When I was a teenager, I developed a brief interest in Palm Reading. It certainly drew a crowd at parties!

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I learned to tell what the various creases in the palm were called, and what their shapes and positions meant in regards to the future. At that time, I saw that my Life Line was "broken" about two-thirds the way up its length. I wondered about this; what did it mean? Would it denote a major change in my life when I was older?

As the years have passed, I kept this oddball prediction in the back of my mind. I waited, wondering if it would come true. The line splits, with the major branch continuing far up my palm, and the split branching off to the right.

When I was divorced, I noticed an odd thing: The split is fading, and the straight line is getting deeper.

What does this mean, both for the validity of palm reading, and in my life?

Do any of you know anything about Palmistry?

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Thank You, and Blessings,


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@Jaianniah Is that split at the base of the line (near the wrist) or at the top of it?

(30 May '13, 02:47) Catherine

@Catherine-The split is in the middle, about 2/3 the way up...

(30 May '13, 14:19) Jaianniah

Bump. Figured I'd bring this question back to the top rather than asking one too similar.

On subject: Everyone has different impressions about how it's done and what it means and opinions about which methods are best / most accurate, like most things.

I suppose I'm more asking "what things do you agree with / suggest avoiding" than "do you believe any of it", maybe I'll start a new more targeted question if no satisfactory answers pop up here.

(04 Oct '13, 08:20) Snow
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I have to wonder if this could tie into genetics.

It could be sort of an ancient way to read what is in our genes. The unique lines then would be revealing what we have a prerequisite inclination toward experiencing because it is patterned in our genes.

It lends me to wonder if it could be something so much more scientific than "fortune telling." Ah but the interesting thing is from where this understanding came? Directly from God consciousness as the Akashic records? Maybe...

Or maybe our ancestors were more advanced than we know. It is interesting to ponder.


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Wade Casaldi

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According to epigenetics, gene expression changes when cells are exposed to a different environment (thoughts, beliefs?), without changing the gene. Foods are known to alter the epigenetic of rats and mice on different diets, and can change their weight, fur color, and propensity to grow cancer.

We are not slaves to our genes, and I think that this explains the mechanism by which we create, in "scientific" terms. We alter the expression of of our genes, by the environment we place them in. This is a very simplistic explanation of epigenetics, Bruce Lipton has some good books on this topic.


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Beach Baby

Yes it does. It's more so just a reflection though of where you are at the current time you are looking at your own hand. Palmistry has been one of the few things I've always been very interested in ever since as a kid. I've read so many books on it. As a kid and even up until my mid 20's I would read my sister's, friend's, and even past girlfriends' hands and would be able to see things that was very accurate. What was interesting though is that some of them I remember after reading their palms in another year, or maybe even months later would have changes, in the lines.

This was very interesting to me because whenever this occurred it always was after they had gone through a lot of changes, or after how I saw them grow as a person through some heavy times. I remember trying to see if mine would change too one day like my sister or one of my close friend's.

To sum it up and not make this post turn too much into a huge essay of text, it did occur to me as well, when I came to a major fork in the road decision of my life. I remember after I had decided to make a major life change in moving back to California to stay for a while, a few of the lines faded away completely and some shifted into other directions. I thought that was very very interesting. Of course, a lot of the ones that I truly cared about such as the lines regarding relationships and future children stayed perfectly the same.


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Thank you- that was very helpful!

(30 May '13, 14:21) Jaianniah

We are constant change...nice answer.Love and Light.

(30 May '13, 15:46) Roy

as of how much i have read and learnt and understood: Frankly the most important thing in life is to stay connected to Source energy in the NOW right now. And lead your life from here. Then all your decisions, behaviors and actions will be most aligned. whatever in life you want you can work it from this NOW.

for me these other topics are more of entertainment and curiosity sake for knowledge etc. but i would not attach any too much importance esp. if the lines suggest something thats not what you want. Also the lines change with time so there is nothing pre-destined there.


answered 30 May '13, 17:31

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