I'm not saying exactly like he did with the green code or anything, but can we get ourselves to a place where we see behind the closed curtain. Instead of seeing that solid, physical, and so called "real" table and chairs that our conscious mind eats up, we see the vibrating energy outline instead? We see the energy movement of an object first and foremost, and realize secondly that it is manifested into a physical object.

Is this something that can be asked for and given or is this where the universe draws the line. Is this something that we agree upon before entering this time space reality not to unveil to ourselves because it may take our focus away from universal growth in this invigorating experience we call human life? Or is it fair game like the rest of the thoughts we think up?

I've always been a big fan of the movie and have become an even bigger fan since I discovered reality creation a few years back. I thought this would be a fun and unique question to ask the great people here at IQ.

asked 04 Oct '11, 04:28

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Maybe I'll answer later, but for now: we have the ability to see the energy, this is the transformational life, so anything goes. There is no spoon :)

(04 Oct '11, 10:10) Eddie

Great question Cory, gave me a lot to ponder about, thanks!

(04 Oct '11, 18:30) Benjamin

you have free will. the only limit is the one you imposse on your self. experience and enjoy.

(04 Oct '11, 18:45) white tiger
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I would reiterate on Eddie's comment above. The more we work at transforming ourselves, the more we open up to the spiritual dimensions and what we experience in this physical realm begins to lose it's solidity and heaviness.

For me personally I can only say that the physical world today looks much different than it did just a few short years ago... much more alive. As my awareness expands and my mind opens reality really does begin to change. Yes the physical objects still appear solid when viewed through the lens of our physical senses but at times when we tap into our higher self even those physical objects appear less solid ( and this is especially true when we look at the world of nature).

Opening one's mind and expanding your awareness is key to transformational growth and for me the easiest way of doing this has been through a daily meditation practice. That being said, everything has an aura ( even those seemingly solid objects ) so you may want to look into that a bit more. There have been a few questions asked here on auras and if you google it I'm sure you'll come up with plenty of info. Good luck :)


answered 04 Oct '11, 13:14

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I think I may have to look more into Aura's. I appreciate your insights Michaela.

(04 Oct '11, 17:48) Cory

You're very welcome Cory :)

(18 Oct '11, 16:21) Michaela

I was thinking about this for a while and decided to give it a shot and answer my own question.

When I first saw The Matrix back in 1999, I thought to myself "wow what a cool Scfi flick. I can't believe these people have no idea what's really going on here" The reality of the world as we know it not being what we think never crossed my mind. It was just some cool and ingenious twist in a movie and nothing more.

Then I finally buy the movie on Bluray (I've seen it many times but this was the first viewing in a while) this year and watch it again. It's still a really enjoyable action movie with fantastic special effects but now it truly hits home in my mind. This world isn't all that different than what I just saw in a 12 year old movie. It's not like everything is exact but the main concept is there.

I believe it is possible to see the world like Neo did in the Matrix. If every thought that was ever thought still exists and if I say to myself right at this very moment, "I want to see the true manifest world around me in a similar way that the character Neo did in The Matrix movie" and let that go out to the universe, then I know for a fact it is already done. The easy part is to just line up with it since it is done and let it come to me when the time is right.

People thought it was impossible to put a human in space let alone men on the moon. If I'm not mistaken, people were killed for thinking that the planet they lived on was not flat but round. Even a guy named Roger Bannister shocked people with his famous 4 minute mile.

So I guess my point is anything that we powerful humans think up is fair game. It's about faith, belief, and knowing that the infinite consciousness puts no barriers in our way except for one....ourselves. The only way we can stop a consistent thought from happening, is by stopping ourselves from letting it happen.

I'll report back in this post eventually because I know my Neo-Vision is just right around the corner. :)


answered 06 Oct '11, 04:01

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well cory you cannot stop a though. even if you think you have stop it it is still there. the only way for a though to not be there it as to be understood on the meaning level then you can put it to rest. one that meditate on the soul level know those things. experience and enjoy.

(06 Oct '11, 23:21) white tiger

i have seen that movie also it was a good movie. but what i have found strange is alot of people saying they did not understand the movie. for me it was easy to understand.

(06 Oct '11, 23:24) white tiger

@white tiger I meant that particular sentence in a positive way but it seems like it may have come out wrong. I think a better way of putting it may be something like "The only way we can keep ourselves from getting what we want is by getting in our own way and not letting letting the positive energy flow through." Thanks for pointing that bad wording out to me.

(07 Oct '11, 04:10) Cory

@white tiger I was one of those people who didn't understand it all that well when it first came out either. I think it depends on where your beliefs and vibration resides, and I was on a completely different wavelength at the time. Sometimes you just have to take the time and look at things in a completely different light to understand them.

(07 Oct '11, 04:13) Cory

Some good observations there Cory :)

(09 Oct '11, 00:23) Eddie
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one also needs to be able to experience the vibrations sought,
without a match they will repel,
from what is said the capability is within mankind


answered 05 Oct '11, 23:00

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Interesting and thought provoking question. I HIGHLY recommend downloading or finding the book "Matrix Warrior; Becoming the One" it explains (in theory) exactly what you're asking and helps with applying those concepts to your life. It's awesome


answered 28 Sep '13, 23:04

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@lex Thanks for the recommendation. I'll look into this.

(29 Sep '13, 02:37) Cory

If you do, tell me what you think. It's pretty confusing at first, but if you stick to it, it starts to make complete sense.

(29 Sep '13, 03:29) lex

I have experienced seeing the physical world as more fluid a kind of merging. This happens when I go into a sort of trance, I also experience a knowing of my connection to it all like it is part of me.


answered 05 Oct '11, 18:16

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Do we have the ability to see the world as Neo did in The Matrix?

the answer is yes but honestly.. it takes a lot of work I think.. since I too have also been working on it.. but one of these days.. I will achieve that! :)

also without question bending buildings in "inception" is now the cooler concept.. and that too is also possible.. :)

alt text

alt text


answered 04 Dec '13, 05:26

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edited 04 Dec '13, 05:27

It's possible as noted on Sufism or Budhism

  • A particular state of life with God, through God, in God, and for God. Please refer to "Baqaa"
  • Or we can refer to Mahasamadhi, but i am not sure if mahasamadhi involves real death or it's just entering full enlightement, entering non duality or even higher (not death literally ).
  • Logically it could be understood as giving us chance to see outside universe.

answered 04 Dec '13, 05:16

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