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Hello fellow Travellers

Like many of you here I have often found myself floundering in my search for clarity, jumping from teachings to teachers to books and encountering an equal dose of realisation and frustration. One of the questions that kept me baffled was 'How come this issue I thought had been resolved keeps coming back?'. I am particularly very interested in the Parallel Universes of Self theory and the possibility of shifting effortlessly between them and got VERY frustrated thinking things like 'Why doesn't it work with ME?', since I have so much passion for these topics.

Then today on a nice bus ride home, an insight struck my conscious mind like lightning. I had an inspiration to share it here, even though I do understand it is going to resonate with some and not others. The fact of the matter is that it FELT right like nothing else has in a long time. It cut right through confusion and I'm intuiting that it will linger.

It is simple: as thoughts arise in the mind, whenever they feel good say to yourself: YES, PLEASE. Whenever they don't (and these can range from hurtful past memories to judgements of others and self to negative interpretations of current realities), just say: NO, THANK YOU. Simple as that. That can create an almost instantaneous state of openness and balance and clear the channel for the intuitive mind and inspiration to come forth. This is a wonderful technique to deal with fear, because basically you are not suppressing it, but rather, letting it gently arise in the mind and then dissipate.

Now how does this tie in with Parallel Versions of Self, you say?

I have found that as we don't fight negativity but rather let it arise (we see it for what it is but say NO, THANK YOU, NOT INTERESTED), progressively and automatically, more positive realities start to suggest themselves (in my case, they arise as 'slides' of possible futures) which you then can fully invite in saying YES, PLEASE, which causes a noticeable shift in energy. My understanding of why the Parallel Versions theory becomes frustrating for many is that we tend to unconsciously deny the particular Parallel Reality that we are living and that does not feel good (in the form of associated thoughts) and thus keep it in place. By acknowledging that we don't want it anymore (NO) but still honouring it (THANK YOU), we allow more aligned realities to suggest themselves effortlessly.

Like Stingray and others here so masterfully put it, all that we want and that is US, is already in our Vortex. Most of us sometimes struggle in the allowing part, and that's where knowing how to deal wisely with fear and frustration becomes of utmost importance. I'm so grateful for this insight I had and really wanted to share. Looking forward to hearing your experiences with it :)

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Thanks for sharing this @surfgrass

I think of it as being a sort of dual awareness. I am having this thought - but I am not this thought, so I can do anything I want with it. I appreciate the simplicity of your loving binary response to the thought and the ensuing feeling. For me, the sensation of No Thank You is that of re-centering on some non-physical part of myself that is grounded and pure and allowing the thought/emotion to slip through that channel and off into the earth. This imagery convinces me that my field is clear of the thought/emotion, that it is not stuck somewhere else. And it helps me feel grounded and centered.

Of course not everyone would need or enjoy the imagery, but it works for me.

I feel joyous and free thinking about your insight and this discussion and the potential for where it could go, so YES PLEASE!


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Hello @imaginesue! Nice to hear your feedback and how it all works for you! I think regardless of how we deal with the thought (and I very much enjoy yours because it calls forth the purifying ability of Earth), it is important that the vibration be one of acknowledgement - like, this reality has the same validity as all others but it's not what I prefer anymore! It's almost as if the thought has life and demands recognition in order to be transmuted into uplifting energy..

(07 Nov '16, 20:14) Surfgrass

.. It's also quite beautiful knowing that we can throw ANY thought out in consciousness and reinforce the feeling whenever it shows back up and know that it has no choice but shift you into a parallel reality where it is manifest.

(07 Nov '16, 20:15) Surfgrass
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