I live in New York city and have been for about 2 months now driven to near insanity by a noise that reaches my 8th floor apartment. It's a metallic, buzzing sound that seems to come from some sort of engine or machinery. It's not the volume of the sound but something about it's pitch and rhythm that makes it insupportable, and it's been going on for about 2 months. There are lots of other high rise apartments nearby and hundreds air conditioning units, large AC and exhaust systems, and a huge building site right next to my building (maybe a generator?).

This sound is coming from a particular source because it is sometimes timed (it's on for 1.5 minutes, off for 3 minutes). I cannot, for all I have done, figure out where this noise is coming from so that I can at least see if it can somehow be stopped. The people who take care of my building can't help though I've spoken to them. So this is my last resort... is there any way I can somehow stop this sound through the law of attraction of thoughts? Is it possible through the mind to figure out where the noise is coming from or to have an effect on a machine? Any help would be so so very much appreciated

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Just from the feeling of the words in your question, this is clearly a major issue for you.

As with most major issues, people are often very clear about what they don't want and hence what they don't want looms large in their physical experience.

What you want to do to resolve this situation is soften how this situation is making you feel right now. That doesn't mean you have to like it, it just means shifting your vibrational attitude about it so that the whole issue feels a little less major.

Once you do that, solutions that were previously out of vibrational range (even if they were right under your physical nose) will start to present themselves.

I'm basically saying for The Law of Attraction to present a solution to you, you have to find a way to make your life okay despite this major annoyance.

If you haven't already done so, try creating a Focus Block around this subject and gradually move your feeling about the noise into a better-feeling place.

For example, statements like:

  • Yes, this noise is causing me a lot of anguish but it's not really the end of my life, is it? It's just a noise

  • I'm sure there are many people in this world who are suffering much more pain than this noise is giving me, so perhaps my life is not as bad as it seems

  • I'm sure that no-one is doing this to me on purpose so really once I identify the cause, it should be a relatively easy matter to come to some arrangement to minimize the noise

  • The people in my building are being helpful to me in this and I'm grateful for that. If one of them does have an idea about the noise, I have no doubts that they will let me know

  • Even though it is frustrating right now, the noise does not control me. I can always wear ear plugs for a while whenever it gets too much

  • One day, in years to come, I will probably look back on this experience and laugh about it.

  • You know, things are really not as bad as they seem. So much else in my life is working pretty well

  • I believe there is a solution. All I have to do is relax a bit and allow it to present itself to me

Those are just a few sentences I wrote in just a few minutes that made me feel better while imagining myself in your situation.

These sentences won't necessarily make you feel better because we are different people with different vibrational backgrounds but it's just to give you an idea of how you can (in just a few minutes) soothe a painful subject into a better place.

You have already flowed a lot of energy towards this desire for peacefulness so if you can just relax a bit about it, things will probably start moving fairly quickly in your experience.


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Stingray. Your examples for his issue has is beneficial to me for a personal issue. Thank you.

(26 Sep '10, 06:44) Back2Basics

LOL, are you sure it's not coming from inside your head. The sound of silence, or the music of the spheres, is an internal tone of our own energy from our aura or magnetic field. It is rythmic in nature. Just a thought.


answered 24 Sep '10, 23:41

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