Ok so this guy came to my house looking for my step dad because he sells cars and car parts in his free time, so I told him he won't b home til he finishes work anyway he just stayed at the door looking at me with a smile on his face I smiled back and kept repeating myself, but had butterflies the whole time, he left when the phone rang but came back that arvo for my step dad and they where working on his car all afternoon, I told my mum I thought he was cute and wondered what his name was, he introduced himself to my mum after that with a smile on his face so mum said she thinks he heard me, I got all embarrassed and went and hid in my room, after that day he kept coming back every now and again and mum and my step dad didn't know why, mum thinks he could be interested in me, but every time he spoke to me it was only about what we where smoking, I couldn't build the courage up to ask him for his number or anything and he hasn't come back for awhile now and I had a dream last night that I was asking him to come visit so I can get his number it felt do real, so can you actually send people messages in your dreams? I'm just wondering, what do you think?

asked 29 Aug '13, 18:48

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Leilanie Owen

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I think he likes you. :-)

(29 Aug '13, 22:10) Wade Casaldi

i think he is very much interested in you :))

(30 Aug '13, 00:34) supergirl

Thanks :) just wish he would come round again so I can get his number :(

(30 Aug '13, 01:54) Leilanie Owen

Don't ask for his number, just keep chatting with him and he'll call you.

(30 Aug '13, 07:08) Beach Baby

Men like to be the pursuer, don't deny him the thrill of the chase.

(30 Aug '13, 07:10) Beach Baby

@Beach Baby, yes a man chases a woman till she catches him lol

(30 Aug '13, 07:30) jaz
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If a young man is attracted to you he probably won't tell you straight out, he'll wait until he's more sure what you think of him. Here're a few clues to know whether he's attracted to you;

  • he stands closer to you than he does other people
  • he faces towards you, that is, his shoulders are parallel to yours and his toes are pointing towards you
  • he rubs his brow when he looks at you, this's a sure sign he likes what he's seeing
  • he calls round to your house for no reason in particular
  • he smiles at you, a true smile that lasts longer than most smiles
  • he's nice to you one day and ignores you another day
  • he takes interest in your family or friends
  • he cancels other plans so as to be with you
  • he looks at you often

have fun :)

alt text


answered 30 Aug '13, 02:28

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Thanks guys, ok so I'll let him pursue me lol although it's been bout 3 weeks since he last came around :( I don't think he even knows my name lol

(30 Aug '13, 17:15) Leilanie Owen

Knowing name does not matter @Leilanie Owen - for example, I know your name, but I don't pursue you ;) LOL

(30 Aug '13, 18:08) ZDCobran

Lol yeah true :)

(02 Sep '13, 15:03) Leilanie Owen
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