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How Has Unemployment or the Recession Changed Your Values?

This probably sounds stupid, but my values changed during the recession, or I wouldn't be sharing this. I sell art now, work in an art store, and design websites. My families discouragement sometimes makes me want to lapse into unproductively again, and this really scares me.

My relationship is good, but the viciousness of people in this economy is dark and incomprehensible. Previously, when I didn't reach milestones in art, I padded-my-resume and worked corporate for a brief while. This was good until the recession peeked, and I fell hard. I want to win bread for my family, but I'm judged by a previous economy. Any milestones we make can be disregarded, once people turn rabid during these times. I've proved I'm capable of disregarding my ideals once for work, so I'm expected to do it again.

Now, I try to make steps forward that include family, life-work-balance, and things I'm actually good at. I hope that I can be strong and successful for my family, and still like my journey. This is a glimpse of what has changed my values.

Goals before:
Having a career until I make it in art

Goals Now:
Have a simple-sustainable job and doing art

Books and lectures I liked Before:
The 48 Laws of Power
Machiavelli's The Prince

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I don't want to make excuses, but sharing brings thing into the light where the Universe can assist us. Let's encourage each other however is best, but not lose our values during challenging times.

(01 Mar '13, 04:18) AlicianFields
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Dear @AlicianFields,

A couple of things came to mind while reading your post.

"the viciousness of people in this economy is dark and incomprehensible."

I haven't experienced this at all. In fact, I've witnessed some incredible kindness and generosity during these last few years. Are you certain that this "viciousness" is not just peculiar to your own unique past experience?

Regarding the "toughness" of the times.

My great grandpa made a fortune during the American Great Depression. He literally raised his family out of poverty (his own father was a junk-man) and acquired numerous businesses, buildings, farms, and property. The "how" doesn't really matter; suffice to say it was in an honest manner, and he had absolutely zero "material" resources in the beginning.

During the "crash" of 2008, when asked about how he felt about the situation in the stock market, Warren Buffet replied, "like an oversexed man in a harem." (Because of the fall in prices, there were a ridiculous number of greatly undervalued stocks available for purchase)

It's all about point of view, you see...whether you are a pauper or a billionaire.

Regarding your new goal:

Goals Now: Have a simple-sustainable job and doing art

Congratulations....seriously. By setting a more desirable goal for yourself, you have taken a very important first step that many people never, ever take.

However, I had the same goal about ten years ago (and the previous one you mentioned before that)...and I got exactly what I asked for. I bounced around from job to job, just barely sustaining myself. After many years of that I realized I desired something far greater--and that it was possible to have it, I just hadn't asked for it.

The Universe always eventually gives you what you ask for, you see.

Since the Universe is limitless and can give you anything, why not shoot for the moon? How about changing your goal to something like:

Have an enriching, exciting, inspiring, high-paying, job doing the art that I love.

How does it feel when you read the above sentence and apply it to yourself?


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Hi AlicianFields, when under pressure humans react to defend themselves, to maintain equilibrium; unemployment, impression of "no future" can act as a motor, a driving force, to wake up our creative energies


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ru bis

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