What should someone do if they are wanting to enter a certain professional field, but find themselves struggling with the education? It does not come easy to them, they have to work twice maybe three times as hard while others can retain the information more easily, not study as much, and get better grades.

Is the first person on the right path for themselves? They want to do what this degree will enable them to do, but they don't want to be incompetent at it, either! :-(

Thank you for your thoughts :-)

asked 22 Feb '13, 22:31

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edited 22 Feb '13, 22:32

Ask that someone if s/he find this professional field exciting, or does s/he want to enter this certain field for other reasons than excitement to do the tasks.

My point is that if the person is struggling, then s/he is not following the path of least resistance.


answered 23 Feb '13, 03:10

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