I ask this question because I have seen that a lot of people on here say that making peace with where you are triggers manifestation. Also, Abraham said that the sweet spot for manifesting is enjoying what is and looking forward to what's next.

However, I have seen a lot of people who have at one point in their life wanted a desire and then over time, made peace with how things are without the manifestation and still not manifested anything. For instance, someone who wanted a new job at first, but then eventually made peace with his new job but nothing changed.

Or maybe many obese or overweight people who at one point, hated their bodies but eventually learnt to make peace with it and nothing changes. So, what is going on here? I'm not implying that making peace with where you are hasn't worked. I mean, I have read stories where people manifested a better house, job, health, wealth, even weight in some cases.

But what went wrong with these people? Why did they not manifest their desire? I've heard a loa teacher say that if you're fine either way (meaning you're okay even if it doesn't manifest), then what you prefer will always manifest. I'm sure all of these people would have preferred for the desire to manifest.

Also, a lot of women (mostly) encourage body confidence and yet haven't lost any weight themselves doing so. Were they not at peace with where they are? The answer to this is all I seek le serious 16 year old expression

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Everything in your reality @Happyunicorn17 is a reflection of the vibes you're sending outwards, manifestations are not just a match to your thoughts and emotions, but to the totality of the vibes of your being. Manifesting a desire that is experiencing it involves modifying the whole spectrum of the vibes you're emitting

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First of all, I think we can never really know the inner state of another. It's much more valuable to see how this principle has worked in your own life, than to try to determine how it worked in someone else's.

But I think there's a difference between making peace, while still preferring your manifestation, and making peace because the manifestation is too scary or seemingly unrealistic. For instance, it would make sense that for someone to lose weight, not only would they have to make peace with their body now, but they'd also have to believe and be open to losing weight being possible. I'd ask such a person how they feel when they consider the idea of losing weight. If they feel tense or negative about it, it would suggest to me underlying resistance that they're not looking at.

The same with someone who hates his current job, but made peace with it. Was he really open to the new job, and feeling good about it?

Robert Fritz has the idea of structural tension. That is, accept your reality as it is now, but also look to your future reality. I don't agree with all of his concepts, but I think it has some value.

Richard Dotts has a book called Mastering the Manifestation Paradox. In it, he says that if you imagine your desires on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is that you don't desire it at all, and 10 is that you desperately desire it and obsess over it, manifestations come the fastest at around a 5. That is, it is important to you, but you are able to detach enough to allow it to enter into your life effortlessly. If you've made peace to such a degree that you honestly don't care about it anymore-- that is, if it has reached almost to 0--then you probably won't receive it.

Also I'd say that people get the essence of their desire. If the person wanting a new job was able to more easily get the essence of his desire by changing a few components of the current job, then that's probably what would happen. It operates on the path of least resistance.


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I love the video "The path of Least Resistance" by Robert Fritz, just up my street :)

(01 Nov '15, 09:32) jaz

Yeah, he's good. I think the central message is essentially that when you're creating your goal, to focus on moving towards what you want, not on moving away from what you don't want. So essentially Abraham's message.

(01 Nov '15, 10:19) The Magician

Personally I find it fits perfectly with the energy flows experienced with servranx templates and feng shui

(01 Nov '15, 11:43) jaz

key points; energy moves along the path of least resistance - the underlying structure determines the path of least resistance - we can change the underlying structure - the underlying structure leads to oscillation or advancement - the key to advancement is structural tension - tension seeks resolution

(01 Nov '15, 14:20) jaz
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