Abraham say "allow." Allow manifestations - physical things or states of being into your life. @Stingray made a comment that if it is hard to imagine something, it makes the manifestation more difficult.

For instance, it would be very hard for me to imagine a 5,000 pound 54 year old (1959 Red Cadillac convertible) suddenly appearing in my garage like a transporter image from "Star Trek".

I wanted one. I put a picture on my bathroom mirror.

This began a sequence of events, steps, each acceptable in its own right. I made a business deal (I do these all the time) that put an amount of money in my bank.

I talked with a friend who is active in the antique Cadillac market. He mentioned that he had a friend who might want to sell a red 1959 convertible.

He introduced me to this friend. We talked. I went to his home and viewed the car. It was exactly what I wanted. We arrived at a price that worked for us both.

I paid the money and drove it home. Now, a 20 foot long hunk of red iconic American iron is sitting in my garage.


Each step was a natural sequence of acceptable events.

The business deal was quite a lot of money, more than I could have possibly imagined when I was selling my home-grown chicken eggs when I was 10 years old, but those eggs at 25 cents a dozen had begun my "business deal" process. A 25 cent deal led to a bigger deal, and so on. My mind was gaining a greater understanding, a greater acceptance level.

I like the word "acceptance" better than "allow".

I accept certain gifts from the Universe, gifts that my mind, my imagination can believe.

Small steps develop levels of belief. Acceptable belief. Trust. Faith are built on daily steps. Expectancy fuels manifestations.

And gratitude for what we have fuels more of what we want.

We live an an absolutely amazing time! Through our technology we are able to access a huge amount of information, through our cell phones, through Google, and we are able to accept greater and greater things, ideas, states of beingness.

It is as though the Akashic Records, the Universal Unconsciousness (or "Consciousness) is coming through our cell phones. The Internet and the Universal Unconsciousness are very much alike.

This raises my levels of what I can accept in my life.

How about you?

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Dollar Bill

i loved ur manifestation.., when we accept things as they are..,we allow more things to come to us that matches our desires :))

(22 Aug '13, 04:43) supergirl

allow, accept? ... a few synonyms for these two words are; get, receive, take, aquire, obtain, welcome, gain, have, be ... words are symbols and as such are subject to personal interpretations

(26 Apr '15, 01:17) jaz
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I like the word "acceptance" better than "allow"

...then use the word Acceptance :)

It's all just playing with semantics really...but that's not meant to trivialize the idea. Wars are fought over the meanings of words because words express ideas, and all wars are just wars of ideas.

Abraham have said that when they started explaining these reality creation concepts, they found that too many existing words triggered off negative emotional baggage within their listeners so they started (using Esther's available vocabulary) to come up with their own unique take on certain everyday words...using words such as Allow because they were more neutral in most people's minds.

(That's also why they rarely use the word "God" even though Abraham really talk about nothing else but "God")

For example, to me Accept means "resignation to something I don't want". The word feels something like the word "tolerate" but it implies I have no choice in the matter. On the other hand Allow means a conscious choice to have a vibration a different way...it feels like a more empowering word.

Abraham are choosing words that might work for most, but not necessarily all. I've often noted that they will go with whatever gets the message across to the most people even if they are forced to oversimplify at times just to get concepts across.

Another example would be the word want. In Abraham-speak, this means an expression of pure desire...something that has a positive feeling behind it. But some people equate the word want with "the pain of not having what I desire"...something that has a negative feeling behind it.

I remember we've had questions on IQ in the past saying Abraham have "got it wrong" because they used the word want (the implication that it's focusing on lack) but that's just a misunderstanding of what Abraham are trying to achieve i.e. getting the basic message across to the most people possible.

In the end all the words are pretty irrelevant really...it's the idea behind them that matters...so use whatever works for you...and that is indicated by how the word feels to you.

This answer is speaking to the newcomer to these kinds of ideas, of course. You certainly don't need me to tell you any of this @Dollar Bill :)


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@Stingray- Agreed, a lot of Teachers explain the same concepts with different terminology. I used to get confused by this often, not as much now :) Would be great to have like an index/glossary of similar concepts explained with the different terminology matched up :)

(22 Aug '13, 12:05) Satori

@Satori - Yes, it probably would be useful though you'd need someone to compile it who understood at a deep level what the intent of the various words were in the various different teachings and was then able to "step outside" all those teachings to explain in a neutral manner to the general population what the differences/similarities are. That sounds like quite a feat to pull off :) I really only specialize in Abraham and a bit of Bashar/Pleiadians...and that's all my time gone :)

(26 Aug '13, 12:22) Stingray

@Stingray- Thats very true. On the plus side your own answers probably provide the broadest viewpoint I've seen. Thanks:)

(30 Aug '13, 05:02) Satori
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It is the same thing.


"Will you allow this to happen?" , "Will you accept that this will happen?"

Sometimes we complicate things for no reason...


answered 23 Aug '13, 16:22

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Sometimes things happen without you allowing them. And when they do, then most of the time they don't care about your acceptance either.

(30 Aug '13, 06:41) CalonLan
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