My dream was ... I walked on to a lovely grass plateau with a baby in my arms. Gradually a large group of people arrived, all dressed in completely in denim. I saw within one of their cars a live Yet sleeping decapitated body. As I walked with my baby and mingled with the people I came to realize that they were wearing altered heads. Essentially, they were one mind. I entered the abandoned church in which their leaders were joyously anticipating some event. I realize my baby is lost. I spend the majority of the dream searching for this lost baby amidst the crowd of happy yet ignorant followers. They have gathered for a special event involving the sunset. I am nearly resigned to believe that my baby has suffocated in a parked car. The leaders have not undergone the mind melding... They open a large panel of the church to receive the sunset. Inside they are protected. I see a very small being with a clear red crystal center walking. It is wraped in white cloth like a mummy? I am afraid of it. I know it will be used to filter the sunlight toward the crowd. It will alter any visitors or wanderers, thereby increasing the group.

At first I was just suprized that anything so twisted could have come from my mind. Then I remembered what I leaders from Castineda and Abe... Dreams are sources of valuable information from source/self(?) and how did it feel?

My recent most pressing challenge ( that you all have been sharing wisdom toward) is procrastinating the action part of using my talent and wanting to only create art that is "inspired" by source/ light.

I would be ever so curious as to your interpretation of the symbols in the dream... I will list them here and I will add mine at the end.

Thank you. Shine on!

The baby in my arms.
The mind melded crowd.
The unaffected leaders.
The abandoned church.
The sunlight.
The little mummy.
The red crystal.

asked 29 Jan '11, 13:38

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I will give a possible interpretation, denim people are the common people, not the elite. The masses of people and that is mirrored in the dream being the denim people were the most people you saw. All of them had their heads switched that is mind control or more closely thought control they are being controlled, the sun set the setting of the son (Jesus abandoned).

I am sorry this is starting to upset me, have you read Project Enoch if you haven't your dream has so many ties to this conspiracy it is scary.

Your dream to me is prophecy. It was clearly reveled to me the whole dream, every symbol.


Okay I had to put myself in a place of detachment to do this, you asked for it.

Continued from the "abandoned church", The leaders are unaffected because they are in control, they have the red jewel the light will shine through in other words they control the laser. Lasers are made using red jewels, I don't know the exact jewel but it is red that is why the most lasers and first lasers were red. This laser changes people to be mindless to be controlled as a mob. The abandoned church, to me represents the abandonment of the church, church meaning the faith. You were carrying the baby trying to keep it, the baby I see as Jesus the most famous baby where as those in control of the lasers are getting people to abandon Jesus you are trying to keep, unfortunately you lose the baby but you do notice and keep trying to find it so you don't go down without a fight.

The people go into the church because through their religious beliefs they are expecting fulfillment but what it really is leading to is abandonment by their being fooled from the fake fulfillment.

In Project Enoch it talks about the people will be fooled into believing a fake rapture and fake return by holograms projected in the sky (by lasers) around the world in every religion and language. Like a massive hallucination, this sets up the stage for the arrival of the AntiChrist. The interesting thing I see is the little man possibly alien I don't know this part the second part is he was wrapped like a mummy, reference to Egypt so what is going on now in Egypt could be a start to this or an behavioral control global government experiment sort of a test for what is to come later world wide.

That is what was revealed to me, for me it was too close to Project Enoch it just was like confirmation of something I didn't want to believe, it could be that was what was in my mind so that was what I saw, I don't know, I am just saying what was revealed to me.


Little man not an Alien an Elf, E.L.F. Extremely Low Frequency


answered 29 Jan '11, 20:55

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Wade Casaldi

edited 31 Jan '11, 17:11

I have been reading this and kinda plays along with what you mention and this guy has had some interesting things to say too By the way nice to see you Wade

(30 Jan '11, 15:41) ursixx

Please explain, WADE. Thanks!!

(30 Jan '11, 16:30) all2gethernow

Thank you Ursixx, I think you are a good part of why I am back, thanks I did need that email, it is nice being back. :-D

(31 Jan '11, 06:39) Wade Casaldi

@wade glad you found you way back mate ^5

(31 Jan '11, 08:41) ursixx

Thank you so very much. .-.

(01 Feb '11, 18:35) all2gethernow

You are very welcome, maybe the thing we can do is be aware, instead of fearing be prepared but above all we need to remember we are co-creators with God so lets create an alternate future, the future is going to be great everything will be alright.

(01 Feb '11, 21:00) Wade Casaldi
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I will share a dream that I recently had about babies as well and maybe this can help with your interpretation of your dream. I dreamt that I gave birth to triplets. The dream was very clear and I could see all the babies clearly. I interpreted this to mean that I had finally made the connection between my conscious, subconscious and super-consciousness. I recalled in the past when I used to have dreams of having one or two babies. So immediately I was able to make this connection. I knew instinctively what the babies were representing in my life. It was giving birth to something new. I hope this helps you with your dream interpretation.


answered 01 Feb '11, 23:48

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Actually, it really does! Thanks, how r the triplets doin? .-.

(02 Feb '11, 05:05) all2gethernow

well all seams to be symbol for you to understand at your level of counscience! the key is in you to decipher it! i like dream there is many type of dream! creative dream where you can crete and control every thing in the dream! most of my dream i am lucid!( meaning i know that i am in the dream state!) sometime part of dream are true someother part are symbol and symbol represent stuff that you cannot grasp in the normal wake state but in the dream state you can more easely know what they mean and anylyse them sometime they have to much info or info about future event that are not set in stone yet! other time you can travel to place through space and time know what people think about event happening over there like the revolt in egypt for example! other time you can go talk to people that have just died and are in a state of panic when they cross over! some other time some might come and thank you before they go to the next stage! another thing about nightmare sometime you feel the control slipping away that is the sign of a nightmare coming track down the cause and kick is ass you are alot more strong then it! other wise he would not try to steal control from you confuse you and make you afraid!


answered 22 Apr '11, 09:02

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white tiger

mummy usely is to replace a dead! i have dream of this before then 2 week after i was to replace a dead person in a ceremony for the dead at a military base!

(22 Apr '11, 09:08) white tiger
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