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International Day of Peace - 21 September 2010

asked 20 Sep '10, 21:51

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I'm switching this to Community Wiki since it's information rather than a question

(21 Sep '10, 04:26) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen. For me, it's OK to be from community wiki, with the only difference that a pure information, without receiving points, has less chances to determine an attitude. You will see this, even if the world peace is essential just for personal growth...:)) In my country was launched a call for a collective prayer or meditation (individual choice) at a fixed hour and lenght of time. I think this isn't nothing.

(21 Sep '10, 06:27) Gleam
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I am trying to find inner peace. I feel that if each of us do that, then we will have world peace.


answered 20 Sep '10, 23:24

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I think the question should be " What do THEY want US to do for peace? " Sometimes just minding your own buisness is peace...

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answered 21 Sep '10, 08:40

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I agree with Drham that if each of us cultivates our own inner peace,we'll be adding to the peace of the planet.I'm also partaking in a 40 day Global Oneness experiment being facilitated by James Twyman which helps to feel a deeper connection to, and raise the vibration of everyone on the planet.

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answered 21 Sep '10, 11:30

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I try to act peacefully myself. I was insulted by a 'friend' not long ago and started repeating to myself: "I won't take offence, I won't take offence, it's not in my reality" and pretended I had taken no notice. Not much, but if I had responded to the offence it would have became a snowball!

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answered 21 Sep '10, 13:51

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A boy that was yelled at by his best friend. He grabbed a big stick and wrote in the sand, "Today my best friend yelled at me." A few days go past and his best friend says he is sorry. Again he grabs a big stick and this time writes on the stone walk, "Today my best friend said he is sorry he hurt me." The friend asked him, "what is with you writing with a stick ?" He said, "It is to remember", the friend said, "Yes but the sand washed away days ago." He said, "Yes, so did the memory and pain."

(16 Feb '13, 18:31) Wade Casaldi
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