My lifestyle is increasingly conflicting with what I feel is my calling.

I work as a software developer and I have a family I take care of. Going to work daily and working with people means lots of opportunities for Practice, however as my spiritual life progresses (and my ego correspondingly regresses) I feel it increasingly difficult to concentrate on "mundane" office tasks. It also feels rather painful to watch all these childish coworkers chasing the ephemeral goals and solving the problems they create for each other.

Should I take it as a challenge and an opportunity to practice or should I try to change my lifestyle? What would be a good indication that the change is necessary?

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As we become more spiritually aware, we start to recognize what our real calling or purpose is. During this period it is possible that the friends that you used to have or the things you used to do will no longer appeal to you. However at the same time you should start attracting the things and people you want into your life. The important thing is to not resist the changes but try to understand from a spiritual perspective what is happening in your life. As long as you are on the spiriutal path you will be moving towards where you want to be which can mean giving up some of our old habits. For myself, I find that I now enjoy solitude and silence more than ever because it is in those moments that I feel most connected to the Universe.


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Man, I think we are in the same exact boat, I totally understand you right now.

I'm in the same industry, have an upcoming family, and totally get what you mean about mundane office tasks. The other part of my concern is that my entire industry is based on problems between nations. So I can't help but think this job would not even exist if people put the methods on this site into practices and could get along! We are so professional for what are childish problems between adults.

The change in lifestyle is a very tempting idea but I think the main issue is, will your new lifestyle support your family and true happiness?

The questions I ask myself is will I be much more happier with a different lifestyle, will making money take over as a problem, and of course what are the details of this lifestyle change?

I think just sayinhg I want a different lifestyle is not good enough and that is where my problem comes in. I don't really know what my different lifestyle would be.

Do you just mean a different career or never return to civilization and sitting by the fire after a 3 days hike. (ha ha) and changing all aspects of your life, what you eat, wear, say, think, country you live in, etc. ?? What exactly do you want to do different?

Sometimes I think we just need to have more fun in our current situations, I am guilty of not having enough of it.


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Thanks bro, it warms my heart to know I'm not alone. Regarding the specifics, I'm not seriously considering going into seclusion, no, but I think maybe I should try to get a work at a religious institute or a "spiritual" company at least a non-profit perhaps as a clerk which would pay much less money but would make me feel alright?

(30 Sep '10, 16:43) zvolkov

I am sure there are many more like us. (like we are from a different planet! haha) I am sure you can be much more than a clerk, right? A minister or a project manager for the non-profit...This sounds like it is in scope to your career so in that case perhaps you can start to see what specific jobs and education are out there for it??

(30 Sep '10, 17:18) Back2Basics

I don't think you will really be solving the core problem by changing jobs. Those childish coworkers will merely follow you into your next situation only in a different guise. The fact that they trigger such a reaction is to show you those areas within yourself that you need to work on - they are in your experience to teach you something, and remember we do attract everything and everyone into our own reality.

I would suggest for now sticking with your current job and using those childish coworkers as part of your daily spiritual practice to enhance your own spiritual growth. Look at why they irk you and how they make you react and choose to respond differently and maybe then secretly thank them for showing you those areas where you can grow.

I suspect if you try this approach for a little while you may find that your perspective changes and as a result the current situation will change.


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Our mind and more importantly our Ego loves to play the Us and Them game.

this "conflict is most certainly part of your growth and you should look at is as a wonderful opportunity that is showing you that you are moving in the right direction. BE THANKFUL!

As long as wee keep labeling people there will always be players to fill those roles everywhere. I have had to fight a similar battle for years until I learned to accept responsibility for how I react to these other people. I love and accept these slight annoyances for they will always be a reminder of my patience and love and understanding for all.

As the sacred source does not judge, nor shall I.

Much love!


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jim 10

Thank you !

(01 Oct '10, 16:42) zvolkov

Integrate your calling wherever you are because as you practice, people will notice. Just be you and everything will fall into place.


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@Brian: This is currently what I am doing, I wonder if it is necessarily the right way to go about it though? For example, why stay around somewhere and go against the grain?

(30 Sep '10, 16:29) Back2Basics

I hear you, and you can only go against the grain for so long. But till you find something else, enjoy going against the grain. Chances are, you are the type of person who will go against the grain wherever you are anyway. And like you said below, have more fun. Just having fun will be enough of a message for the others to start asking you more questions. If you are always smiling people are going to want to know why and then all you have to do is tell them.

(30 Sep '10, 21:20) Brian
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