear to know where they are going and you will get to where you are needed.

(29 Jun '13, 19:22) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill - "Zen navigation is..." - Indeed. Perhaps I have a quirky Dirk-style personality but that kind of "intellectual" humor makes me laugh endlessly :) I remember when I read the first book, the idea of The Electric Monk was hilarious beyond quote: "Electric Monks believed things for you, thus saving you what was becoming an increasingly onerous task, that of believing all the things the world expected you to believe."

(30 Jun '13, 05:23) Stingray
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yes @Dollar Bill love it ... or in other words as a brain expert would say Will Smith flipped his brain from left to right ... so perhaps the best choice of card in the tarot deck is the 0-fool, lol

ffalt textff


answered 17 May '13, 08:52

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ru bis

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'Fools rush in where angels fear to tread' -- adages are usually more true than false.. I would rather be a fool than live in fear.

(17 May '13, 21:56) ele

@ele - The Fool (in the Tarot) is the pure spirit just beginning the Journey.

(29 Jun '13, 19:41) Dollar Bill

I wonder how many of us are listening to music as we visit IQ.. or have multiple tabs open and hopping back and forth. I find that the clearest image is not always the one right in front of but the one in your peripheral view .


answered 18 May '13, 02:48

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@ursixx Interesting take on the "peripheral view" being clearist. Not what you are focussing upon, but what is trying to enter your world.

(18 May '13, 08:05) Dollar Bill

The SOS would say this is Right and Left brain conflict. So the left working on logic does not see abstract connections. This is why when we want an answer we overload the left brain but then say to the right brain I give this over to you. Now you just forget about it and do something else. The answer comes to you.

I think it may be more than just a function of our right brain. The right brain may be connected more to the God conscious.


answered 17 May '13, 17:28

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Wade Casaldi


@Wade Casaldi - All is connected through you-know-Who. Note capital letter.

(18 May '13, 08:04) Dollar Bill

@supergirl - it is the sound of one Eye opening and you-also-know-Who. Connects All. Sat Nam!

(29 Jun '13, 19:24) Dollar Bill

Would you say that they where not at peace and could not understand? Then the truth came along of it self? when they add the right heart and mind(soul) set at peace and in truth they found the answer. So it is and so it shall be.


answered 18 May '13, 21:27

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white tiger

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