Over the past few months I've noticed that when things start going well I find it easier to get in the vortex - well that's obvious of course. But when I'm really feeling happy and expecting good things - and there is no doubt in my mind because its business that has already been promised etc, all of a sudden things start unravelling. Why does that happen? Especially when I really am certain about the outcome why does the outcome suddenly change? If that's the power of my past negative thinking then does that mean that LOA does not work in the short term i.e. it would take a long time to think positively in order to negate the effects of years of negative thinking. But that's contrary to what I have learnt about LOA.

I really need to understand this as I have just taken a major decision in my life to look for a job (while keeping my business on the side) in order to get some stability for a year or so and pay of the debts steadily and then return to my business full fledged with some financial safety net. With my experience and reputation I know its a Director level position that I'm looking for and I find it really easy to visualize myself enjoying the salary and benefits but suddenly a little niggle of a doubt comes up saying what if I don't get it? How do I ensure that this vision becomes a reality?

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I Think Therefore I Am

Very good question.I also observed same situation many times.

(30 Oct '10, 06:45) Zee
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I think it's a matter of contrast.

If things are going OK, minor problems can seem like little bumps in the road. But if you are in the Vortex, and some little thing distracts you and gets you out of the Vortex, it can feel like a major fall from grace.

What I do know is that success requires failure. The people who are the most successful (by whatever measure you define success) are always the ones that have tried the most things, found out what didn't work, and began to consistently apply those things that did work.

From that perspective, what is perceived by one person as failure is perceived by another as one step closer to ultimate success.


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Loved your reply, Vesuvius; that's a good perspective to have and comforting too. Thinking this way helps one to stay in the vortex and not get totally knocked about over setbacks.

(30 Oct '10, 02:04) LeeAnn 1

I'm having a bit of trouble understanding how this question is different to your previous question: Good things happen when I’m feeling negative and bad things when I’m positive - WHY??

Or, at least, my answer would still be the same.

Your beliefs act like a kind of self-regulating thermostat in your life.

If you have more in your life than you believe you should, you will find ways to lose it until you come back into your comfort zone. e.g. you will have an urge to buy something expensive, your car will break down with expensive repairs, people you feel obliged to help will ask you for lots of money...the physical manifestations of your limiting belief influencing your life are endless.

But it works the other way around too.

If you have less than you believe you should, you will find ways to draw more into your life. I've noticed in my own life that once I reach below a certain financial level, money seems to come out of nowhere in surprising and unusual ways. This time it is a limiting belief (from the other end...the end we don't complain about!) just pulling my life back into that comfort zone again.

Ever noticed how millionaires/billionaires who then go on to do something disastrous and lose most (or all) of their money then make it back again very quickly? Their life circumstances may have changed but their beliefs regarding prosperity have not, so they make it all back again...and usually more too, because of the added desires that have been launched as a result of the adversity.

Donald Trump is a prime example of this.

alt text

It is worth considering that just feeling good or being in the Vortex does not change your dominant beliefs about anything by itself.

It could well be that if you keep yourself in the Vortex long enough, you get positive manifestations of things that you want which now make you believe differently about your ability to get those things but it's not guaranteed.

As soon as you hit against a limiting belief that triggers you into a bad feeling vibrational state, you will find yourself ejected from The Vortex because you are no longer a vibrational match to the other (vibrational) things in there i.e. all the stuff you desire.

It's still no problem though...it's the way life is supposed to work.

I know it might not seem like it right now but life is not really about getting all the stuff, life is about that constant, on-going re-alignment with The Vortex.

You can think of being in The Vortex as taking a long, relaxing vacation where you sit around and do nothing. But there will come a time for everybody when they get bored of that and want a bit of fun and excitement, maybe even danger. And after doing all that, you appreciate the next vacation even more. :)

I find it really easy to visualize myself enjoying the salary and benefits but suddenly a little niggle of a doubt comes up saying what if I don't get it?

Reading through your question, I wonder if this statement represents where you are tripping yourself up with manifesting the life you are after?

It sounds like you've stepped into needing the manifestation to happen, rather than just enjoying the process of letting it unfold. I can understand why this would be the case, based upon your previous descriptions of your life situation, but nevertheless it's a major obstacle to getting what you want.

As much as we may not like it, the Law of Attraction is absolutely consistent.

That absolute consistency is both our greatest friend (when we are in alignment) and our greatest enemy (when we are out of alignment)...so it's up to us to find a way to change...because the Law won't.


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"It is worth considering that just feeling good or being in the Vortex does not change your dominant beliefs about anything by itself." If this is the case, how should we go about changing our certain beliefs besides trying to get into the Vortex? I know exactly what you mean by this because my bank account balance never seems to pass a certain amount which I wanted..it just gets spent away on useless stuff whenever I am nearing that balance and I always found it fascinating

(30 Oct '10, 11:29) kakaboo

There are a huge number of different approaches to belief change. Look through the questions on this site relating to beliefs and you'll find many of them: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/tagged/beliefs . Personally I like Focus Blocks (http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5901/manifesting-experiment-2-the-focus-blocks-method-manifest-what-you-want-by) and especially the advanced variation of it that actually gets you into the Vortex as a by-product (http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/7040/is-it-possible-to-feel-relief-on-a-topic-from-a-point-that-is-not-your-trained-v/7077#7077)

(30 Oct '10, 12:53) Stingray

I have experienced that wearing CITRINE( a light yellow colour Topaz ) iis good for remaining in positive mind set,good for finances and it dicipates negative energy.this is good for manifesting and keepiong us in vortex as well.

(30 Oct '10, 13:33) Zee

@Stingray: Sorry, I don't quite get it for the focus blocks part. Do you mean that focus blocks actually works by altering your beliefs first and that the vortex is a result of that alteration? I always thought that focus blocks were more focused towards providing relief and getting into the vortex

(30 Oct '10, 14:55) kakaboo

Okay, let me make it clear for you...Focus Blocks and Focus Wheels are the most effective systematic belief changers that I know of. You can also use them to piggy-back off that belief change and get into the Vortex too, but that's a secondary benefit

(30 Oct '10, 15:21) Stingray

@Stingray - the way in this qs. differs to the other one is that here I'm talking about acutually having no doubts at all like when you pay for your grocery you know all you have to do is take the bags home whereas in the previous qs. it was more about just feeling good and positive. At that time I hadn't really consciously applied any techniques to get in the vortex now I do.

(30 Oct '10, 19:46) I Think Therefore I Am
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I'm heading in another direction here, much different than what I've heard. It took me a while to understand the fullness of what I am explaining, however the power of it will make utter sense in its simplicity!

Will you encounter resistance? Oh, yes. Your activity creates it. Why? Because action requires reaction to support it. If there were no resistance, action would be nonexistent. To move forward, you must push backwards. To jump up, you must push down. Resistance is the negative pole of action or activity, It is resistance that keeps the airplane soaring.

Without resistance, it could not fly, nor could the birds; or the fish swim; or you walk. As the power of the engine increases, the greater the momentum of the airplane and the greater the resistance necessary to support it. The greater the momentum, the greater the altitude or height possible to attain. With the decrease in engine power comes the decrease in momentum and the consequent dropping of the plane. Do not be discouraged when negatives appear; they are your friends. They are your support for forward momentum! Do not allow yourself to start vibrating on that lower plane. Know that it’s a sign of motion forward.

Are you to recognize resistance in any guise? No. For, if you recognize it as a power opposed to your progress, you are resisting it, therefore you automatically acknowledge it as a power greater than you, for no lesser power can retard the progress of a greater one. The positive pole always dominates and the negative serves.

Remember this great truth: Whoever or whatever you resist, be it in thought, word or action; be it in the form of criticism, envy, jealousy, hatred or otherwise, you must assuredly help, and you weaken yourself proportionately. Why? Because you have deliberately taken a portion of your precious life force so necessary to your progress, and transferred it to that person or thing. Simply keep your eyes toward your present goal.... This is what “What you resist, persists” means.




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Barry Allen ♦♦

Welcome @Linda. Once you post the answer the window below in which your answer appears closes. Good answer and I agree the more we resist a situation the longer it persists but we usually end up forgetting this when we face problems

(31 Oct '10, 22:10) I Think Therefore I Am
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