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Whoo, boy! Here's a question that I really wish I could actually do! Ahh, to talk to myself when I was young, and to tel her all the things that I have learned.

Here I am at seventeen, all seriousness and seemingly ready to tackle anything!

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Pictures aside (be sure to post pics of yourself when you were young if you feel like would be fun and would sure liven up things around here!), I would have told myself to stay in chorus in High School, take more Art and a lot less Science, and to not worry so much about what my parents thought...In fact, not to worry so much about what anyone thought!

I would have told myself to follow my gut always, to be nice, to pick up after myself, both at home and environmentally; I would have told myself to laugh more, play more, and not take life so seriously.

Finally, I would have explained most patiently that I was not going to die young and to plan for retirement, for time flies, and life happens while you are making other plans.

So, Questers! What would you have t say to your younger self if you could travel back in time and speak to that person you were? It's really an important question if you think about it. It points out what we have learned from least, I hope so! :)

Blessings, as usual, from

Your Jai

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asked 17 Jul '13, 21:59

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heyyy, jai.. I loved this question....

Well..m still young... So, when i was small...i would have told myself to be more patient n polite wth all the people around me cos God has made me special...but i can't explain this to people around, i will tell 'small supergirl' that girl 'be patient n be positive...,be forgiving..'', u have long wayy to go..


Supergirl :))


answered 18 Jul '13, 03:10

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@supergirl- Even you young people can have something to say to your younger selves! Thanks and love...Jau :)

(18 Jul '13, 04:52) Jaianniah

May we know how old are you? I'm just 15.

(20 Jul '13, 16:38) petike1

@jai.....yup true dear, @petike1- m just 22 :)), omg ur just 15,i must say ur soooooooooooooooo lucky tht u found iq, in such younger age.

(22 Jul '13, 04:12) supergirl
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I can't really think of what I'd ask myself younger.

I can't think of what I'd ask myself now let alone myself younger.

I'm still trying to figure out my life, what I came for. Did I come for some reason to achieve something? Who knows, I don't.

I think it would be better to send someone successful in life back to talk with younger me. That would achieve more I believe.


answered 18 Jul '13, 01:10

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Wade Casaldi

Aw, come on, @Wade! I an sure that if you could, your younger self would have something to say to you now! Use your imagination, and try! BTW, where's your pic?? Love, Your Jai

(18 Jul '13, 02:26) Jaianniah

you lock yourself into
material time, perhaps
our spirits duration sees
a hundred earth years
as but seconds


answered 19 Jul '13, 21:46

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Nice one. @fred! I knew there was a poet hiding on there! <3 Jai

(20 Jul '13, 12:28) Jaianniah

I also love this que tion. I would tell myself to trust my intuition. That everything I have learned will learn will eventually be proven false, so trust my intuition. That there is no "outside," I create my own reality, so don't wait 50+ years to begin to do it consciously, so trust my intuition.


answered 20 Jul '13, 19:24

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Beach Baby

@Beach Baby- Thank you! A wonderful and concise answer!! Loved it a lot. <3 Jai

(20 Jul '13, 23:54) Jaianniah
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