Being the unusual person I am, many of my beliefs do not coincide with the common perceptions. A big topic for me regards the apocalypse and the rapture. I believe the rapture has already come and past long ago, if it ever was to come at all, and the entire idea was "holier than thou" people looking for an easy way out of a crumbling world.

Similarly, I look at revelations and many of the predictions of the end of the world and how Christ is just going to pop up and get rid of this planet and deliver us to a new one where everything is perfect.

This is my conundrum.. I do believe we're in paradise, I do believe everything already is as perfect as it can be without removing free will.

As it pertains to prophecies I believe there are some which are genuinely looking into the future and seeing current path, and others are attempts at creating self fulfilling prophecies, forging the future by creating a prophecy so easy to believe everyone's cumulative beliefs are responsible for creating and shaping the prophecy.

This latter type is what I see when I look at the doomsday prophecies, prophecies some deity is just going to come back and fix everything for us even though we were the ones who messed it up in the first place. It's firmly my belief if there is paradise beyond this world to be had, a utopia to be found, it is waiting for us as a race to accept responsibility for a planet we've been ravaging and ignoring for eons, and to build it back ourselves. I don't believe Christ or the anti-Christ or anyone is going to pop back up and simply make it easy for us when this is the future we created, instead we are going to continue down the same path we are on until we finally start to use our free will to create a great world like it was meant to be and has the potential to be.

Irrelevant of your beliefs on this particular subject, it is very clearly observable people are always looking for the easy way out. The quick fix. The escape. This is of course a behavior I observe in myself. Why do we prefer the idea of a divine messiah coming to save our butts instead of fixing our own mess?

asked 21 May '13, 15:32

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If you want to understand why, you don't have to take onto such a seemingly complex topic. Just look at the women gossiping and having their lives revolve about what happened in the last night's episode of some soap opera. So oblivious to anything else, but some fantasy filmed and put on a screen.

Some people think of god, some of Beverly Hills 90210. Although different in topic, they same in the core. god or beverly hills, doesn't matter. Just a fantasy.... just look at how worried people...

(21 May '13, 17:03) CalonLan

...of beliefs and faith are when they hear whatever prophecy.then look at people whose care goes only as far as late night shows are concerned.One dealing with disasters of gigantic proportions,forever doom to worry and unhappiness.The other completely oblivious to that only worrying if Brenda will hang out with Dylan or not.And they stop worrying when the very next episode streams and they find out.

God gonna shower this world with fire?BIG DEAL.Someone burned my that's a BIG DEAL.

(21 May '13, 17:08) CalonLan

there is no problem to watch soap operas and discuss it... the main problem is whether we have constricted energies, whether we are passing too many judgements, whether are we suffering in any way, are we having lack issues... thats the only thing that matters... if you are suffering there is no need to.... so if you enjoy soap operas and talk about it and it really excited you thats perfectly fine as long as your vibrations are high and you truly love the dramas ....

(21 May '13, 20:15) abrahamloa

we can't judge such people ... i love watching movies.. someone else may not...may think its time waste... but who is anyone to judge another... but if anyone has lack feelings then there is a choice and you dont need to if you see the global picture...

(21 May '13, 20:16) abrahamloa

don't put words in my mouth, I didn't say anything about discussing soap operas being a problem or wrong.

I took soap operas as an example to compare to issues of the world/life/universe/god to show there is no difference between those two in the nature only in proportion.

And that some people have sadistic tendencies and enjoy to wrap themselves in worry of issues bigger than life.

And contrary to what I used to say, judging is alright as well. I no longer regard this pitiful need for...

(22 May '13, 01:54) CalonLan

...creating perfect society, with standards and manners and smiles and everyone acting so PC and never ending happiness.

People create things/words/ideas/meanings then turn their back on them, taboo them, don't want to have them as part of their life. They wanna feed their own delusion of being better than they really are. Instead of embracing both sides of yin and yang they divide themselves even more by embracing only one and condemning the other.

(22 May '13, 02:04) CalonLan

@CalonLan - yes sorry!

(23 May '13, 18:22) abrahamloa
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When you realize you are "ONE" there is no reason to "escape" anything - and then you realize "escaping" doesn't exist because there is no where else to go but "here".

No matter where you go it'll always be "here".


answered 21 May '13, 22:45

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it may be that we believe
faster is always better
as in competition the
need to be there first

we look down instead of up
at future instead of now
oblivious to those
capabilities we have

preferring what is heavy
to that more ethereal
speed becomes the objective
blindly marching in tune

why dare i be different
to breathe slowly and think
i may find who then i am


answered 24 May '13, 18:21

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@fred I think I said this before. I hope your writing a book.Would love to read the assembled works of fred

(26 May '13, 09:32) ursixx

ursixx, it be but one's reaction to a question asked that has been pondered much

(27 May '13, 13:37) fred

@fred: glad there is "one" fred here

(27 May '13, 15:44) ursixx
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