Today I felt extremely stuck and unhappy in my current job search. I have a university degree, however I quit my job 2 years ago and I started to go back to school to learn a new skill.

I was hoping that I could pass my certification exam in these 2 years, but I have taken the exam up to 3 times and I have failed them miserably every time. At this point I have no idea how I can pass the exam, to me it's very hard even with all the studying that I have done.

Now I don't really know what to do, I'm ready to give up and look for jobs again. Today I received a phone call from an agent that wanted to find a job for me however she said that the company needs 3 recommendations.

I have no idea where I can get 3 recommendations. I have little experience in the job market, and I have become really agitated and frustrated by this.

Mainly there are 2 problems right now:

  1. The agents that I have gone to have offered my jobs that don't match what I want, but I will probably take them anyway, but the biggest problem are the recommendation letters, I have no connections or anything, I don't know anyone that will write me a recommendation letter.

  2. I have gotten interview offers from high-tech computer jobs, this was what I was studying in school, because I failed my exams badly I have no confidence going into the interviews, I'm afraid that I won't know the answers to all the math and technical questions that they will ask me, and I will make myself look like a complete idiot.

So I don't know, I'm thinking of getting welfare checks at this point. Maybe I will apply to some job delivering newspapers or working at a supermarket, I'm not sure what to do.

But these days I have been intending and segment intending for the right job to come to me, but so far I don't feel good about any of them. I need to quickly raise my vibration to either attract a job, or pass the exam, right now I'm finding it hard to do both.

I just need some advice, thanks.

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I need to quickly raise my vibration to either attract a job, or pass the exam

I don't know how experienced you are with vibrational work but trying to feel good in order to make things happen in physical reality is a tough game. Manifesting things using vibrational tools works. It works like a charm. But it's all about defining your priorities and sticking to them all day every day.

So I would rather suggest you take the conventional approach. Write down what you believe you need to do physically every day to make your outcome inevitable and stick to your plan.

The "metaphysical way" requires you to approach life in a subtle and simple but completely different way. Your current order of priorities is as follows

  1. Find a job/pass the exam
  2. Feel good (in order to find a job/pass the exam)

So "feeling good/raising vibration" for you currently is just another tool to achieve your goals. But if you want to approach your life and your current problems from a metaphysical viewpoint, you must change your priorities.

Here is the formula

  1. Feel good
  2. Receive inspiration, ideas, offers etc. for a new job/passing the exam

That's a subtle difference. But it makes all the difference in the world.

So how would your everyday life change? Some examples:

  • You would no longer think about finding a job. Because it doesn't feel good and feeling good would be your highest priority.
  • You would no longer try to make things happen. Why? Because trying doesn't feel good and feeling good would be your highest priority.
  • You would no longer think of worst case scenarios. Because it doesn't feel good and feeling good would be your highest priority.
  • You would no longer think about what others think of you.
  • You would focus on things that make you feel neutral or better. Why? Because it feels good. It feels good to not feel bad. That's the only reasoning you would need in your life. For example you would focus on the feeling of your socks on your skin. Or you would focus on the feeling of smelling something nice. Or you would enjoy nature or anything that makes you feel good in your solar plexus. Or you would meditate. Or you would find positive aspects of things that would make you feel neutral or better.

You would enjoy and celebrate feeling good.

In other words, you would live in the now most of the time and forget about planning and worrying. And when doing this long enough, your vibration raises and the vortex takes you in. And then you receive all kinds of inspirations and ideas. Physical reality would then also obey to your vibration. It must obey because it is law.

Are you ready to surrender fully into well-being? Are you ready to sacrifice "feeling bad habits" in order to feel good now?


To live the "metaphysical way" and to make sure you are constantly making feeling good your highest priority, I find two questions very useful. You can always ask yourself these questions to make sure you are not turning back to your previous priority order.

  1. Does what I am feeling and thinking right now make me feel good? If not, focus on neutral things or something better. So for example, if you are taking score "Where is my manifestation?" then feel if this score taking makes you feel good or not.
  2. Would I rather manifest the things I want in let's say 3 days or would I rather feel good now any way I can? If the answer is "manifest the things in 3 days", adjust the order of your priorities immediately. Every new now moment is a new chance to make this new priority order your new reality.

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Great answer! @releaser99

(14 Aug '13, 01:46) ursixx

super-awesome.. ;))

(14 Aug '13, 04:04) supergirl

Thank you so much for your beautiful answer.

I know I should feel good and then take inspired action. Maybe go for a position that's above what I can do, maybe they will just look at my attitude/vibration and will be willing to take a chance and train me. Thank you

(15 Aug '13, 11:04) Evolutionary High

You are very welcome!

(15 Aug '13, 19:15) releaser99

Loved this answer.

(01 Sep '13, 10:37) Paulina 1
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I have felt stuck and unhappy while in job hunting mode more times than I care to count. Here are items I think might help:

  • consider doing volunteer work of some sort (that matches what you enjoy doing). Think of it as a temporary part time gig. Provide the best service you can. Obtain recommendations for work you do.
  • consider applying for work through online freelance sites, where you are independent contractor and bid on jobs from real, verified contractors. I know of one I would recommend, but not interested in spamming IQ. Essentially, there are 3 major ones around, and the jobs are legitimate. I know, I've been paid through these. Again, this can be part time, supplemental income, that can be done in lieu of additional job hunting.
  • create your own exhaustive list of 'things to consider' moving forward. Add as much as you can to that list, don't hold back. If it seems like a 'stupid' addition to the list, add it anyway. This list itself I think helps to realize there are many options available, and thus you are not as stuck as part of you would have you believe. Once list is done, then go through the list twice (at least). First time with sense of quiet meditation, or contemplation, where you refrain from own judgments about the listed item and really seeking what your inner guides would have you see in the opportunity. Second time to include your own thinking on the listed item, making notes, possibly organizing and prioritizing the entire list.
  • Think of 'hunting' as more like 'networking.' Unless you are fully invested in the independent contractor path, chances are high your next job will be based on 'who you know.' As you seek to find gainful employment that matches your desire and skill set, then find individuals, groups or organizations that are in that trade. Make appointments to interview with them, to find out information about trends in the industry, what is highlights about the job, etc. Some of this you may know already, but keep in mind you are really here for networking purposes. I've actually obtained a job going this route when calling and asking for an interview, the employer (mistakenly) thought I was calling to interview for job they just recently posted.
  • do activities that take you away from job hunting / networking. Activities where you can have more of a clear mind and opportunity to mull things over without the added pressure of 'what should I being next?' Between this and good rest, I think it helps keep one fresh for active job hunting.

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Hi, jman. would you mind sending me the names of the freelance sites you mentioned. I am in the same boat right now and like to do something w/out having to do a 9-5 job. I did a work at home job full time for 5 years but was fired almost 2 years ago and my unemployment ran out. I will put my email address on here if you are willing to send me the links. thanks a lot. Lee (purplerose)

(31 Aug '13, 17:53) PurpleRose

This is a great common sense answer and if I had to take advice it would be from this answer.

(01 Sep '13, 10:45) Paulina 1

Every night before you go to sleep tell yourself "by day and by night I am being prospered in all of my interests". Tell this prayer to yourself with feeling and acceptance. Say this until you fall asleep. Picture yourself already employed and receiving your first paycheck. This should help.


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Know and believe, you will get the job you want for the pay you want and it will come easy.

You can believe, angels will protect you, or God provides, or you are lucky. Everyone admirers you and works hard to please you. Etc... What you are doing is telling your subconscious this is true, this is life and your experience of life. The subconscious says every time, "Yes Sir." and gets to work making your expectations reality.

A book I highly recommend is The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.


This has 200 pages, I have the 1012 page epub version. It is still very much worth checking out. It explains miracles, why the rich get richer and poor get poorer. It awakens you to power to create as you want, we always do actually.

I think this could help, it helps me get back in control. It is a very good book.


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Wade Casaldi

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Dollar Bill


I completely;y agree. Very powerful book. 99 cents on Amazon Kindle. Downloads directly to your smartphones, computer, tablet. I LOVE Kindle.


I just DL this. It is now readable on my phone, Anne's phone, both of our computers. When you read awhile on Kindle, it remembers where you stopped and when you open that "book" again, you are where you left off.

(01 Sep '13, 08:33) Dollar Bill

One of my favourite books on the subconscious mind. Bought mine in the 1980ies and still go through it every now and then.

(01 Sep '13, 10:43) Paulina 1

Ive been where you are EH. I really have. Im assuming that the advice given above hasn't done the trick, or perhaps you've found yourself in a position where acting on this is hard. Ive been there too.

I think your not going to crack this particular nut all in one go. Im not being negative, just realistic based on your question, the excellent answers and the final update.

You need in my opinion to incrementally raise you morale ( or vibration ) and get yourself to a better feeling place on a more consistent basis. Nothing very detailed, no big leaps , nothing specific.

How to do this? Firstly forget the job, lets be honest its not come to you anyway just yet so you'll be no worse off writing it off. It seems from your comments you've kind of done that anyway!

Then read " ask and it is given " or a similar book.. Now heres the important bit. For the time being JUST stick to the one book, theres temptation to read everything you can lay your hand on in a desperate attempt to find something....anything which will give you the job .


There will be plenty of time once your in a better place vibration wise to indulge your curiosity on all manner of different material. But not just yet.

Then regularly and consistently apply,practice and "DO" the techniques in the book. Do them in spite of the fact you've no job, just do them. Do them when you feel good, do them when you feel bad. Make a quality decision that you will do them, practise them, play around with them ,forever......literally until you physically die.

I know this sounds harsh, its no quick fix but it will work. It has for me and it is for me.


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Monty Riviera

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Get recommendation from people that you have work for before. And find a job since you need one what ever it is. it will give you money and new experience and recommendation. You could also meet the person for the computer Job they might need you or offer some training. but if you do not try you will never know, have a little faith; so what if you make mistake or error no one is perfect in this world if you learn from your mistake and error at least you will not do them again. Do not worry about tomorrow, what can you do now today focus on that.are you not better then the lilies of the field? which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? If then you are not able to do as small a thing as that, why are you anxious about the rest? Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these."


'Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you. Some might judge you and have already been judge.Who is with out sin to cast stone at another? Who never made a mistake or error to judge and condemn another? Do they not prefer mercy? Blessed are the merciful they will be shown mercy.

Let there be light, be the light that you can be , experience and enjoy.


answered 14 Aug '13, 16:05

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white tiger

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Ahh White Tiger I missed your answers but am pleased to see you are still at it and the language is getting better. You are right faith is a prime ingrediant when seeking whatevr it may be.

(01 Sep '13, 10:50) Paulina 1

I enjoyed the video, thanks.

(01 Sep '13, 11:28) Paulina 1

@Paulina 1 You are welcome.one can only improve himself by having faith in him self and other and in what he does and do not do. if one is not even able to do this why would he worry about the rest? have faith and a little hope, be in truth united. do not have faith and hope to be in lie and division create only what you hate. why would you do what you hate? And for those that do to other what they hate so that they can tap them self in the back and praise them self thinking I can hide it and-

(20 Sep '13, 23:51) white tiger

@Paulina 1 You are welcome.one can only improve himself by having faith in him self and other and in what he does and do not do. if one is not even able to do this why would he worry about the rest? have faith and a little hope, be in truth united. do not have faith and hope to be in lie and division create only what you hate. why would you do what you hate? And for those that do to other what they hate so that they can tap them self in the back and praise them self thinking I can hide it and-

(20 Sep '13, 23:51) white tiger

no one will know, it might be true in this world where you are a passer-by but it is only for a little while. nothing is hidden above and many will be ashamed and will die in their sin.

(20 Sep '13, 23:55) white tiger
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I'm replying to this question, your update as well as all the previous questions you asked because it doesn't seem like anything has changed - only the names of users who reply. Very few members answer your questions more than once. I wonder why that is. I've read all your questions & all the wonderful & very useful responses. Your questions are basically all the same & revolve around the same fundamental issues.

Please correct me if I'm in error & tell me if anything has changed.

You are 27 or 28 yrs of age & you still live at home. You've had one job & you don't have any friends. You've never had a girlfriend or any sexual experience. You said you rarely go out and have no money. You fight with your Dad & you worry if your race will affect your ability to attract white women. Has any of this changed? Do you have friends now?

You've been a member here for over a year. You asked 8 questions & received 45 compassionate & tremendously helpful answers from some of most knowledgeable IQ members. You've received lots of attention & all the members have been supportive & caring. You rarely acknowledge any of the answers. You can't be bothered to vote. You rarely say thank you to any of the members who respond to your pleas for help. The only person you thanked on this thread was @releaser. His answer was great; but I think every answer had merit. Each answer came from a different perspective & all provided very valuable insight & info.

Have you even read all the answers? @Ikaruss offered you personal help. He's awesome. He's also holding out his hand in friendship. Even if you don't accept his offer you could at least thank him.

Have you tried any of the suggestions you received in regards to making friends? Do you smile? Do you go out of your house more often now? Have you tried volunteering?

Maybe I will apply to some job delivering newspapers or working at a supermarket, I'm not sure what to do.

While you're waiting for this dream job to manifest, I think it would be a good idea to apply for a job delivering newspapers or for job at a supermarket. There is nothing stopping you from working part or full time while you are studying for your certificate. I think delivering newspapers would be fun. It would get you outdoors. Exercise is great & so isn't fresh air & sunshine for changing your vibes. You'll see people & you can practice smiling. Both jobs are also a great way to meet people & make new friends. @Snow had a great suggestion - join IQ on FB. Yes, please do; but you also need to get out & meet real people in addition to having cyber friends.

Your update shows no appreciation to any of the members who took the time to give you very well thought out & very user friendly answers. If you want to change your world & your vibration I would start by showing a bit of gratitude. Why don't you start a rampage of appreciation. Start by thanking your folks for their love & support & providing you with shelter & the food you eat & paying for the utilities you use. Don't forget about the toilet tissue they provide.

Then thank the members of IQ who took the time to answer your question. Read the answers to your previous questions again & thank everyone who replied. Maybe when you read the answers for a second time you will gain new insight. I'm sure just the simple act of saying thank you will make you feel a lot better about yourself.

I'm thinking of getting welfare checks at this point. I might have to live on welfare and food stamps.

As for going on welfare or receiving food stamps. You may as well get that idea out of your head. It's NOT an option & I will explain why. The US government does NOT provide welfare checks to able bodied males w/o a physical or mental disability from the SSA. It's possible you could qualify for food stamps; but I doubt it. You live with your folks & they support you. You would need to prove you were a separate entity & your folks were not providing you with food. If you found a place of your own, yes. Depending on your state, you could apply for fuel assistance; but it's based on the total income of all people who reside in the household. Don't forget about toilet tissue. It's not free & you cannot purchase TP or paper products with FS or detergent to wash your clothes or personal hygiene products such as soap or deodorant.

If you've been following the news or picked up a newspaper recently, you would know the SNAP program is in jeopardy of losing billions of dollars in funding. It's getting harder & harder to qualify for FS & the amt received is being reduced. There are people in the US who are going hungry. Unemployed parents who would like to work; but cannot find employment. Parents are eating one meal a day so their children can have three. I assume you care about others & you don't just think about yourself or your needs.

I don't know what else we can do for you. I really think it's time for you to seek professional counseling whether it be spiritual or psychological. If I were you, I would start by getting a medical exam to rule out physical causes for your mood disorder & anxiety issues. I don't know if you need anti depressants & I doubt if they will be prescribed for someone who experiences panic attacks, extreme anxiety and has anger or rage issues. I know you aren't really mad at your Dad, you're mad at yourself. I'm sure your Dad is also frustrated and wants only the best for you.

I feel for you & I realize you think your life sucks; but many people have it far worse than you. It's up to you to change your life. IQ provides numerous tools including useful answers. For whatever reason it seems like they are not working for you. Are you doing the 'work'? You answered only one other question & you said you wanted everything to be easy. It is easy; you are the only one who is making it hard.

Please consider getting one on one counseling for your issues. You probably are no longer covered under your parents health insurance policy. There are free clinics & medical assistance programs in most states for people who qualify based on income. Every state provides free or low cost MH coverage for residents who cannot afford it, again dependent on income & this is usually administered at the county level. Contact DHS and your county MH dept. You'll find their numbers online. If you have questions, please ask. Good Luck..


A computer job would be great; but it's not going to fix your core issues. Many IT jobs can be very stressful. Will you be able to handle the pressure or will your anxiety & deep seated fear issues cause you to panic? Your issues, especially your confidence issues resolve around the fact you don't love yourself. There is loads of information on this site dealing with self love & changing your vibration. Do you meditate? What kind of music do you listen to when you sit all day in your room?


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It easy you're the one making it hard . I think when one comes to that realization it could be a turning point in ones life .

(23 Sep '13, 17:26) ursixx

Thanks for calling me awesome ;D

(24 Sep '13, 23:26) ikaruss21

What IT certification are you trying to pass? I used to work for Intel and have multiple IT certs, I could most definitely help you make sure you destroy your test upon taking it this next time.

It sounds like your in IT, let me know if I am wrong though. I find it weird that they are asking for so many references and a letter of recommendation most of all. IT is mostly an experience based industry, so don't really waste too much time on the degree. Certs definitely help, but majority of people you will see in the field have neither, just the experience.

Just let me know if your interested in my help and we'll skype or something. I started a year ago with no experience, and still got jobs left and right and down center. I'll help you out if you like.


answered 31 Aug '13, 18:21

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Come on evolutionary high read this and take the offer. Ikarus21 it is nice of you to offer a fellow human being your help so I will thank you in case he doesnt read this post.

(01 Sep '13, 10:54) Paulina 1

thank you Paulina :)

(02 Sep '13, 17:00) ikaruss21


1...Acceptance is always a first must. Accept the fact that you are jobless, uncertain, unsure, a bit stressed and your self esteem is below parr. Change can only happen if people first accept what is.

2...Now that you have acceptad that fact it is time for change and change only comes with a conscious choice that you want to change your outlook of your life for the better. Simply state to yourself this is the day I change my outlook on life and do this every day. Be on the lookout for positive things that will come your way. Many miss this for they are in a fog or on zombied automatic pilot and don't notice the good around them. A great way is to keep a grateful journal for than even little things like a sunny day or a rainbow or a plate of food or a roof over your head become important for they are the good and positive things in life and the more you become aware of them the more will come your way.

4...Learn to Love Appreciate,respect and be kind to yourself, yes I know most men think this is sissy stuff but if truth be told all the big stars in Holywood wouldnt be there if it wern't for their enormous self esteem which builds confidance which arises from self love. Volunteer or do something good for others for that is the quickest way to build self confidance.

5...Have FAITH that you can and you will. Simply know you will get a job so get excited about it and start doing something towards it. Feel good and you can allways use props to feel good like listening to upbeat happy music. This will give you the go neccesary to attract that job.

6...Now go out there and look for the job that is looking for you and if you did all this it will be looking for you. There is no doubt you will come across the job you seek but you must be aware and read the signs which point it to you.

7....Got the JOB. Great now you can relax (only for a while) for now you can realise that you can attract whatever you want in life if you want it bad enough to work towards it and act upon it.


answered 01 Sep '13, 11:20

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Paulina 1

Reply to your update:

Here's an update.

All this week I've been having anxiety attacks and serious bouts of anger that leaves me completely exhausted.

As a consequence of your job search or environmental issues? In either instance, this should be your first concern. Very few jobs will be suitable to having these problems if you do end up getting one, but more importantly you'll never going to be able to accomplish anything (related to jobs or not) if you're wasting all of your energy battling yourself.

I might start taking anti-depressants, I don't know what else to do.

This isn't necessarily a 'bad' idea, and there are those who benefit greatly from anti-depressants, as there are those who severely do not. However, I would try to put this off as long as you can and try to pursue other methods of stress release, emotional balance, and finding fulfillment.

There's a vast list of emotional techniques, activities, and 'methods' for accomplishing the above. Look some up, find a few that speak to you, and give them a shot and see how you feel after throwing yourself into them for awhile. (Your definition of 'awhile' is allowed to vary, but it can NOT be only once without putting your heart into it.) Find a simple hobby cheap enough or free that you can enjoy in between job hunting.

Please help. I have no one to talk to, I need some support.

If you'd like I suggest you come to Facebook, join the IQ groups, look around and maybe talk to some of us. There's lots of members, many who'd like nothing more than to simply be a listening ear even if you don't desire a response.

I have no choice but to put faith in the universe.

I am near making peace with myself, I may never find a job ever again, I might have to live on welfare and food stamps, I have made peace with it.

Faith in the Verse, and those in it. There's plenty of people floating around who would gladly offer you advice and support, but you have to continue seeking them, as you are here with this question.

I've sent out many, many resumes ever since and I rarely get a response back.

So far I've only had 2 official interviews, 1 in which I did terribly.

With the majority of managers you should not expect a response back after submitting a resume unless it is absolutely shimmering, and for most of us this simply isn't true. Instead, after the application process you have to go in yourself without being called.

Talk to managers (NOT the one responsible for hiring you first if you can easily avoid it), ask them questions about the job and skills necessary. When they answer you don't need to reply with all of the reasons why you meet that criteria, instead just smile and be excited and confident you have whatever they need in spades. If after your reaction they ask you or create an opportunity for you to share your experiences, this is the best time to just casually talk with them about the subject, especially if it's a back and forth with them sharing their own stories. Asking them how they prepared to be suitable for the job, this creates a situation where they're likely (though they may not) give you a chance to HUMBLY flaunt your abilities without just chiming in after they mention a requirement, saying "OH I DO THAT I DO THAT GOOD!" If they don't give you a chance to speak, it still serves a critical purpose of connecting with the staff.

Avoid lower ranks, it can get them in trouble and the managers generally don't appreciate you chatting up their underlings, especially when most of them would rather talk themselves unless they're the "I'm always busy" type. After you've spoken with a few managers, ask them who is in charge of hiring, and if they're willing you can also ask (in a calm 'eager' way not a manipulative way) if the hiring managers have any likes or dislikes that would help you. Building this repertuar with the other staff is extremely valuable. If the hiring manger observes, points in your favor. If those you speak to talk to the hiring manager about you (and you can even ask them to put in a good word for you if they like you a lot), points in your favor. If the hiring managers includes other managers in the hiring process (common), points in your favor.

Finally, speak with the hiring manager, keep popping in and asking about the status of your application, the status of the job opening, and if there are other openings is a great question because it suggests you are not only able to cross-train, but are interested in doing so.

Unless they explicitly ask you to not keep coming in and seeing if there are any positions available, keep coming in and 'harassing' them (again in a calm 'interested' way).

Ultimately the vast majority of jobs are placed because of the applicant's persistence and exhibiting interest in the job.

It's a good thing if you're completely OK with them not hiring you, because you'd much rather be calm and comfortable while being detached from the outcome, you will perform much better in interviews. Practice talking with friends or family or anyone who is willing to help you as if they were considering hiring you. The point of this practice isn't to get all of your answers finely tuned or memorized or prepared. Instead you should be focusing on talking to them like they're a normal person, being able to relax and speak comfortably exhibiting you'll be easy to communicate with and work with as good communication is one of the most fundamental parts of healthy work environments.

Find half a dozen places you'd like to work in a close radius and just start making rounds, visiting them until they either A: Give you an interview, B: Give you a followup interview or the results of your interview, C: Tell you directly to go away and stop asking about job openings. If they say "the position has been filled, ask if there are other positions. If the answer is no, come back in and ask if there are other positions anyway, even if you think they were trying to subtly say "Go away we don't want to hire you" even though the job is still open.

There's a lot of content in many valuable answers here, try to read through them, find the ideas which seem most comfortable and suitable to you, and start working at it. Detach yourself emotionally from the whole process, instead just have a good time and think of it as talking to people and learning about the work they do while becoming more comfortable and training yourself. If you want to ask questions about areas you have difficulties in your interviews which went poorly, please do, ask multiple people. Take all of their feedback, put it together, and figure out what speaks to you most.

Good luck, hope it works out.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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Thanks, your answer has been very helpful.

I will definitely e-mail or call the managers and ask them.

(24 Sep '13, 17:16) Evolutionary High

Here's an update.

I've sent out many, many resumes ever since and I rarely get a response back.

So far I've only had 2 official interviews, 1 in which I did terribly.

All this week I've been having anxiety attacks and serious bouts of anger that leaves me completely exhausted.

I might start taking anti-depressants, I don't know what else to do.

Please help. I have no one to talk to, I need some support.

I have no choice but to put faith in the universe.

I am near making peace with myself, I may never find a job ever again, I might have to live on welfare and food stamps, I have made peace with it.


answered 20 Sep '13, 16:15

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Evolutionary High

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