Hello everyone, I was just looking over the new Silva Method website it has been updated and I am interested in trying it but thought I would ask if any one has tried it here first :) I understand some members have positive experiences with previous versions but I am interested in this one particularily ( Silva Life System Version 2.0)

The website is kind of confusing as it sends you around to different pages a bit when you look into different things but the actual product I'm thinking of getting would be the silver digital version for £99. Is this reasonably priced? I have no clue for this type of thing. I am very interested in some of the claims they make about these products as it does almost seem a little too good to be true.

Would I be better suited to trying something cheaper first?

I am interested in learning the techniques to have more intuition and everything to do with dreaming. I am at a point in my journey where I am thinking that if I take part in a program the guidance will help me progress at a more positive rate.

Thank you, Peace.

asked 28 Jun '13, 13:16

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apparently I cannot access this offer of £99 anymore because it is only available when you first look at purchasing it all I did was follow a link and then came back to the original page. I have tried deleting my cookies but it still is telling me the price is now £199. Why would they bother? Its companies that act like this that put me off wanting to purchase they're products.

(28 Jun '13, 15:12) lastplacefavourite

Try uninstalling your flash player & download a new one. That should remove the cookies you weren't able to delete. Then use another email acct to log on.

(29 Jun '13, 01:44) ele

Ele has a good idea, or if you don't want to do that just wait. They will offer you special prices by e-mail pretty regularly.

(29 Jun '13, 22:15) LeeAnn 1
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I have nearly all of the Silva products and can tell you that they have changed my life for the positive and empowered me more than anything else. If you are just starting out though and unsure about whether or not to spend money on the recordings, you could sign up for their e-mail list and also become a fan on Facebook. You will receive many free recordings this way and can try them out first, to see if this is "for you" or not. This will ease you into the program and help you make decisions about their other products. Best wishes!


answered 28 Jun '13, 17:34

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LeeAnn 1

Thank you, I have signed up for the email but it was this action that made me lose out on the offer, I cannot afford an extra hundred pounds to spare so I guess I hve missed out. Hopefully I get something from the free materials. I do not have facebook so I can't follow them there unfortunately.

(29 Jun '13, 01:19) lastplacefavourite


there is a book also named, "silva method of mind control".., i bought it last year and its very cheap..,

it has all the techniques and process to become psychic..

i have read the book twice and rt now applying the processes.. for this month and next one..,i l be doin my first process and i tell u ,it works..

i am just on my first technique of, "quick meditation"and i tell u..its amazing..,it is helping a lot in dream programming as well.., i would love to tell u, these days.., i see my future in my dreams.., my every dream comes out to be true..,and it damn interesting..

so, as LeeAnn said..,the emails really help.., first i tried emails and when i became satisfied with it..,i bought a hard copy..and its good..,easy ,simple and quick..

hope this helps..

love,light and blessings ur way..

supergirl :))


answered 29 Jun '13, 01:43

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