I'm actually coming out of a cycle of depression, in which there were times when I would sleep for hours but not often. I feel like my energy is changing for the positive, especially since December 2012. I dicovered Bashar about a week ago and am really helped by the material.

I'd like any feedback on my excessive sleeping. I do have back problems so am often reclining but this is not new. In the past few months, once or twice daily, I suddenly drop off to sleep. It just takes over. At first this was from one to 2 and a half hours. Now it's getting less, usually than one hour. But it's so odd because there is no warning usually, like yawning, etc. I just all of a sudden wake up. It's a deep sleep without any dreams recalled. If I can catch the feeling of sleepiness coming on, I lie down because otherwise I will wake up sitting with a stiff neck anyway. Then at night, I still sleep about 7 hours.

I have been doing a lot of inner belief examination and letting go, esp. since finding Bashar. I think this is probably a good thing and I'm grateful to have created a lifestyle in which I can do this for now. What do others think? Anyone else ever go through this? Aloha from Hawaii

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Thanks for your responses, Jai and Stingray. Jai, I really appreciate your concern. I do actually sleep very well at night, do not have sleep apnea or weight problems. However I promise to bring it up with my doc when I see her next (soon).

Stingray, I think you are correct on all levels. My intuition has been telling me exactly what you wrote. I have been devouring information provided by Bashar very recently and it's like finding a golden key after much searching, releasing and pain. Gang, I can't tell you how much this information has connected the dots for me. Things are changing in and around me. I get paid for working a job in which I am not doing any tasks,and it's OK! And weirder of all, I'm OK with it! Just an example.

I wanted to post my question as I could not find it anywhere else, besides wanting validation and support. Thanks again and I hope it has helped others. I like this forum and hope we can be active together! Love, MHG

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If your "excessive sleeping" seems to come as you are doing "releasing" work then that suggests to me it is indicative of acclimatization to new vibrational levels. It's nothing to be concerned about and will sort itself out in time.

This sort of thing happens to me sometimes if I am changing a long-held no-longer-wanted belief to a better, more empowering feeling-place. It's almost like the body needs to shut down for a while to integrate the significant change. On awakening, I can often sense that "something" has subtly shifted in my reality for the better.

So I wouldn't really worry about what's happening. Just go with the flow of what your body wants to do in response to the inner changes that you are doing.

I think the reason that this happens is that sleep is often the next logical step for a "release" of a disempowering belief. It's a similar idea to death often being the next logical (joyous) step for a desire for freedom. It's like there is nowhere else to go physically so the next logical step is a non-physical one...in your case, sleep.


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You desperately need a sleep study.

Dropping off to sleep suddenly can indicate that you are not sleeping well at night. A sleep study would show how you are sleeping, and whether you are getting REM sleep, and whether you are getting enough deep sleep.

I cannot emphasize this enough. You may need a CPAP machine like I did.

Go to your doctor, and tell him/her about your problem. If this happens while you are driving, you could die or kill someone else.

Get some advice on this true medical problem.

Good luck!



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