If so, would you recommend it to others, and in what ways does it impact change for spiritual growth, and enlightenment.

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I have not taken one of the in-person seminars or classes, but I have gone through the home-study CD's. I have the "Ultra Mind" set and the "Life System" set.

I should say first off, that an Uncle of mine went from a broken down, homeless alcoholic to owning his own successful business and gaining his family back, after going through the system, so I had a good attitude about the exercises right off.

The exercises really do work and I use them to this day. I definitely recommend particularly the Life System set if you can't attend a class in person. It changed my life and gave me tools I used to succeed and be happy. There are also some good Jose Silva books out there with additional exercises, which can be purchased inexpensively from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It's not a belief system, but a series of mental exercises you can do daily. They wouldn't conflict with any belief system I can think of.

Best wishes!


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I get their emails and downloaded a mp3 relax recording ,they offer a free book at their site.I was reading in a forum and there was a question about what is your favorite "self-help book" and a few of Jose Silva's books were mentioned ..have not bought the system their emails for the most part are positive and uplifting.The Mp3 recording I have is Very relaxing... here is the link to their site and at the bottom of the page you'll find the free stuff http://www.silvaultramindsystem.com/


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