Does this prove that laws of attraction are not real ? Consider the case of a natural disaster. . . . . . . . a disaster usuall affects the people in the same area.....for example if a building collapses due to an earthquake. . . . does that mean all the people attracted the disaster and the leading death upon themselves . . . . . .this case seems highly unlikely. . . . . . . .does this prove that the laws are fake!!! please reply to this question and dont ignore it...people like to keep themselves in the dark and hope for miracle which can be a dangerous thing!.....question these laws. . ..if you decide to live by them for the rest of your life then you should at least make sure that you analyse them from every possible angle. Can it be possible all that people who featured on the movie are the only who who profit ? from this law? why would they wanna share the secret with the whole damn world!!!! also, is it right to say that child rape is also caused by the law of attraction? what about the things day to day things that occurs whith a cup of coffee in the morning...i never obsese about it...i never try to attract it to myself.....but still i get it! .

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Welcome. =) There are many questions on this topic, you should search and check some of them out while waiting for responses. Also, it seems you feel like you're coming from a standpoint which will be reacted to with defensiveness or hostility. Or perhaps we don't ask these questions ourselves or encourage others to do so.

Questioning beliefs is encouraged, please do seek truth. Everyone else encourages the same, so no need to worry about "being ignored". These issues are touched on regularly.

(02 Jul '13, 16:48) Snow

The LOA is NOT the Law of Shame & Blame..

(02 Jul '13, 23:39) ele

@ledzepp - "question these laws. . ..if you decide to live by them for the rest of your life then you should at least make sure that you analyse them from every possible angle." Sounds like the perfect description for many of us here at Inward Quest. We've questioned and analyzed them and found that there's definitely something to them. Welcome. :)

(03 Jul '13, 02:44) lozenge123

@ledzepp- welcome to IQ.., its all about ur belief systems u know. but, loa do exists, and its proved. now its up to follow it or not. but, anyway its still working. even,now when ur reading this comment. now also,its working.its a physical one can deny it.

(03 Jul '13, 08:00) supergirl

It's a very limited, and at the same time limiting, point of view to think that it's only human minds that are capable of bending fabric of reality to match their desire.

(19 Aug '13, 19:06) CalonLan
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Welcome to IQ. Id have to say I think the law of attraction seems to be operating perfectly for you. Your finding evidence to support current belief "The laws of attraction are not real". That's the thing about LOA. You get to be right in your YOUniverse even if it seems contrary to "The Law" and so I think id be wasting my time trying to convince you otherwise, for now :)

I'm sure your like many on IQ who join in search of finding the answers on how to live a happier life etc. If so then ask yourself is trying to disprove the Law of Attraction serving / helping me in my life? If so good for you, if not then my advice is to forget this whole LOA thing and find things to feel good about in your life. That's what I do and so far it's working very well.


answered 02 Jul '13, 19:04

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Oh come on, im a loa believer, still bad stuff happens for all of us. Now dont tell me its all positive, cuz its we, who assign meaning to the neutral life. That would sound like extreme hippie like thinking. I accept responsibility for myself, but i guess there is stuff that just happens to us, which you have no control over, except how u react.

(11 Jul '13, 13:43) petike1

There are few ways to look at this to understand there is something much more at work than straightforward analytical logic -

1) 7 yrs back there was a big fire in my apt complex that razed down few apts but only killed 2. WHen it happened i was not there - as i was at work. I also needed to get out of there since it was not a place i wanted to stay too long. But the point is when some natural disaster happens not everyone is affected in the same area. Some are gone somewhere else due to other activities etc. Some other people temporarily were there who normally would not be there due to some work etc. So you can't pin point lot of things with your logic too. I understand where you are coming from.

2) There are lot of things that we do not control in life. Like your heart pumps blood every time and that travels through capillaries to other parts of your body etc.. if something happens its very critical and you will die. But at the same time we are not doing anything about it. Its like a whole factory inside our body so many things going but we have no clue until we even read it in Science to know whats going on. Whats crazy is it just keeps happening on its own w/o we doing anything. So you need to realize there is something much larger at play here.

3) There are lot of things we cannot see. This is a fact. Science has already established that the Earth rotates at 3000 miles and it revolves around the Sun at 300,000 miles per hr. But you can see that?? NO. Even after we know that its true we cannot. For me it only appeats stationary. Tomorrow if suddenly all scientists switch and say earth is stationary its very easy to believe that. But anyway the point here is We cant see Jack Sh*t ... lol

4) You need to speculate why such Masters and great spiritual leaders say there is more everything going on. THey all say to connect to Higher Self. they say our thoughts are very powerful and can create physical realities. Yes they do have some differences but at the core they say Love conquers everything, Thoughts are creations etc.. Just like scientists have a way to see things that common people cannot if you follow the spiritual teachings you will be able to FEEL what they say. But you need give that a try.

Just like you said with your logic Law of attraction is not right. Same way if you were to go back 500 yrs and tell someone we can talk even if you are in different countries (cell phones) or i can see you in differnt locations (Live TV), you cannot make them believe it. Same way you need to be open and try the methods that are given to you patiently for some months or year for you to FEEL this force too.

I also dont have answers to every question. But i have understood how i am creating my own happiness to quite some extent by applying the principles of Law of attraction, Law of Allowing things in, Be easy with yoru self and follow your joy etc! these principles i can say work but you need to apply it.


answered 02 Jul '13, 19:41

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perfect..!!!.. answer..:))

(03 Jul '13, 07:57) supergirl

It is a co creation. Mother Earth itself is a separate entity that is the sum of all of our souls together. It releases negative energy as we do, and it is done as a natural disaster. It really is LOA as we co-create negativity as a race and as a collective, and we get it back, collectively. TReb always said the collective LOA is set up different than the singular.

Hope this helps.

Love and light


EDIT 8/22/13

THIS QUESTION MADE ME SO HAPPY TO SEE I ADDED IT TO THE TALK ON Rob n George show... I elaborated much more deeply @24 min

listen @ 24 min

love n light



answered 20 Aug '13, 22:04

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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thank u dear brother @ursixx

(21 Aug '13, 12:35) TReb Bor yit-NE
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In my own opinion, I do believe that LOA exists and affects somethings to some degree, what I have issues believing is that LOA answers all. We have our own plan for life, while life also has its own plan for us. Use whatever is serving you in certain areas and give it up in certain areas where you deem it fit not to serve you again. This is an analogy; cars serve you on the road but if you want to fly you need a plane. Does that mean that cars are not real? or doesn't serve A Purpose?


answered 20 Jul '13, 08:49

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I'm fairly certain Law of Attraction isn't operating at level of our (superficial) judgments about physical reality. So, you say 'natural disaster' as if that rightly explains the event/experience, and therefore applies to all those in the situation, equally. But even within that scope, the disaster is just one, likely very short, moment of the experience. There is the 'aftermath' and subsequent moments following that in which Attraction is still operating.

In the cases where mass amount of death is the experience, I do not think all persons involved were consciously attracting that experience. Yet, I also believe, strongly, that there is no 'death' so again the judgment of that experience is skewed by us who think death is bad and/or end. I do think that some minds within that experience were attracting the specific event and that the rest are along for that ride, while manifesting their own experience(s) within a scope much broader than the apparently huge scope that 'disaster' carries with it.


answered 22 Jul '13, 13:06

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I have tested my ability to manifest things and situations into my life. I don't know why those who die in natural disasters don't choose to protect themselves with their incredible power. I can only guess that they didn't learn how to use their power for their protection.


answered 07 Aug '13, 09:46

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This reminds me of a joke I heard a few years ago. This man was flying in a plane and worried about crashing and dying. A passenger wellmeaning said, "Don't worry when it is our time to die God will take us but if not we won't die." He then replied, "Oh thank you, but what of it is the pilot's time to die?"

Now I'll tell a story of a woman that could see auras ever since childhood. One day she went to get on an elevator. As she stepped in, she noticed something very strange about all the people. She couldn't put her finger on it but felt like turning around and getting off. She did turn around and got back off. After that the elevator fell, everyone in that elevator was killed. She then realized what was weird was none of those people had an aura. She was used to bright colors sparkling from everyone. These people had no auras!

The internet says this was an Edgar Casey story. I remember it from some paranormal TV show.

It seemed like maybe right before we die our souls prepare to go. I remember my mystery school taught right before we die, all our chakras pull into one ball in I believe it was the heart in preparation to leave.

This leads to how do our souls know we are about to die in an accident that hasn't yet happened?


answered 07 Aug '13, 11:13

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Wade Casaldi

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The LOA is not the only operative Law in Existence and there is a Law of Cause and Effect which affects not only ourselves but people around us both directly and indirectly. Mastery of the LOA does NOT make us immune to life challenges, difficulties and suffering. Thats not the purpose. The purpose of life, IMO, is about garnering experience within the illusion of a dulaistic reality so as to generate Universal self-awareness. Experience and the subsequent awareness that results cannot happen unless there is a "perceived" negative experience as opposed to the positive as one truly defines the other and produces the knowledge of the experience.


answered 17 Aug '13, 01:39

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can u please elaborate ?

(17 Aug '13, 14:22) ledzepp
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